Panda Safe Browser – Just Released As A Free Application

imagePanda Security has unhooked its Panda Safe Browser from its  Antivirus Pro, and Internet Security software, and is now offering it as a free application.

Since this application was just released in the last few hours, I have not had a chance to take it for a test drive. But, Panda Security has an excellent reputation for quality –so, I’m hopeful that the application will perform as advertised.

Although this is a Windows application, based on Firefox, Panda has managed to incorporate Linux within the program, in order to take advantage of Linux’s well known built-in safeguards against vulnerabilities. As additional protection against a malware infection, Panda Safe Browser runs as a virtual machine.

From Panda Security:

Panda Safe Browser allows you to browse the Web safely and privately, without being affected by malware or exploits that can be hidden on any site. Every time you close Panda Safe Browser, the session data is deleted, assuring your privacy and the integrity of the software for the next run.

Panda Safe Browser is based on multiple layers of protection that minimize the risk of an infection from the web to only a theoretical, almost impossible, chance.

First, it’s based on Mozilla Firefox, a much secure browser than Microsoft Internet Explorer. This considerately lowers the possibility of an attack.

Second, it has almost no plug- ins that can be explored by malware to run on the system (like a PDF‐file reader, although it can read PDF files).

Third, it runs on with limited permissions, which means that even if some malware can exploit Firefox or the plugins it uses, the practical use of an attack will be close to none, because it cannot make changes to the operating system.

Forth, inside Panda Safe Browser Mozilla Firefox runs on the Linux operating system, which has much less common vulnerabilities to explore.

Fifth, on the top of all of this, Panda Safe Browser is a virtual machine, which means its functioning is isolated from your PC. So, an attacker should have to be aware of this and to bypass at least four much elaborated levels of security even before arriving to your “real” PC, where with the help of the most advanced Panda Security technologies (that, alone, have several more layers of protection) you would be completely shielded from that very slight possibility of attack.

Nothing is 100% safe, but Panda Safe Browser brings you much closer!

System Requirements: Windows – both 32, and 64 bit.

Download here: Panda Safe Browser

A big “Thank You” to regular reader Charlie L., for bringing this to my attention.

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12 responses to “Panda Safe Browser – Just Released As A Free Application


    Hey Bill,

    I have been using Panda Cloud Antivirus Safe Search Protection
    that was offered with their cloud Pro version. FYI: When I clicked the link on Chrome and IE (Safe Search) displayed their warning screen: “The page has been blocked as it contains malware or exploits” ya gotta love it!!
    A false positive or… As you have been pounding home forever; “Layered Protection”




    Hey Bill,

    I tried the Softpedia download option (not my preferred choice) for Panda Safe Browser and Safe Search did not flag it.



  3. Bill,

    I see this makes use of Oracle’s Virtual Box to run in. Very interesting how this has been engineered to make it easy for people at home. Good find!


  4. John Bent

    Hi Bill,

    Thanks for this, I’ll definitely give it a try.

    Kind regards

    • Hi John,

      I tried this out for a couple of hours, and I’m not particularly impressed with the layout. Still, I’ll keep it around for penetration testing.



  5. jSwann0

    When I try to download from your Download Link, I get that :
    Bad Request
    Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand.
    Reference #7.2d5716d0.1292933743.0
    I downloaded from MajorGeek.
    As I already use Panda Cloud Antivirus, I’m happy to try this new browser. Thank you very much, Mr Bill.

  6. Hi Bill,
    Thanks very much for the post. Just like all othr Panda products, I liked the panda browser. The only thing that I personally felt is there’s absolutely nothing innovative about this browser. Plus, it forces a user to ‘download’ so much from the Internet. This will not be acceptable for countries with slow Internet speeds.
    As a better alternative, qny one can use a free ‘sandboxie’ which offers to run a browser safely. Going further, a smart user can even run the no-plugin, no-script version of Firefox from sandboxie.
    I’m sure, soon someone will release a ‘truely’ portable sandboxed browser.
    I’ll be more than happy if Panda does that.

    Chris Greamo

    • Hi Chris,

      I agree – I deleted this Browser after the test period. Nothing exciting or particularly innovative.

      As you suggest, running with Sandboxie is a much better solution.