WOT Beta for Social Media – Facebook, Twitter Protection And More

imageWOT (Web of Trust), has just raised the Internet security bar a notch by releasing a Beta version of their award winning Browser add-on which will provide protection against cybercriminals in a number of their favorite hunting grounds – Facebook and Twitter.

Hopefully, WOT’s reputation icons on links in Facebook, Twitter and additionally for shortened URLs by most popular services, such as bit.ly and t.co, will help thwart some of the most outrageous criminal schemes perpetrated on unaware social networking site users.

At the moment, the beta of WOT for social media is available for Firefox only. But, be quick – there are only 1000 preview downloads available!

Download the beta version of WOT for Social Media here.

According to WOT – “The new WOT version will be released in a few weeks for general WOT users, and newcomers.”

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7 responses to “WOT Beta for Social Media – Facebook, Twitter Protection And More

  1. Michael Fisher

    U.V. Bill

    I would like to see a WOT-type app that colour rates web authors, online journalists & other ‘opinion former’ creatures on a scale from ‘attention-seeking-loony-pond-scum’ (red) through ‘attention-seeking-informed-makesyathink-amphibian’ (green) & moving on to blue for those rare beasts who’ve mastered fire making & tying their shoelaces

  2. vhick

    I also like to see WOT for phones. Yes you are protected when you are in PC but what if you are browsing using phone and you don’t that the link you click is a spam and you give a privilege to access you FB account. I think this is a good move.

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