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Savvy Windows Tips: Screenshots, Quick Launch, Printer Names – I just keep running across more cool Windows tips. Rather than limit myself to last week’s collection (read “Quick Tips for Microsoft Word, Cool Windows Tools” if you missed it), I’ve decided to just keep going. So read on for more tips that’ll make you a savvy Windows user.

Lifehacker: Shift Your Fingers One Key to the Right for Easy-to-Remember but Awesome Passwords – You’re constantly told how easy it would be to hack your weak passwords, but complicated passwords just aren’t something our brains get excited about memorizing. Reader calculusrunner offers a brilliant tip that turns weak passwords into something much, much better.

Why Browser ‘Do Not Track’ Features Won’t Work – Mozilla, Microsoft, and Google have each developed some sort of “do not track” feature for their respective Web browsers. The intent is good, but each solution is fundamentally flawed and is unlikely to work very well in the real world.

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Chrome 9 Still Shines – Google’s browser has started a trend in simplifying the user interface and making it wickedly fast. If you want a fast and fluid Web experience, Chrome can’t be beat, and it’s updated more frequently than any other browser, too, at version 9 after just two and a half years. This latest update brings a slew of new features, and Chrome 9 remains our Editors’ Choice for Web browsers. Read our complete review to learn more.

Some File-Sharers Leave Trails To Their Front Door – Following the publication of a paper which investigates how using the same username across multiple web sites may expose Internet users to scammers, TorrentFreak decided to apply the same research idea to a random sampling of file-sharers, with some eye-opening results. (submitted by Dar)

Two BBC sites serving malware via injected iFrame – A piece of malware detected by only 21 percent of the anti-virus solutions used by VirusTotal is currently being pushed onto unsuspecting visitors of the BBC 6 Music and BBC 1Xtra radio station websites. The visitor doesn’t have to do anything except land on the website to become a victim of a so-called drive-by download attack.

“Reporter had a stroke on live TV” Facebook scam – “Omg this reporter had a stroke on live tv check it out [LINK]” – said the message that kept popping up on the victims’ profile. Those who made the mistake to click on the shortened link were taken to a page requesting them to give a rogue Facebook application by the name of “Reporter Stroke” permission to access their information and post to their Wall.

Smartphone users not aware of mobile security risks – More than a third of surveyed smartphone users are not aware of the increasing security risks associated with using their phones for financial purposes and to store personal data, revealed a new survey by AVG and the Ponemon Institute.

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Free e-book: Web Application Security for Dummies – Qualys announced that it has published a new comprehensive free guide on Web Application Scanning (WAS) to help readers understand web application security – including how to quickly find and fix vulnerabilities in web applications.

Windows Nokia Phones: Microsoft Should Make the PC Connection – The Microsoft and Nokia alliance hopefully will set the stage for phones that are truly compatible with PC networks.

Hotmail Gets a Boost – Hotmail remains the most popular Web-based e-mail service on earth, but Microsoft isn’t resting on its laurels: Windows Live Hotmail 2011 offers new ways to share and view content like photos and video within the inbox, connect with social networks, and clean out the clutter.

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Jack Daniels Explains The Deficit – The title says it all…and this video explains the entire deficit situation in less than two minutes flat. (submitted by Dar)

Israeli general claims Stuxnet attacks as one of his successes – The Haaretz – Israel’s oldest daily newspaper – reports (via Google Translate) about the a surprising video that was played at a party organized for General Gabi Ashkenazi’s last day on the job. The video contained references to the successes he achieved during his stint as chief of staff, and enumerated among them was the Stuxnet worm attack on Iran’s uranium enrichment facility at Natanz and and the nuclear reactor at Bushehr.

Glenn Beck Adds Google to Caliphate Conspiracy Theory – Commentator Glenn Beck yesterday added Google to his list of organizations that “may or may not” be part of a vast conspiracy to create a one world Islamic government. And just in case his audience intends to do a bit of research of their own, they’d better use Bing, because Google is off-limits.

Free Puzzle Game is On Track – Trainyard Express is a free iPhone puzzle game that’s clearly for everyone, young and old, male and female, trainspotting hobbyists and the rest of us, too. We think it’s the best free puzzle game in the iPhone market, and gave it the title of Editors’ Choice. Read our full review to get on track.

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I have noticed even people who claim everything is predestined, and that we can do nothing to change it, look before they cross the road.”

–    Stephen Hawking

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GMDesk – GMDesk is a simple application that lets you run Google Docs in a separate application window, outside of your browser. It’s like running Google Docs as an application installed on your computer, although your data is still stored in the cloud. GMDesk isn’t just for Google Docs. You can switch between Google Docs and other Google products, such as Gmail and Picasa, using the Google Applications menu.

Forecastfox Weather Comes in a Chrome Version, Too – Forecastfox Weather Chrome extension screenshotForecastfox Weather gives you a weeklong weather forecast with a single click.Install Forecastfox Weather into Chrome, and it displays as an icon in the upper-right hand portion of the screen. The icon displays the temperature and also shows whether it’s sunny, cloudy, raining or snowing.

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    Hi Bill,

    Just to let you know the link to Reader Calculusrunner took me to Lifehacker but a different page. Did a site search and got to this page:

    Might just be me of course.

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    • Hi John,

      Lifehacker has changed their web layout in the last week, and I’ve noticed the links have been unstable, and subject to change. For instance, I kept getting frequent “can’t find the page on this server” messages. I was hoping they had corrected this, but apparently not with reference to the page you landed on.