What’s In Your PC? Take A Look With Free LookInMyPC

image Do you have a detailed profile of your computer system which includes details on hardware and installed software? What do you know about your computer’s motherboard, CPU and GPU, remaining drive space, or your operating system’s security hotfixes?

To effectively maintain your computer, and proactively deal with problems that may occur, you can make the diagnostic process much easier if you have specific and accurate details of your computer.

If you need help from a computer support group, from a tech support line, or from a computer knowledgeable friend, you will need to provide specific and accurate details of your computer. Without these details, it can be very difficult for even the most knowledgeable computer tech to be time efficient.

So it is important for you to create a detailed profile of your computer system before problems occur, and retain a printed copy of the report. Normally, creating such a profile can be very time intensive. But there are time saving solutions.

One such solution is LookInMyPC – a free program that automatically generates a detailed audit report of the hardware and software on your computer. It records essential information such as, operating system and processor details, the amount of RAM installed, drive specifications, and much, much, more.

You may get one or more security warnings (as illustrated below), during the install, since this applications digs deep into the system.



The graphic below indicates just how deep this application digs.



The following graphic shows a very small (I do mean very small) portion of a scan result, run on my test platform. The data shown here is pretty standard stuff.


But, in this portion of the report, the data shown is more complex and could be helpful (along with a huge amount of additional available data), in system diagnostics.


A number of features keeps this application a cut above the average:

The results are displayed in your Web Browser in a formatted HTML report. The report is clearly formatted for ease of understanding and divided into appropriate categories. Hyperlinks within the report allow you to quickly search for additional information.

As well, the report can be zipped, and then forwarded as an email attachment to your favorite “tech support” person.

System requirements: Windows 2000, XP, 2003/8, Vista and Windows 7.

Download at: LookInMyPC

A portable version is also available.

I have been using this program for some time, and find it invaluable for troubleshooting, and diagnostics.

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6 responses to “What’s In Your PC? Take A Look With Free LookInMyPC

  1. TRY

    Thank you Sir, LookInMyPC looks like fabulous app for getting pretty much every information regarding the data residing in the system.
    Can it be uninstalled easily too, since it digs deep into the system.

    It would be really nice if you could do a review on LooknStop firewall.I have tried many different F/W’s, free and paid, but hands down LnS(paid) offers better granular functions and efficient filtering.Plus its very light as well.Thanks.


    • Hey Try,

      You’re right – the amount of information is definitely inclusive. It can be easily uninstalled with the included uninstaller, and if you’re not comfortable with that, then Revo Uninstaller should do a through job.

      I’d really like to do more reviews, including LooknStop firewall, but the lack of time makes it very difficult. I appreciate the tip however, and I’ve made a note of your suggestion.



  2. hipockets

    Off Topic – slightly . . . .
    Are there any other benefits for portable apps, aside from being portable, not writing to the registry and perhaps the My Documents folder, and being easy to uninstall?
    Are there any drawbacks?
    As always, thanks for your work and website!

    • Hey Hipockets,

      You’ve pretty much covered all the bases – except perhaps for the fact that a specific application’s settings will be the same no matter the computer it’s run on – a web Browser for example.

      As for drawbacks, The only one that comes to mind is – loss, or theft, of a Flash drive with saved confidential info on a portable word processor, for example. But, that’s more of a USB drive hazard, and not necessarily specific to an application.



  3. John

    Hi Bill,
    I think that’s the best one yet, it really is a very thorough little program.

    Thanks for that!