Inventory Your Software License Keys With Free “All My Software”

imageOK, we’re going to start off with a short test – I want you to pull out all your installed software registration keys, or licenses. That was a little tougher than you thought, I’ll wager – if you’re a fairly typical user. Couldn’t find that slip of paper you just know you copied that office suite’s registration key to, huh?

The good news is – you’re not alone. The most frustrating part of being the tech support guy for friends, I can tell you, is dealing with their lost registration documentation when a reinstall is the only solution.

The bad news is – if you can’t locate your registration documentation, and you don’t know how to recover keys from the Hard Drive (not always easy), it’s more than possible that the money you spent for the application, has just gone down the drain.

But, with a little planning, and a little attention to detail, you’ll never be faced with the “lost registration key” blues. That’s were the free application,  All My Software comes in.

This small program will scan your Windows registry for all installed software, including support and contact information, links, and even order date and number, if found, and save this data to a database.

The following screen capture illustrates the scan results from my test system. (Click on any graphic to expand).


Following the scan you will have access to the following wizard. You’ll notice the application has taken note of the installed applications, as well as support and contact information, links, and more.

You then enter the registration key in the field provided for the selected program.


Once you’ve finished, you simply saving the database to a location on your Hard Drive. Additionally, you have the option of exporting the saved database to Excel. Prudent users will save the database to a Flash Drive, or a CD/DVD, as the following tip suggests.


Fast facts:

Auto scan for installed/uninstalled software

Ability to quick uninstall the software products

Flexible backup reminder

Ability to encrypt the database with a password

Simple list or tree-like database structure view

Database export to MS Excel

Single click to go to each developer’s web site

Single click to create an e-mail message to a particular developer’s support team

Easy to use search features

There are additional features in All My Software not covered in this review.

System requirements: Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP, Vista, Win 7

Download at: the developer’s site (Bolide Software) – registration required.

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12 responses to “Inventory Your Software License Keys With Free “All My Software”

  1. dar

    wow,Prof Bill, wot a super utility
    -long ago, learned that as a windows user, ya gotta keep track of Everything you do to that blighted OS, so got me a little black book…&then another,etc
    -with Tux it’s so boring,ie, trouble/cost-free, that the l.b.b. has laid dormant for over seven years…

    • Hey Dar,

      I hear ya – that little black book comes in mighty handy with a Windows install.

      Been using Ubuntu now for about six months – gotta admit, it’s an incredible OS. Was reading another Blog, where the writer made the point that Ubuntu didn’t automatically update installed applications. Talk about a tech not knowing what he’s talking about. What a joke.


  2. TRY

    Thank you very much Sir,This is the application I was looking for such a long time now.This will come really handy in case of applications of high value and price and also the ones having lifetime licenses.


  3. TeXaCo

    Hey Bill,

    This sounds like a great idea, I know have all mine in a safe location but this would be really nice. My question is, are there any security concerns with this program having all your keys?


    • Hey TeX,

      An excellent point that’s worth considering.

      I’ll never say never when it comes to security – but, I don’t really see much of an issue here. Still, the database can be stored in any location that you choose, and then encrypted to give you that extra sense of security. Maybe not a bad idea – all things considered.



  4. John

    Ah ha, I thought this little gem of a program was going to find all my licenses for me. 🙂 It appears I still have a lot of work to do, oh well it will teach me to be more orderly.


  5. Cappydawg

    HI BILL,
    What a great find. This will really come in handy for me with all my netbooks and even at work. Thanks for sharing this with us all.

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