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20 Tech Habits to Improve Your Life – Technology is supposed to make life easier, but it doesn’t seem that way when you’re struggling to wrangle 289 new e-mail messages, dealing with a hard-drive crash, or suddenly realizing that you left an important file on the office computer. Thankfully, plenty of tools can help. We’ll tell you which ones are worth trying, and we’ll also suggest some practices that you can incorporate into your workday to use tech tools more effectively and efficiently.

Must-Have Tools and Tricks – Learn how to get a disposable e-mail address, stop Windows 7 from automatically resizing windows, and recover data from a dead laptop.

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“Free Southwest Airlines tickets” Facebook scam – But what makes this scam different and quite likely more effective than your typical Facebook scam is that the installed rogue application doesn’t propagate by posting the luring messages on the Walls of the victims. Instead, it posts it as a comment on a friend’s link, photo or status update – making it look more genuine and, thus, the claim more believable.

A Toolbar You’ll Use – We’re not generally fans of browser toolbars, but Microsoft’s latest iteration of the Bing Bar offers quick access to frequently sought information, without taking you off the Web page you’re on. With a fast enough internet connection, you may be perfectly well served by a few well chosen browser bookmark buttons. Find out if Bing Bar 7.0 is right for you in our full review.

419 Scammers Taking Advantage of Egypt Revolution – Scammers regularly target current events as catalysts for their online attacks… what’s the latest tactic? Using the Egyptian revolution as a hook in scam emails, 419 or advance-fee fraud scammers – who typically promise large amounts of money, but demand upfront fees first – have recently employed a tactic that takes advantage of the resignation of Egypt’s long-standing president, Hosni Mubarak. identified a German-language 419 scam from “the former Egyptian president’s lawyer”, claiming to need help in retrieving $2.5m of the president’s funds from a frozen Belgian bank account

Your Smartphone: The Next Big Security Headache – One of Android strengths is its openness. Just about anyone can write an app and distribute it without having to go through a sometimes lengthy review process. But as is the case on the PC, this sort of openness makes it possible for malware writers to infiltrate the smartphone. Security companies seem to think Android is the next big malware target, thanks to this openness, and the fact that it runs on so many devices.

Best Online Tools For Entrepreneurs, Monetizing Your SMB Blog, and More – Best online tools for entrepreneurs, blog monetization, solo entrepreneurship, and utilizing video to marketing your company.

Company News:


Motorola Xoom Is the Perfect iPad Competitor – As the slew of different tablets hits store shelves, there will likely only be one device that will be a top competitor to the iPad in the minds of consumers: the Motorola Xoom. The device, which will be available Feb. 24, is expected to deliver an outstanding combination of hardware and software that could dull the shine of the iPad for some buyers.

Amazon S3 Offers Complete Website Hosting – The Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) now allows complete Web hosting, but is it better and cheaper than standard hosting providers?

BlackBerry Bold Touch Leaked Into the Wild – (News for BlackBerrys) has published leaked photos of what has been dubbed the BlackBerry Bold Touch. The leaked device seems to borrow its shape from the original BlackBerry Bold 9000 smartphone rather than the current BlackBerry Bold 9700. Unlike the BlackBerry Torch 9800, which uses a slide-out keyboard, the BlackBerry Bold Touch is a candybar smartphone.

Amazon adds streaming TV, movies to Prime: Could just be the beginning – Amazon added unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows to its Prime subscription plan. While the move is billed as Amazon vs. Netflix the move really just highlights what’s possible with the Prime model.

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Maximum PC Challenge: We BBQ a Fireproof Hard Drive – IoSafe claims that its SoloPro external drive can withstand temperatures of up to 1550 degrees Fahrenheit for up to half an hour, and last for three days in ten feet of water, all without harming the data on its 1TB internal drive. We’ll just see about that… took our not-at-all-suspicious selves over to a nearby marina, lit some coals, threw some dogs on the grill, and got ready to test IoSafe’s claims about the SoloPro 1TB USB 3.0 external storage device. Here’s what happened. (submitted by Dar)

Dumbest Tech Marketing Stunts Ever – Two Dell employees last week put the maxim “There’s no such thing as bad publicity” to the test after a hostage-themed marketing stunt focused on the Dell Streak tablet went about as badly as you’d expect.

What “Do Not Track” Is and Why It’s Important – What’s so bad about ad tracking on the web, a.k.a. behavioral targeting? Nothing, if you don’t mind being a living stereotype. No, seriously—that’s what much of the fuss over “Do Not Track” browser options and opt-out options is about. Ad companies watch what you do online, and they make bold assumptions about you. How you feel about that is up to you.

Presidential wheels (photos) – In honor of Presidents’ Day, we’ve rounded up a collection of interesting Presidential State Cars of years past.

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In the modern world the stupid are cocksure while the intelligent are full of doubt.”

Bertrand Russell (From his essay “The Triumph of Stupidity”)

Today’s Free Downloads:


STOIK Imagic – STOIK Imagic is a large, feature-packed photo album, organizer, manager, and editor. It’s also a retouching tool, a calendar maker, a media cataloger, a video editor, and a drawing tool. In short, it’s a full-featured graphics suite with an emphasis on digital photographs. At 80MB, it’s a big download, but since it’s compressed, it’s a fast one, too, and setup is virtually automatic, including scanning your system for images. Anything else? You bet: it’s free.

Big Free Clock – Big Free Clock is great for churches or places needing to display the current time in full screen mode.The digits and message colors can be changed.Totally free meaning you can use it anywhere without paying. Use 12 hour or 24 hour time displays.The digit sizes are auto adjusted to maximally fit the screen.The background images can change to a new picture on a regular basis.

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