Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – December 6, 2010

5 Free Apps to be Thankful For (After a System Wipe) – If you’ve already heard of them, excellent. You’re just that ahead of the game. If not, consider this your chance to get caught up to all that is awesome in the world of freeware and open-source software.

Get a Visual Overview of Your Firefox Browsing History – Firefox keeps a history of your browsing activity so you can find sites you visited previously. However, Firefox is pretty light on historical details, such as when you visited a particular site and where you went from there. That lack of chronology can make it difficult to find what you’re after. Enter History Tree, a Firefox add-on that gives you a visual overview of your browsing history. You can view this history as either a tree (hence the name) or a grid of site thumbnails.

Chromebook: Coming Next Week? – By now you’ve probably heard that Google is hosting a Chrome event on Dec. 7 in San Francisco. The press invite promised “exciting news about Chrome.” Does that mean the Chromebook is finally upon us? Maybe and maybe not. The rumor mill has been churning for months.

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Remove HomeGroup from Windows Explorer in Windows 7 – In this edition of the Windows Desktop Report, Greg Shultz shows you how to remove HomeGroup from the navigation pane in Windows Explorer.

Rogue Websites Exploit Flaw to Track Your Web History – Be careful the next time you visit some of the Web’s most popular porn, news, and torrent sites as they could be peeking at your browser history without your consent. Researchers at University of California, San Diego have discovered that 485 of the 50,000 most popular Websites in the world are exploiting a flaw that lets them read your browser’s Web history. The offending sites include,,, and, according to the researchers.

IE6 Won’t Die as Long as China Loves it – Nearly half of China’s 420 million Internet users still rely on the browser that Microsoft is trying to kill off.

What happened to WikiLeaks over the weekend? – It has been a busy weekend for WikiLeaks. Their latest release made public a list of assets of strategic importance to the US, which are located across the globe. And while the US, British and other governments condemn this latest move, WikiLeaks is battling the efforts geared towards its takedown.

Smartphone enterprise security risks and best practices – If your organization allows users to connect their smartphones to the corporate network, read about potential security risks, and learn best practices for your company’s smartphone policies.

Company News:


Amazon launches new DNS service in the cloud – Amazon Web Services announced Route 53, a DNS web service giving a way to route Internet traffic to web applications by translating human readable names into numeric IP addresses.

Google Boosts Copyright, Piracy Protection for Search – The search engine said it is building tools to improve the submission process to make it easier for rights-holders to submit Digital Millennium Copyright Act takedown requests for Google products, beginning with Web search and Blogger.

Why Samsung’s Galaxy Tap Won’t Catch Apple’s iPad – Since its launch earlier this year, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab has received a good deal of attention, and many believe that the Galaxy Tab is the one tablet PC that can take on Apple’s iPad head-on. However, a closer look at the Galaxy Tab shows that while it’s a solid tablet device, it doesn’t have what it takes to overtake the iPad.

Groupon to Google: No, Thanks – Chicago-based “deal of the day” website Groupon — arguably the hottest private company on the Internet — has rejected a $6 billion buyout offer from online search giant Google, according to reports.

Off Topic (Sort of):


Wikileaks: Brought to you by the CIA – Everything you wanted to know about Wikileaks but didn’t know to ask. (submitted by Dar)

The 3D Printer Revolution Countdown – Every week seems to bring a new story about a cool new 3D printer hack or another discussion (like this Innovators @ Google talk from two of the guys behind the Makerbot 3D Printer) about how the 3D printing revolution has begun. But what’s really going on with 3D printers? Where is this nascent industry going?

Fred On Everything – Then I remembered: America is afraid of cap guns, which no longer exist. Of bottle rockets and pocketknives and Islamo-Mahmuds curled beneath the bed. And America is afraid of children. Puzzled boys of eleven are led from school in handcuffs for possession of a water pistol. A cop who would do it ought to go into hiding from embarrassment, but nothing embarrases anyone any longer. Ye gods and little catfish, I thought. Bob’s right. The country is afraid. Of everything. (submitted by Dar)

Nigeria Takes Aim at Cyberscams – Nigeria made a major step toward demonstrating its commitment to addressing cybercrime by hosting the first West Africa Cybercrime Summit, attended by public and private sector organizations. The conference is hosted by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) in collaboration with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and Microsoft.

Today’s Quote:


Love thy neighbour as yourself, but choose your neighborhood.”

–    Louise Beal

Today’s Free Downloads:


TeamViewer – TeamViewer is an excellent screen-sharing and file-transfer app that can be used to facilitate business collaborations, remotely access a second computer, or help distraught relatives diagnose and cure computer problems. Along with being free for noncorporate use, it gives users precisely the tools they need to share screens securely, send files with a minimum of hassle, control access rights, and even flip which user has control.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware – Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is a surprisingly effective freeware antimalware tool. It’s a relatively speedy malware remover, with the quick scan taking about 8 minutes even with other high-resource programs running. The heuristics engine proved on multiple computers during empirical testing that it was capable of determining the difference between false positives and dangerous apps.

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