Troubleshoot BIOS Beep Codes With Free Rizones Beep Code Viewer

Recently, I swapped out the video card on one of my machines, and at the same time bumped up the memory by adding another two GB of RAM. A fairly simple operation which was followed, unfortunately, by a not so simple series of BSODs, system lockups, failure to boot, and the usual – “what’s going on here”, frown.

All of these problems were intermittent, and I eventually solved the issue by re-swapping components in and out. In the end, the culprit was a bad piece of RAM (actually, a RAM compatibility issue).

While going through this mildly frustrating experience, I got a bit of a test on my knowledge of BIOS beep codes. I have to admit – I barely got a passing grade. But, as it turns out, there was an upside to this exercise – I found a nice piece of free software which is designed specifically to translate BIOS beep codes; displayed in a very functional GUI.

Rizone Beep Codes Viewer, is a simple portable tool (save it to a USB stick), that will explain the BIOS error beep codes for all the main PC BIOS manufacturers (AMI, AWARD, Phoenix, IBM).

Following the application launch, click on your BIOS type – select the beep code, and you’ll be provided with a  detailed diagnosis of the problem; including a recommended solution.



System requirements: Windows 2000, Win 7, Server, Vista, XP – (32 and 64 bit).

Download at: PC Advisor UK

This is a terrific free application and a worthwhile addition to your troubleshooting tool box.

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10 responses to “Troubleshoot BIOS Beep Codes With Free Rizones Beep Code Viewer

  1. TRY

    Thank you Sir,
    Rizones Beep Code Viewer will come very handy in solving many BIOS beep codes arising problems easily and also what’s really nice is that it’s portable,ready to use anywhere. 🙂

  2. vhick

    Thank you sir Bill for bringing up this software. Very handy, and I’m to lazy to look at every BIOS manufacturer’s beep codes :D. Now I see all the manufacturer’s code in one application.

  3. David

    Bill – Thanks for this one – I had a similar experience to you – was fiddling around upgrading RAM – and on startup – beep beep etc etc – groan – sigh – bang head on keyboard – usual routine – had to fire up another system – spent seemingly forever hunting around on Google – eventually found the info – but cannot believe I’ve never heard of this little beepcode file before. Thank you Bill. Good job. Best regards / David.

    • Hi David,

      Ditto – I hadn’t heard of it either. As you and I know, in the right circumstances, this small app can be a real time saver. As well, anything that can stop us from having to bang our heads on the keyboard in frustration, is a definite plus. 🙂


  4. yup great software yesterday was repairing two pcs with 128 mb ram and it could be very useful in troubleshooting the hardware part but the swapping thing did the job as well but it could have saved a loads of time but how it gonna work incase the pc not booting at all and giving the beep beep even if the bios not loading anyhow

    • Hey Neeraj,

      If the BIOS won’t load, and assuming there is power to the Motherboard, then as a high end user you know the 3 or 4 issues that need to be looked at – from incorrectly seated components, on out. This application is designed to respond provided the BIOS does load.


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