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Gmail Tips: 10 Features to Try Now – How e-mail savvy are you? We’ve sifted through Gmail’s many customization features, from remote sign-out to keyboard shortcuts, to find the best time and aggravation savers.

7 Hard-to-Find Internet Explorer 9 Add-Ons – Internet Explorer has never had a robust community of developers, but we searched far and wide and did find seven useful add-ons for IE9.

Google, Skype, Yahoo Targeted by Rogue Comodo SSL Certificates – Fraudulent Comodo SSL certificates were created in a suspected state-sponsored attack by Iran aimed at intercepting encrypted Internet communications.

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Firefox 4 Nears 6 Million Downloads as Browser Wars Heat Up – Firefox 4, Internet Explorer 9 and Chrome 10 are available now, but there’s even more exciting stuff that will be coming out for browser fans in the future.

10 Common Ways Your PC Gets Infected with Viruses – If you’ve ever had a virus on your computer, you know how frustrating it can be to try and get it removed. If you need to bring it in to a professional to have it removed or if you lose data off your hard drive, then it can be expensive as well. So how to those nasty little things get into your PC any ways? Here are ten of the most common ways that your PC can become infected with a virus.

Second hand phones contain extensive personal data – People are unsuspectingly selling their personal information to complete strangers as a new report from CPP finds half (54%) of second hand mobile phones contain extensive personal data.

Student pleads guilty to installing spyware on school computers – Omar Khan, a 21-year old former student of Tesoro High School in Orange County, California, has plead guilty to charges of having installed spyware on his high school’s computers and having used the collected passwords to access the grade system and change his grades.

Russian Firm Dumps SCADA Zero-Day Exploits into the Wild – A Russian security firm has released attack codes exploiting dozens of serious vulnerabilities in industrial SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) software into the wild, potentially exposing existing systems to attack ala Stuxnet.

Company News:


LinkedIn Cracks 100M User Mark Amid IPO – LinkedIn won’t be mistaken for Facebook anytime soon, but the professional social network crossed the 100 million member mark March 22 and is adding 1 million users per week.

The MicroTrax Kit – Handheld computers, cameras, smart phones, iPods, and digital books hold life’s most important information. Whether it’s family photos, contacts, music, bank passwords, schedules, or any other private content, the information is irreplaceable. When a finder sees the MicroTrax label, they will know the item is registered and how to easily return it. They’ll even receive a reward for their effort.

McAfee to acquire Sentrigo – McAfee announced its intention to acquire Sentrigo, a provider of database security and compliance, assessment, monitoring and intrusion prevention solutions.

Hitachi ID Management Suite 7.1.0 released – Hitachi ID Systems released version 7.1.0 of its ID Management Suite. The new release includes updates to Password Manager and a rebranded Privileged Access Manager, both with new capabilities.

Off Topic (Sort of):


3D Smartphones: Gamechanger or Gimmick? – The devices will soon be making their way into the US marketplace, but 3D in smartphones will have to wow consumers in order to survive.

Covert Cameras Designed to Spy on You – Feeling paranoid and wondering if someone is watching you? Cameras that resemble gum packages, shavers, and even handheld vacuums make spying all too easy.

How does smoking disable a Laptop? – While the tar precipitated on the electronics may not be the cause of the problem, the vendor can probably decline to service a unit exposed to cigarette smoke with impunity. Apple, for one, does. Partially because they also don’t want to expose the service techs to the tar.

So close and yet so far – Canadians are not only beating Americans in the crucial arena of genitalic dimensions, but they’re also, according to recent polls, far more sensible about evolution. (submitted by Michael F.)

Today’s Quote:


“Politics is a choice of enemas. You’re gonna get it up the ass, no matter what you do.”

–    George Vincent Higgins

Today’s Free Downloads:


WinHotKey – WinHotKey is a great first step toward the world of one-button automation, because it builds a ton of customizations into a program that’s pretty simple to use. By default, WinHotKey loads when Windows starts up, so your customized hotkeys will be part of your operating system from then on.

Advanced SystemCare Free 3.8.0 – Advanced SystemCare Free has a one-click approach to help protect, repair, clean, and optimize your PC. With over 20 MILLION downloads since 2006, this fantastic, award-winning, free PC repair software is a “must-have” tool for your computer.

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4 responses to “Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – March 24, 2011

  1. Michael Fisher

    Hi Bill ~ re: your Higgins quote above.

    I know you like a good read & I wondered if you knew he was a first class author ? He wrote some marvellously sleazy Boston-set political/underworld novels ~ one or two made into films. For George V Higgins dialogue was all. Wiki quote:

    [He] was proud of his skill in rendering dialogue with great accuracy; he liked to point out that accurate dialogue was not a verbatim transcription of things said but an imaginative recreation in compressed form. Higgins was also an expert in lending atmosphere to a series of harsh or barren facts, and in inducing his readers to figure out certain things artfully implied in the text but never stated.

    Not suitable for readers who want everything delivered on a plate. Most of his stuff is out of print, but readily available second hand online

    His bio & his Amazon pages

    • Hi Michael,

      Yes, thanks to Dar who filled me in on the details – author, lawyer, newspaper columnist, college professor, author of bestselling crime novels. Slightly more than a busy fellow. 🙂



  2. John Bent

    “Canadians are not only beating Americans in the crucial arena of genitalic dimensions…”

    Hi Bill,

    Sounds like a lot of balls to me. Presumably the men living in Kazakhstan etc are either eunuchs or were unwilling to take part in the survey. Is this how the expression “grey area” originated? BTW I assume that the dimensions given are in inches.

    Kind regards