Free StartUp Tuner 2 – Fixes Slow Computer Boot Time

image Is Windows boot time starting to get you down? Do you sometimes feel as if you could go and make a coffee while waiting for Windows to start? Let me tell you, if you feel that way, you’re not alone – it can happen to all of us.

You’ll often find, after installing a new application, that it automatically triggers an auto-start command on system start up.

That means, each time your computer is booted, this type of presumptive program is started with Windows, which is unlikely to be your intent, and in many cases is not needed. For example, iTunes is one of those programs that has this nasty habit.

As a result of this program behavior, your start sequence can become considerably longer, system resources can be ravaged, and manually shutting down these unnecessary startups can be frustrating, and time consuming.

The following is a perfect example of how out of control these presumptive  auto-start applications can become.

Recently, a friend asked me for advice on his sister’s computer that was slow at startup, and even worse, was slow in normal operation. It was easy to see why. The computer was loading 26 applications on startup, which then continued to run in the background, eating up system resources.

There are a number of manual methods available to deactivate these very irritating applications from auto starting, but a great free application from Ashampoo does the job quickly, cleanly, and with no fuss.

StartUp Tuner 2 lists all auto-start entries and allows you to individually delete or deactivate those entries. If you turn off all of the unnecessary entries (be sure they are not necessary), Windows will boot faster; in many cases considerably faster.


Bonus features:

StartUp Tuner 2 can do more than just this though. The tool can list all Windows services by name and it allows you to activate, or deactivate them, with the click of the mouse.

The application shows all installed Windows programs, but it builds its lists more quickly than the control panel software module. You can then uninstall programs that are no longer required, including program entries that the native Windows uninstaller generally leaves untouched.

Many Browser Helper Objects (BHOs) are useful, but others simply take up space on the Hard Drive and serve no useful purpose. StartUp Tuner 2 lists all of them, and allows you to delete, or deactivate them, if you determine you longer need them.

The application automatically generates a backup of the changes that you have made, giving you the opportunity to reverse any changes.

StartUp Tuner 2 can be used free for 10 days. After that time, free online registration is required. You will receive an activation code which will convert the test version of the program into the full version.

Ashampoo loves to remind you of the value of their full software lineup, so if you find it bothersome to receive this type of email, you’d be better off passing on StartUp Tuner 2.

Personally, I like to stay in the loop on new software developments, so I don’t object to receiving emails soliciting my business for new applications. One of the benefits of registering with Ashampoo is – they often give away full versions of their apps, just prior to the release of a new version.

System requirements: Windows 2000, XP, Vista. Win 7 (no x64 support).

Download at: Developer’s site

Note: Full administrative rights are required to install the program. After it has been installed it can be used with any user account.

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6 responses to “Free StartUp Tuner 2 – Fixes Slow Computer Boot Time

  1. John

    Hi Bill,

    Interesting, how do you reckon it stacks up against Soluto?

    I have tried to avoid Soluto this time around because it does insist on putting a few applications into startup that cannot be moved for whatever reason? This has irritated me slightly as it has taken away the control that I want on startup.

    Looks like I will have to take StartUp Tuner 2 for a spin. 🙂


    • Hey John,

      The few applications you’re referring to with Soluto are actually part of the system. It would be better if they weren’t shown at all, since they tend to confuse.

      I think you’ll find StartUp Tuner 2 less distracting. Take a look at your fellow Aussie Mal’s comment. It’s pretty instructive.



  2. Mal

    Hey Bill,
    I just tried this out, an excellent piece of software. I especially like the detailed descriptions for each entry that it finds, so I can make an informed decision about if I need it. I disabled a few services I didn’t know were running, and found my boot time did increase moderately. A good find, I will be keeping this one.

  3. John Bent

    Hi Bill,

    I too am finding Soluto a bit of a pain, so was interested until I read “no x64 support”. Same ol’ same ol’.

    Kind regards

    • Hi John,

      It’s getting harder to understand the lack of x64 support in applications that have broad appeal. You would think this issue would in fact be a “non-issue”, by now. Sheesh!