Internet Security Revisited: There’s an App for That – Your BRAIN!

image Yes, it’s true! There’s an application designed to help keep you safe on the Internet. And here’s the best part – you don’t have to buy, or download and install this application.

Most Internet users, in my experience, already have this app (some don’t – more about that later), and it works surprisingly well with a computer’s Firewall, Security Applications, and Browser security add-ons.

The Brain is a very efficient Internet safety device, and using it will provide a user with the best protection available while surfing the Internet. There’s a small problem with the Brain though, which might explain its frequent unreliability.

Just as a Firewall needs to be “trained”, to reach the best state of efficiency and protection capabilities, similarly, the Brain app requires “training’”; so that it too, can perform to its maximum potential as an Internet safety device.

Failure to train a software Firewall application, for example, can lead, in many cases, to an erratic and uncertain experience. The untrained Brain app as well, can exhibit parallel behavior.

Sadly, a significant number of Brain apps lack this training and as a result, many computer users fail to recognize the dangers, and threats, the Internet poses to their computers, and to their personal privacy.

The following is a perfect recent example of the results of an untrained Brain:

Malware in fake White House e-card steals data – Official-looking holiday e-greeting downloads Zeus malware, and secretly downloads PDFs and Microsoft Word and Excel documents to a server in Belarus.

So, in order to get the best out of this priceless Internet safety device, it needs to be trained. A good place to start this training process is The Enemy is at the Gate – Common Sense Tips for Internet and System Security, on this site.

Times have changed; cybercriminals are increasingly more knowledgeable, quicker to respond to opportunities, and more relentless than ever in their attempts to separate surfers from their money.

Train that Brain – so that you are aware of the shape of the Internet landscape, and the changes that are occurring, or may occur in that landscape. Now, more than ever, Brain training is a necessity – a prerequisite to protecting yourself, and your computer, from cybercriminal attack.

This article was originally posted here May 30, 2010.

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18 responses to “Internet Security Revisited: There’s an App for That – Your BRAIN!

  1. Hi Bill,
    The concept of taking responsibility for anything today is refreshing. Yes you can prevent malware, think before you click.

  2. Bill,
    Excellent article my friend! Repost or not, it’s a good way to get the point across. Keep up the good fight.

  3. TRY

    I 100% agree with you Sir, the common sense which we all possess in our brain is our crucial security on Internet.Unfortunately hacking is easily possible thanks to stupidity of most people online.


  4. Yes you are right. People fall prey to these attacks as they cant distinguish or perhaps ignorant to whats going on or what will happen if they click something.

    On a diff note, One of the links on your blogroll when clicked gave me a warning by KASERSKY and blocked it citing phising attack.

    Have a look at screenshot. Remove it if u feel so

    • Hi Avinash,

      You’re experience with the blocked blogroll click indicates why it’s important to have the right tools installed. Although you didn’t mention which link returned the phising attack warning, I can assure you, this is a false positive.

      As opposed to many Blogs, I have very few links here, and each one is chosen very carefully.


  5. I’m rather surprised to see no comments here (yet).

    This is “it” in a nutshell.

    And not only that.. a fun read!


    • Hi Paul,

      I’m going to have to make a confession here: I spent the whole day playing Far Cry 2, which just arrived (ordered it from Amazon over the Holiday season). As a game player, you know how easily you can become immersed in a new game. 🙂 I didn’t check my Dashboard once – so, no comments were moderated.

      Luckily, I don’t review games here. If I did, Far Cry 2 would not rate much above a C+. Can’t hold a candle to Far Cry (the original); a game you were kind enough to give me a few years back.

      Sometimes, a tongue-in- cheek article can be more effective than swinging the hammer. Although, I must admit, there are those who will never get it – without a few hammer blows.


      • Mal

        Hey Bill,
        Well, there’s something I didn’t know, you are a gamer! So am I, lately I’ve been playing an unreal online golf game, it’s so realistic it’s like you are there. And it also keeps me out of the pub lol, so it can’t be bad for me.

        • Hey Mal,

          The principal reason I have as much system knowledge as I do, is down to game playing.

          Back in the day (early MS-DOS, when we loaded the OS from a floppy), gamers had to tweak the hell out of their system, (config files, batch files, and more), and then save the result to a 5 1/4 inch floppy in order to get most games to run. If you didn’t understand how MS-DOS worked, you were out of luck. Even setting up a sound card was next to impossible if you didn’t understand IRQs. So yeah, I’ve been a games player coming up on 30 years.

          As MS released newer products, it was very easy then to pick up on the nuances in the new systems, since they all rely in one way or another on DOS.

          To play some of the most recent games, you need some serious computing equipment – so gaming is a major driver behind both hardware, and software improvements. As you mentioned, gaming can save money by keeping one out of the Pub. 🙂



      • Ha!
        Yes. I agree. FC2 rates a C+/B-.

        • Paul,

          The graphics are top notch, very realistic – like taking a safari in Africa. But, the game play sucks. Should have followed the story line from FC 1, I think.


  6. John Bent

    Hi Bill,

    So true and, like applications, the brain also needs updating, which is where websites like yours come in.

    Kind regards

  7. Nice one! I quite agree, it all starts with us, and our first choice of action whenever we set our foot into the realm of the word wide web. If we all learn to instill a basic precautio, maybe we’ll be faced with fewer attacks.