Risk Rate Running Processes With Free Glary Security Process Explorer

Security Process Explorer, from the developer’s of the powerful, free system tool Glary Utilities, operates as an security tool, and provides advanced risk information on processes, running on your computer.

The program displays specific task manager information, (this application is not a replacement for Windows task manager), including file name, directory path, description, CPU usage, and so on. What sets the application apart, is the unique security risk rating that is applied to running processes.

Security process explorer new 1

The major caveat here however is, the user must make the decision whether a particular process, or program, should be terminated, or removed. Thankfully, you can get help in making that decision by clicking on the More Info Tab. Doing so, opens GlarySoft’s web based database where additional information about the specific program/process can be obtained, along with a risk factor for that inquiry, as the following graphic illustrates.

Security process explorer new 2

Note: As an added bonus you can even Google the process from within the application.

Using Security Process Explorer you can easily find and remove unnecessary background processes. As well, you can assign more resources to demanding processes like games, real-time multimedia applications and CD writing software, where necessary.

Quick facts:

Provides detailed information about all running processes

Specifies whether a process is safe or not

Single click process termination

Block unneeded processes or malware

Simple user interface

If you are an experienced/advanced computer user, and you’re looking for a program to strengthen your anti-malware resources, then Security Process Explorer is one that’s worth taking a look at.

System requirements: Windows 7, 2000, XP and Vista (32bit and 64bit).

Download at: GlarySoft

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2 responses to “Risk Rate Running Processes With Free Glary Security Process Explorer

  1. jSwann0

    On the Download page of Security Process Explorer :

    Current Version: 1.6
    File Size: 1.08MB
    Release Date: Nov. 4, 2007

    Isn’t that a bit old fashioned ?…

    • Hey jSwann0,

      I suppose that depends on how one defines “old fashioned”. Is a 3 year old application which is designed for one express purpose, and which has not been surpassed in that specific task, old fashioned? I don’t think so.

      The core functionality of even the most recently updated applications rarely changes. For example, MS Word, despite surface changes, is still at the heart of it – a word processor.