IObit’s Advanced SystemCare Free 3.7 DOES NOT Install Spyware

There are times when you have to fall on your sword, and for me, this is one of those times.

On Friday of last week, I posted an article which laid out a case that IObit’s Advanced SystemCare Free 3.7, installed malware on a users machine based on test results (including rough copy), provided to me by an associate who is relatively new to this type of analysis.

The responsibility for posting this false information is mine of course, since I did not perform due diligence prior to posting. If I had, I would have found:

The testing methodology was not up to standard.

The results of the analysis were factually incorrect.

Questions raised following the posting of this article, led me to setup a “test of the test”, in which ten independent technologists installed Advanced SystemCare in an attempt to duplicate the results. In all cases, the application installed correctly with no indication that malware was part of the package.

In the circumstances, I offer my apology to IObit (whose products I have recommended without reservation, numerous times in the past), and to the readers of that particular posting.

Moreover, I apologize to regular readers who have come to depend on factually correct and unbiased product reviews, and recommendations. In this case, I have let you down.

Bill Mullins



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31 responses to “IObit’s Advanced SystemCare Free 3.7 DOES NOT Install Spyware

  1. Being an authority is a double edged sword Bill. Or maybe a Damoclean double-edged sword.

    I don’t think you should fall on it, anymore than we want it to fall on you.

    I am gutted for you that this has happened, but don’t commit hari-kiri…..

    I think in this instance you have to eat humble pie, served with dollops of remorse and probably a bit of Brand Restitution for Mr IObit…

    oh man I feel for you…maybe you will have to start a “Bill’s Grovelling Apology Fanpage” and bring over 1000 fans from your email list…

    I am sure these things can happen to the best of us

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  3. Or maybe Iobit could sieze the misfortune, and run a freebie for a few of your readers, provided they all post here …

  4. Murphy

    Thanks for this update .
    Don’t worry , everything is fine .
    Best regards !

  5. Jerry Chance

    Stay cool Bill! We all make mistakes – to err is human.

    You still manage the best technical website around!


  6. Jose

    Anyone can make mistakes but not everyone will acknowledge it.

    Well done Bill.

  7. Paul

    You have set the record straight, this is good.
    You are now back on my reading list.

    I hope that the various forums that have been discussing your previous article will now post a link to this explanation so that this situation can be finished with and we can all move on.

  8. Bobbo

    You are a good guy Bill!
    You apologize to Iobit!

    Take care Bill!

  9. mrlokinight

    “Let him who would be happy for a day go to the barber;
    for a week, marry a wife;
    for a month, buy him a new horse;
    for a year, build him a new house;
    for all his lifetime, be an honest man”
    Thomas Fuller

    Thus I do not feel let down by you Bill. What you’ve got cannot be bottled



  10. anonymous

    So what you showed us on Friday(?) was/were…..what?? Ghostly apparitions? UFO’s??? Harvey the Rabbit??

    I’m not buying it.

  11. Siam

    We all make mistakes. The measure of a person, however, is how honorably (or otherwise) we deal with those mistakes. I commend your honesty, Bill. This is why I trust your judgments in all things tech.

  12. David

    I use these FREE utils to pretest and install with no risk on my computer:
    I never install software directly on my computer.
    I use either sadnboxie or virtualbox for testing and Symantec Workspace Virtualization (aka SWV/ SVS) for installing software in a protective layer i.e. while the software is installed virtually, the documents/changes by the software can be defined to be non-virtual to the host computer.
    the virtualized software can also be exported to other computers.
    Essentially if I deactivate all SWV layers , I will get only the original computer software.

    Symantec Workspace Virtualization :

    To obtain a free license key for personal, non-commercial use, please go
    UID: sevrelease
    PWD: S!m4NT3c (Contains only Workspace Virtualization)

  13. Mal

    Hey Bill,
    Don’t feel badly mate. You’re human, you made a mistake, and you manned up and admitted it. You know, even I make them too sometimes lol.
    Continue the good work Bill, put this one tiny minor glitch behind you.

  14. PasjonatLeonaWachholza

    Ok. Bill.
    No problemo. 🙂

  15. hipockets

    Based on IObits proven history of stealing software (ref:: ), bad reviews on several other blogs, and the results of your test, I think that publishing the article was reasonable.

    In any event, you still have THE BEST computer-related blog I’ve found, and I will continue to visit it first everyday and to take your advice on any topic.

    As a previous commenter said:
    Peace and Love!

  16. Man makes mistakes. However, once you’ve made a mistake, you are brave to admit it.

    We are happy to receive advice or problem submissions about Advanced SystemCare, or other software from IObit. You can write to us through or

    Meanwhile, download our software through our official site,, or sites, like, MajorGeeks, SoftPedia, etc.

    There are many illegal download sites offering Advanced SystemCare – so called cracked or portable editions. And these editions may contain malware or something bad.

    Advanced SystemCare has a free edition for home users with little limitation on its use.

    Note: Leonardo Lambo is the General Manager of IObit.

  17. Michael

    Hi Bill
    It is very brave of you to commit your mistake, we all support you.
    But I still hope this kind of mistake will not happen again, cause this can do bad to you and others.

    Take Care!

  18. sara

    IObit’s Advanced SystemCare 3.7 is running on my pc and every part works well. I am loving IObit’s products so much. Bill, you know that your article have seriously affected the reputation of IObit.

    You have set the record straight, this is good.

    You are still a good boy.

    • Yup after malwarebytes declaration this article was a second hit dont know what went wrong at Bills end I stopped using their product after the malwarebyte issue and many woud have after Bills article

  19. Smile

    Hi Bill,

    A fault confessed is half redressed. You reallu shocked me a lot at the very beginning, for I have installed IObit products on my laptop without any problems or troubles. Now you have apologized for what your said earlier to ensure a correct understanding of the facts. I will take it easy to run ASC. That’s good!

    Anyhow, you did it right and your blogs are interesting.

  20. Future

    Hi Bill,

    I have read your former blog and this one. Now you have erased my worry about running ASC on my computer. Anyhow, thanks for your timely instructions!

    I believe ASC will give a me perfect performance.

    Hope so!

  21. Hi Bill,

    I really appreciate this apology cuz it is more difficult for a geek like you to admit his mistakes, You are a real gentleman.

    Thumbs up!

    Note: Kevin Zhou is the marketing director of IObit.

  22. Hi Bill,
    It’s easy to look good when you give us great advise daily on great applications and advise for staying safe online.
    The true test of character is when we slip up and how we react.
    This test you passed with flying colors…not that any of your readers are surprised at that!
    Take care.

  23. John Bent

    Hi Bill,

    “Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone”. Applies equally to mistakes.

    I know that your professionalism will not let you take this lightly and that you will have beaten yourself up more than anyone else can. Having said that it is time to move on. We all learn from our mistakes and anyone who thinks he has learned everything has just made another.

    So keep your sword for fighting the bad guys, we all need you on our side.

    Kind regards

  24. Thanks Bill for your humility… good character precedes increased trust and meaningful relationships! I applaud you! You’re trustworthy even though you’re human and not always right! That says alot! Thank you for being you, and enlightening so many of us…

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  26. I still won’t entertain IObits products. Their reputations as thieves follows their every release. Lets not forget about them stealing and incorporating Malwarebytes.

  27. andy kirk

    Don’t worry about it Bill,You have done nothing wrong.
    IObit are no angels, just ask malwarebytes about IObit.
    Link produced to prove my point.
    All the best Bill.


    Hey Bill,

    You still have the best batting average…
    I have to admit thought for a while you did scare the %$#@ outta me. I scrubbed my machines of smart defrag Server edition and ASC Pro; no biggie just a few simple restores.

    “ If I only had a little humility, I’d be perfect.” -Ted Turner

    “I thought I made a mistake once, and then I realizes I was mistaken” -BS

    Thanks for the quick correction



  29. billy roy

    Congratulations, Bill, I am glad to hear that,very few would admit their mistakes

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