Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – December 7, 2010

PCWorld Reviewers’ Favorite Files: November 2010 – In November, our reviewers looked for solutions to specific problems: image editing, laptop security, offline backup, and overly expensive printing. They found free and inexpensive answers, plus a few fun extras, such as a flipbook maker.

Lifehacker: Everything You Need to Know About 4G Mobile Broadband – Everything You Need to Know About 4G Mobile Broadband Verizon just launched their 4G data network, joining Sprint and T-Mobile at the party. But what is 4G, exactly? Is it worth the money? How fast is it really? We’ve got you covered with answers to all your 4G mobile broadband questions.

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Mobile Security Woes Go Beyond Malicious Apps – If, like most Americans, you’ve developed an attachment to your mobile phone that borders on the unnatural and have a hard time going 11 seconds without checking email or texts, you’d do well not to attend a talk by Zach Lanier and Mike Zusman anytime soon. The pair discussed a variety of weaknesses in several mobile platforms and showed off enough clever attacks in their talk at SecTor in Toronto last week to make the listener want to pull the SIM card from his phone, set it down and back quietly away.

Choosing the right Linux distribution is key to success – This past week, I had a frustrating reminder of a lesson I learned long ago…but let slip away out of either arrogance or stubbornness. That lesson is that choosing the right distribution is the first (and most important) key to success when deploying the Linux operating system. Yes, we all have our favorite distribution, but sometimes that favorite distribution simply will not do the trick and a different flavor must be used. Let me explain.

Facebook announces New Profile – but is it better? bigger? Safer? – Facebook’s roller-coaster ride through cloud computing continues apace with the announcement of New Profile. (In case you’re wondering about that metaphor: Facebook is the ride. You are the rider, and you’re paying for the privilege.) Sophos warns users not to share ever-more information with ever-more people on Facebook.

Test your DNS name servers for spoofability – What does DNS cache poisoning mean to us? A lot. Using cache poisoning, bad guys can redirect web browsers to malicious web sites. After that, any number of bad things can happen.

Secrets to Using Facebook to Market Your Business – Your business can’t afford to not have a Facebook presence. The social networking site now has more than half a billion users — despite users’ privacy concerns, and a recent survey suggesting that customer satisfaction is abysmal. Here are some tips to follow if you want your business to tap into that audience of half a billion potential customers.

Are Tablets Really Killing Netbooks? – For months we’ve been hearing that tablet computers–led by Apple’s iPad–are hurting netbook sales in a big way. But are they really? It depends on whom you ask. For now, touchscreen tablets do appear to be luring consumers away from netbooks. In the long term, however, netbooks will likely hold their own in an increasingly fragmented mobile device market, particularly as computer makers address user complaints by enhancing netbooks with faster processors and new capabilities.

Company News:

Survey: Apple and ASUS win in PC reliability, Dell and HP lose – In a massive new survey, the public has spoken about which laptops and desktops are the most reliable and have the best support. Take a look at the winners and losers.

Google’s Web e-book store ready for chapter 1 – It’s getting to be a crowded market for e-books, but Google’s long-awaited entry into this space with the Google eBookstore could make room for another.

Free anti-virus for Mac home users – download now! – Do you have a Mac computer at home? Sophos has launched the world’s first free business-strength security solution for Mac OS X. Based on Sophos’s flagship security software, which protects over 100 million business users worldwide, Sophos Anti-Virus Home Edition for Mac is available for consumers to download at no charge.

FTC’s ‘Do Not Track’ Worries Web Marketers – After federal regulators proposed a “Do Not Track” mechanism to give control over what consumer data companies can collect and share, a lot of confusion remains about what the proposal really means.

Off Topic (Sort of):

WikiLeaks leader arrested after rape accusation – Julian Assange, leader of the WikiLeaks project that’s published extensive secret details of U.S. military and diplomatic activity, has been arrested in London on a Swedish accusation of rape.

10 Glaring Flaws in the Latest Tablet PCs – Due to the sheer number of tablet PCs that are available now and on the way, it’s much easier for consumers and enterprise customers to see what’s missing in that space. As popular and successful as tablets might be, the devices still fall short in some important ways. Here is a look at problems manufacturers must consider fixing in 2011.

Wikileaks Cablegate: Time to Blame the Victim? – The Pentagon says the leak of diplomatic cables was an unforeseen consequence of its policy to encourage information sharing. That’s nonsense. When it comes to its failure to protect classified data, Uncle Sam’s been warned before.

Study: Social networks facilitate homeless youth sex – Researchers studying homeless youth in LA find that while those who use social-networking sites tend to know more about STD prevention, they’re also using them to seek out sexual partners.

Today’s Quote:

He that would make his own liberty secure, must guard even his enemy from oppression; for if he violates this duty, he establishes a precedent that will reach to himself.”

–    Thomas Paine

Today’s Free Downloads:

Boomerang for Gmail – Boomerang for Gmail from Baydin lets you schedule e-mail to send later. It installs as an extension in Firefox or Chrome and adds a big “Send Later” button to the top of your compose window. Use it to schedule e-mail to go out in an hour, or tomorrow, or next month–anytime in the future, even if your computer is offline or shut down completely.

FEBE – FEBE stands for Firefox Environment Backup Extension. It’s a free add-on that can back up, save, and restore everything from add-ons and themes to, well, everything in Firefox: bookmarks, passwords, preferences, saved forms, and more–even your entire profile. You can schedule automatic backups or start them any time, and even upload saved results. It’s got some extras, too

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