SPAMfighter Pro – Ten License Giveaway!

SPAMfighter has generously provided us with 10 free licenses for their award winning flagship product, SPAMfighter Pro.

To enter the contest to win a free license, simply add a comment at the end of this article. On January 14, 2011, all comments will be added to the online List Randomizer, and the first 10 names that come up, will win a free license for this award winning application.

As with previous giveaways, you don’t need to write a paragraph – “enter me”, or something similar, is enough. There’s no need for me to acknowledge your entry, but rest assured, if you comment – you’re in.

Good luck!

Read the following review, and I’m sure you’ll agree; this is definitely a contest worth entering!

SPAMfighter Pro:



The view that somehow Web based email is safer than a desktop-based email client, since Web based email clients such as Gmail, Hotmail and others, supposedly filter out all dangerous or unwanted content, is not an opinion that I entirely agree with. This view does not line up with my personal experiences.

The fact is, many desktop-based email clients can be superior in this area, since they offer advanced security options, as well as junk mail filters, and anti-phishing protection.

SPAMfighter, is a fee based (also available as a free version), anti-spam desktop application, designed for both typical at-home users, and business users, which continuously filters e-mail, to eliminate spam and protect users against phishing, and e-mail-borne viruses.

Each time you check your email in your email client, SPAMfighter automatically checks your mail against the SPAMfighter servers list of known spam messages. If a message is identified as spam, it is automatically moved to the Spam folder.

I’m a big fan of community based security applications such as WOT, and Immunet Protect, to name just two. SPAMfighter has embraced this community driven philosophy, and has built community-based filtering technology into the application which exploits the power of a very large community of users.

Here’s how that works: When a new e-mail arrives, it is automatically tested by SPAMfighter. If it’s spam, it will be instantly moved to your SPAMfighter folder. If you receive a spam mail that is not detected, just click on a single button, and the spam mail is removed from the rest of the 7,417,522 SPAMfighters in 228 countries/areas in seconds. In this way, very few people in the community will ever see the spam mail.

Setup is uncomplicated and straightforward.


Additional functionality can be accessed from the email client toolbar.


Fast facts:

Award winning technology to block spam

Protects all the email accounts on your PC

Protects against “phishing”, identity theft, and other email frauds

Privacy Guaranteed – we don’t see any of your email

Protects against “phishing”, identity theft, and other email frauds

Spam abuse reporting with one click

Unique language filtering tool – Stop emails in languages you don’t understand

Protection of multiple email accounts

Blacklist domains and emails

Automatic whitelist management

Interface in multiple languages

Option to move the toolbar in Microsoft Outlook

Free phone support

Unlimited Blacklist/Whitelist entries

If you run a desktop-based email client, then SPAMfighter is definitely worth taking a look at.

Note: SPAMfighter in basic mode, is free for individual users.

Supported Clients: Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, and Thunderbird, as well as for businesses in Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes environments, or even those seeking a 3rd party hosted solution.

System requirements: Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7 (32bit and 64 bit).

Languages: English, German, Spanish, Chinese, French, Italian, Greek, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Suomi, Japanese, Portuguese, Bulgarian, Russian, Polish, Czech, Thai, Turkish and Danish.

Download at: SPAMfighter (If you decide not to buy a Pro license, you will be converted to the free Standard version when the trial expires).

To get the most out of SPAMfighter Pro take a look at the Beginners Guide here.

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  1. PasjonatLeonaWachholza

    I have never used this type of program, so maybe it is an appropriate time to take part in another contest organized by the Great Bill …
    I also wish success to other readers. 🙂

  2. Murphy

    Hi ,
    Nice and useful Giveaway .
    Please count me in .
    Best regards !

  3. TRY

    A good giveaway indeed,Thank you Sir!
    Please don’t count me in.

    I feel it’s competitor ‘MailWasher Pro’ is similarly excellent plus it has the advantage of lifetime license in contrast to SPAMfighter Pro.


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  5. Paf

    Hey Bill, thanks for this opportunity. It’s an excellent program, and the community feature seems to be very effective. Please count me in.
    And… Happy 2011! All the best to you and your blog.

  6. Rob

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    You know me, I can never resist the opportunity to get my hands on another piece of decent software. 🙂


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  9. Michael Cole

    Hey Bill (The Blog King):

    Happy New Year to you!!! Thanks for the chance on this software. Win or not I know will learn a lot in 2011 from The Blog King. Thanks again for the chance.


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    Hey Bill – this is an awesome giveaway – cheers – thanks for setting this up and please count me in the draw!

  14. Siam

    Ahem, Bill … you completely trounced limited licence giveaways not so long back (“Software License Giveaways – Go Big Or Go Home”) and yet here we have yet another one. What is that I smell in the air? Hypocrisy?

    In fact, in your article you said “I avoid them like the plague” and that “getting involved in low end giveaways is a mugs game”. And in the comments section you also said: “There are so many good examples of how successful companies market with giveaways, I’m surprised to still see these silly 5/10 license contest.” So why is it ok for Tech Thoughts but not for others? Don’t get me wrong, I was happy to win one of your licences recently, but I’m not understanding the obvious double standard. You lumped all those other sites that also giveaway limited licences (and also to very good products) into the one basket, dismissed them as pointless, and took a holier-than-thou attitude about it all (“Bloggers owe their readers much more than just being a mouthpiece for technology companies”). And then off you went, happily marching down that same blog road yourself. Are you eating your words for breakfast this morning?

    PS. I don’t use a desktop client so no need to include my email address. Just wanted to put in my 10c worth. I love your site … I just don’t get the hypocrisy is all.

    • Hey Siam,

      Yes, I have to admit, it seems a bit strange on the face of it. But, there’s a back story here. The license giveaways sponsored here since the article you reference in your comment (posted September 17, 2010), were already preplanned, and agreed upon, prior to that article. Ethical issues made it impossible for me to backtrack on these prior agreements – not a new found sense of hypocrisy, or a double standard.

      In fact, it was my inability to convince certain software developers to go with the unlimited license marketing concept, that was the driving factor in writing that article. You should be aware, that I have pointed back to that article at least five times in recent articles (within the last 30 days), and I will continue to “trounce” limited license giveaways. More to the point, in the course of the the past few weeks I have written on 4/5 unlimited license opportunities that readers could take advantage of – several in the last few days.

      Despite my stance on limited license giveaways, I continue to receive, virtually every day, offers to promote software on this basis. If I took advantage of all of these offers, there would be nothing on my site but giveaways.

      The following is an example of a giveaway offer just received, as I was writing this response to your comment.

      This is ****** from ********* Software, we have been focusing on your website which is really very useful and helpful to people.

      We developed ********************. It is an easy-to-use program *********************************whether you are a green hand or high talented computer user.

      I’m pleased to invite you to try our software and present you with a personal license worth $ 39.90, you can test it first. Download Link: http://www.*********************.exe

      License Code: *********************

      If you are satisfied with our product, we hope you could recommend our ********************* on your website. We are prepared to giveaway license codes for users, or visitors, to your website. Please contact us to get the license codes. We’re sure that it could help your readers.

      Look forward to your kind reply.

      Best Regards,

      So there you have it. I may in fact, test drive this application, if I find that it’s appropriate – but I won’t be offering a license giveaway.

      There is no inconsistency in my personal views on limited license giveaways. In fact I do “avoid them like the plague” and yes, “getting involved in low end giveaways is a mugs game”. Other Bloggers can do what’s appropriate for their circumstances, and I’ll stand on my convictions and continue to do what’s appropriate for me.

      Living up to commitments makes me neither a hypocrite, nor a person exhibiting a “holier-than-thou attitude”. I’d like to think that makes me someone who can be relied upon to keeps his word – no matter the circumstances, or criticisms.



      • Siam

        Thanks for the clarification, Bill. Appreciate you taking the time to do so.
        PS. I hope it came across as being tongue-in-cheek … that was my intention. Nuance is problematic in such communications.

        • Hey Siam,

          You raised a legitimate point, and I’m glad that you did. There may well be other readers who are questioning an apparent shift in direction, and your comment has allowed me the opportunity to address it. That’s a good thing. 🙂



  15. Mayur

    Very useful software, Please count me in,
    Thanks For Giveaway !

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    happy new year

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    I would love to win a SPAMfighter Pro license since i use Outlook 2007.

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    first of all happy new year then thankyou for this giveaway

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    I’m back as promised ! 😀
    Count me in please! Maybe I’m a winner in this promotions ! 🙄

  25. great giveaway Bill once again for the users using a desktop client,dont count me in as i dont use any but also saw Comodo FREE
    Personal Email Certificate for desktop clients which is also very useful applied for the license but never used it

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    Nice software and will surely like to try. Thanks for the giveaway.
    Fingers crossed…….

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    I’d love to win a license of SPAMFighter Pro to keep out those unwanted spam. Thanks.

  31. Jerry Chance

    Hey Bill

    As always, I’m a sucker for a free draw! Plus the fact that SPAM drives me to utter distraction!!


  32. Count me in please…Thanks…

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    Happy New Year and many thanks for this giveawy contest of a valuable soft to have a piece of mind while checking/reading emails.

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    I have Spyware and Antivirus from the same company I just need the spam version. Please count me in.

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    i have a probe this antispam program in trial mode and work very well,
    I hope to win a SPAMfighter Pro License.
    thank’s for this opportunity

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    Mr. G.T.

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    I mainly use Windows Mail (Vista) and Gmail, so this could really help me.

    Please count me in : )

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    The software is very good . So please count me in,thanks

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    This sure sounds like an interesting piece of software. Please include me in the contest. Thank you!

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    thanks, Cg

  51. MerleOne

    Count me in please. Also, could you detail the difference between the registered and the free version ? Thanks.

  52. Jane

    Hi Bill

    I always respect your opinion about license giveaways but I am surprised that would associate yourself with Spamfighter, the publisher of

    I recently purchased this program and was horrified by the numbers of errors claimed to find. I already had Registry Mechanic from PC tools, so I was thinking it Slowpcfighter was that much better as it was finding so many errors.

    I was then horrified to discover that Slowpcfighter is considered malware by Eset. Eset are confirming its some kind of fraudtool or scumware – deceptive to try to fool people to purchase. They had tested it on a brand new PC running Windows 7 and it found over 300 so-called errors and warned the user that their PC health was slow. Incredible as this was a brand new machine.

    Eset advised me to immediately to uninstall this tool and run a complete scan for any traces of it on my machine. I was wondered if you had any thoughts on how vendors such as spamfighter would do this to users?

    • Hi Jane,

      Spamfighter is a top of the line application, and is recognized as such across the Internet. Adding my recommendation, and sponsoring a license giveaway for this application, does not create an association between my site and the company – any more than an association can be said to exist between this company, and the major download sites that offer Slowpcfighter for download. I am aware of the controversy surrounding Slowpcfighter, and based partially on this, I have not recommended it.

      In fact, I was offered the opportunity to sponsor a giveaway for Slowpcfighter, which is essentially a Registry cleaner, and choose not to accept. The following from a recent post will explain why.

      Reader question: Which registry cleaner would you recommend?

      Registry Cleaners are often referred to as the “snake oil” of the computer industry. There is a major difference of opinion concerning the value of these applications.

      Generally speaking, it’s my view that this type of application should not be used by an average user – except for a very mild cleaner, such as Ccleaner, which I do, in fact, highly recommend.

      There are times when a powerful cleaner, (such as RegSeeker), in skilled hands, can be beneficial.

      Finally, how various companies determine and measure Registry errors, and the impact on performance, varies widely. Since there is no standard, the market is wide open to purveyors of “snake oil”.

      Over the years, I have tested countless cleaners and have duplicated Eset’s test results (on a clean install), far too many times.


  53. Jane

    Hi Bill

    thanks for your post and sharing your views on this topic. I agree there are no standards here, but any reasonable person will accept that a fresh install of Windows will not have hundreds of errors in it – nor will the PC health be bad, which was suggested by Slowpcfighter.

    It does seem to me that spamfigther are actively promoting this product which Eset had identified as scumware. Any thought on why a reputable vendor like spamfighter would peddle something that is considered as malware by Eset?

    When I asked the Eset malware analyst about registry cleaners, they said that Slowpcfighter was an exception as it was counting errors that do not exist. While anti-virus companies don’t like registry cleaners, I believe that slowpcfighter is using scareware tactics and inflating errors by a very large margin such as empty registry keys.


    If spamfighter has a reptuation, they are leveraging that to push this malware on the market and taking advantage of users in this way

    • Hi Jane,

      Well, I don’t presume to know the minds of Spamfighter’s corporate strategists, but I will say this – your view of this application, which is shared by others, has the potential to negatively impact on a well established and trusted brand. It should be noted however, that Eset is the only organization, of 43, on a VirusTotal scan, that classifies Slowpcfighter as malware. This suggests that Eset’s assessment (malware), is rather harsh.

      Reporting empty registry keys which have no impact on system stability or speed, is commonplace. As I said in my previous response – “How various companies determine and measure Registry errors, and the impact on performance, varies widely. Over the years, I have tested countless cleaners and have duplicated Eset’s test results (on a clean install), far too many times.”