The Winners in the TuneUp Utilities 2011 Free License Giveaway Are…..

imageI’m happy to announce the 5 winners of a free license (installable on up to 3 PCs), for TuneUp Utilities 2011, a superior tune up application that’s easy to setup, customize and run, for both less experienced, and expert users alike.

Congratulations to the winners:


John C.




Each winner has been notified directly. If you weren’t one of the lucky winners, you can test drive this great application for 15 days, by visiting the TuneUp Utilities 2011 download page.

Thank you, to all those who participated. This limited license giveaway contest was the most subscribed to ever, here on Tech Thoughts, and if I had my way, each one of the entries would have been awarded a license. I think a strong business case can be made for doing so.

Zemana AntiLogger, for example, did just that here on Tech Thoughts earlier this year, which resulted in the awarding of 2,000+ licenses. Now that’s how to generate interest in a product!

Finally, I’d like to mention that I was struck by how polite the contest participants were – in almost every case, the participants said “Thank you”. That seems to fly in the face of all the hype we hear, that we are become a less polite society. That sure wasn’t evident here.

Just a quick reminder: Later this week we will be offering a giveaway for 10 free licenses for a great security application – PC Tools Internet Security 2011.

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26 responses to “The Winners in the TuneUp Utilities 2011 Free License Giveaway Are…..

  1. Cappydawg

    CONGRATS!! to all the winners. What a nice little Christmas present.

  2. Siam

    I just nearly fell off my chair! I’ve never won anything before (literally – not even bingo) and honestly did not expect to win one of these licences … I’m pinching myself to see that I’m not dreaming! Nope, my skin is bruising, must be awake. Thanks so much Bill! And I concur with Cappydawg: It is a nice Christmas present! Congrats to everyone and another hearty round of thanks to Bill!

  3. Naits

    Congratulations to the winners 🙂

  4. John

    Hi Bill,

    Congratulations to you and the lucky winners 🙂 with this successful licence giveaway.

    Bill you mentioned Zemana in your post, no chance of another giveaway like last year is there, as you know it will soon be time to renew or find another alternative?


    • Hi John,

      I knew we were coming up to the renewal date on Zemana, but I haven’t heard yet if we’ll do a repeat. Would definitely be very cool if we could though.

      I’ll let you know as soon as I know.

      You’re a good sport to congratulate the winners. Nice to see that. 🙂



      • John

        I’m a bit cranky at the moment for loosing to the Poms in the cricket. 😦


        • Hey John,

          I have another Internet friend also named John, who mentioned this week that he was watching the same match. Given where he’s from, I expect he’s a little happier than you, at the moment. 🙂



  5. Mal

    Hey Bill,
    I was one of the lucky ones who got a free Zemana licence. Even if there isn’t another giveaway of Zemana, I’d buy it when my current licence runs out. It’s not really that expensive and it is a great app, I would feel “naked” without it lol.


    • Hey Mal,

      Thanks for making my point. By awarding a ton of licenses, I expect Zemana will get more than a fair share of renewals. It’s a terrific way to generate good business in the medium term.

      I’m hopeful you’ll renew with Zemana – I wouldn’t want you to feel naked. 🙂 Mind you, it’s hot in Australia at the moment…………..



      • John


        Actually Mal may be paddling or evacuating as we speak, as in his part of the country they have severe flooding. Hope all goes well.


        • Hey John,

          I saw something about this on the News – wasn’t aware Mal’s area was involved though. Having lived through a serious flood 6/7 years ago, I can attest to the fact that it’s a nightmare.

          Hopefully, Mal won’t be seriously affected.



          • Mal

            Hey Bill/John,
            Actually, parts of my town have been flooded but where I live hasn’t been affected (yet). I can relate to flood experience though, went through one in 1977, wasn’t fun rowing to the back door.

  6. PasjonatLeonaWachholza

    Congratulations. 🙂

  7. ToGor

    Congratulations to the Winners.

  8. LittleM

    Congratulations to the winners!!!

  9. Tej

    Congratulations to the lucky 5!

  10. niroop

    Congrats to all Tune up utilities giveaway winners.Enjoy your free license.

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  12. vhick

    A bit late in congratulating the winner. I’m too busy with my work.

    Congratulation to all who win one of the best System Utilities.

    Congratulation also Sir Bill for the success of the giveaway!

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