Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – March 28, 2011

Trustware 64-bit – Trustware is opening registration for the BufferZone Pro beta version that includes support for 64-bit Windows installations on March 28,2011 (9:00 am PST). 64-bit compatible means that BufferZone Pro beta is compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista 64-bit and Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit in addition to its Microsoft Windows 32-bit compatibility. This support enables BufferZone Pro customers to migrate to newer 64-bit versions of Windows so they can take advantage of the 64-bit capable processors on newer PCs while still enjoying the free protection offered by BufferZone Pro.

Firefox 4 Tip: Put the Tabs Back Where They Belong – If you don’t like having your tabs at the top of the screen, there’s a five-second fix that puts them back where they used to be.

Firefox 4 Tip: Put the Reload Button Back Where It Belongs – I’m still poking and prodding Firefox 4, which made its official debut just yesterday. So far, I like what I see–but a few interface quirks are driving me nuts.

Tech Thoughts Daily Tech News 2 compromised by SQL injection attack – has been hacked and a part of the database containing member and employee email addresses, usernames and passwords has been published by the hackers on

DestroyTwitter Makes Tweeting Simple – Don’t be fooled by its name: The DestroyTwitter app is actually designed to help you get the most out of the micro-blogging service.

Lone hacker owns the Comodo certificate compromise – “The attack came from several IP addresses, but mainly from Iran. The attacker was well prepared and knew in advance what he was to try to achieve,” Comodo explained. “It does not escape notice that the domains targeted would be of greatest use to a government attempting surveillance of Internet use by dissident groups.”

Take advantage of tools to monitor memory usage in Windows 7 – With Windows 7, there are some slight, but notable, changes in the way that memory usage is reported on the Performance tab of the Task Manager. Greg Shultz takes a closer look at the changes on Task Manager’s Performance tab and investigates the Physical Memory usage chart.

Intellectual capital is the new cybercrime currency – Cybercriminals understand there is greater value in selling a corporations’ proprietary information and trade secrets which have little to no protection making intellectual capital their new currency of choice, according to McAfee and SAIC.

Company News:


AT&T, T-Mobile Deal Spells Trouble for Android, Sprint and Consumers – AT&T’s $39 billion bid for T-Mobile is turning into the acquisition story of the year. If approved, AT&T is likely to use T-Mobile to expand its 4G capabilities and shore itself up for a bigger fight against Verizon Wireless. However, the deal is also likely to affect a number of other companies, as well as consumers. The AT&T, T-Mobile merger is going to change the way Android phones are developed and force Sprint to make some drastic moves to keep up. The other question is, How does the acquisition impact consumers, as well as enterprise users?

New Unified Threat Management gateway from Netgear – Netgear introduced the ProSecure UTM150 – a Unified Threat Management (UTM) gateway for businesses with around 150 users. The new UTM150 delivers enhanced graphical reporting capabilities and automatic software and malware signature updates.

Netflix Backlash Begins – We’ve been hearing that Hollywood is afraid of Netflix. But as the studios try to protect their turf, we’re seeing the first signs of a Netflix streaming backlash.

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Tech-Savvy Student Tracks Down MacBook Air Thief – Thanks to remote-access backup software and social networking skills, Mark Bao now has his MacBook Air back.

A Layperson’s Guide to Citizen Science – For those who love technology like we do, it’s just a short hop skip and a jump to science. In fact, most good technology starts as good science. Not all scientists work in a lab, though. In fact, not all scientists are actually scientists. Some are simply citizens like you and me helping scientific study and theory. This ExtemeTech story looks at all the ways you can get involved in citizen science.

More than half of US adults use Facebook – More than half of US adults use online social networking service Facebook, according to an upcoming study. A report by Edison Research and Arbitron Inc. to be released on April 5 includes the finding that 51 percent of US residents age 12 or older have profiles set up at Facebook. (submitted by Michael F.)

Dvorak: The Worst Spam Filter – Did you know that columnist John C. Dvorak is now spouting his crank five days a week on You should because a daily dose of Dvorak will help keep you feeling… well how you feel all depends on your perspective. For example, do you agree with Dvorak’s take on challenge-response as a way of beating spam mail? He says it’s bunk. What do you say?

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I am not one of those who in expressing opinions confine themselves to facts.”

–    Mark Twain

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SlimComputer – When you buy your shiny new PC, it’s in pristine shape, and in tip-top condition, free of any junk that might slow it down, right? Wrong. Not uncommonly, new PCs come filled with trialware, toolbars, and assorted junk so that even the first time you run it, it’s already wading through sludge. The SlimComputer utility will help. This free program from Slimware Utilities (maker of SlimDrivers) looks through your system for toolbars, trialware, and other unneeded programs and files, shows you what it finds, and will delete them for you if you want them gone

Ashampoo Burning Studio 6 Free – If you’re looking for a simple, free way to rip music, copy CDs, DVDs, and Blu-Ray discs, and handle other associated burning and ripping chores, try Ashampoo Burning Studio 6 Free. It’s simple to use, works like a charm, and doesn’t cost a penny.

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