Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – November 29, 2010

The Tech Brands You Can Trust – Every year PCWorld polls its knowledgeable readers to see which companies are providing the best tech support and service. The results of our latest exclusive survey of 79,000 tech aficionados reveal some welcome improvements and some familiar shortcomings.

Quick Tip: Scan Windows 7 system files to repair errors – Knock on wood, this has not happened to me in a very, very long time, but every once in a while the Microsoft Windows system files will become corrupted and report errors. The solution to this annoying, but fixable, problem is to repair the files. A reboot of the PC will often do the trick, but there is a way to repair files while Windows 7 is running and, presumably, you are working productively.

How do I… Add image thumbnails to Microsoft Windows Explorer? – When you are dealing with a folder in Microsoft Windows containing numerous images, it is often very helpful to see thumbnail representations of those images in the Windows Explorer display. This built-in functionality is available in both Windows XP and Windows Vista, but how you turn the feature off and on is slightly different for each version.

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Vinself – a backdoor for corporate networks? – A new backdoor that has seemingly been developed to compromise corporate networks has been discovered by FireEye’s researcher Atif Mushtaq, and made him speculate that – taking in consideration the recent emergence of other powerful backdoors – some criminals have begun looking beyond stealing only that which is immediately available on a system.

Congressman wants WikiLeaks listed as terrorist group – The incoming chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee says WikiLeaks should be officially designated as a terrorist organization. “WikiLeaks appears to meet the legal criteria” of a U.S.-designated terrorist organization, King wrote in a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton reviewed by CNET. He added: “WikiLeaks presents a clear and present danger to the national security of the United States.”

Stop Using Windows XP, Please – I have a confession to make: I’m writing this story on a Windows XP laptop. It’s not by choice, of course. My company is still standardized on the near-decade-old operating system, and only recently has entertained the idea of buying new systems and not ghosting them back from Windows 7 to some version of Windows XP. In other words: I feel your pain.

Google Apps Script API flaw allowed attacker to impersonate Google – Details about a recently discovered and exploited vulnerability that allowed a 21-year-old Armenian hacker to harvest GMail addresses and send to their owners a message coming from a legitimate Google e-mail address are still unknown, but the vulnerability has been patched.

Company News:

Clues to Skype Integration Found Within Facebook Code – Facebook code has once again started up the rumor mill that the company is looking to pack real-time video chat alongside its standard Facebook messaging options. App developer Tal Alter happened to notice some interesting elements buried within a JavaScript object called “VideoChat”—which appears at random on given Facebook pages.

Dell Inspiron Duo Is a Tablet, PC and Movie Screen for Consumers – Microsoft-running tablet PCs used to be solid enterprise territory, but the Apple iPad has changed all of that. Case in point, the newest Dell, the Inspiron Duo convertible tablet, was introduced Nov. 23 for students and families.

OpenDNS Versus ISPs: Too Much Toe-Stepping? – Security or capitalism? Those are the two competing issues fueling the recent conflicts surrounding OpenDNS. For those uninformed, the service—completely free, if you so desire—is like a third-party butler for the Internet.

Apple, News Corp Preparing iPad Newspaper – Apple and News Corp are reportedly prepping an iPad-only newspaper, The Daily, for launch in the near future. It could change the dynamics of the e-reader market.

Off Topic (Sort of):

Poll: Should the U. S. Federal Government censor the Internet? – There is a bill winding its way through the U. S. Federal legislative process called the Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act (COICA). If it were to become law, the Federal Department of Justice of the United States could effectively take down an entire website by blocking access via the DNS servers. ISPs would remove the offending website from the DNS or be liable for fines and other legal actions.

True Cost of U.S. Gasoline is $15.14 per Gallon, Report Says – So you think you’re getting a good deal on a tank of gasoline these days? You wouldn’t think so if all the oil industry tax subsidies received from the federal and state governments and other costs that went into producing that gallon of gasoline were included in the pump price. Such external costs push the true price of gasoline as high as $15.14 a gallon, according to a new report released by the International Centre for Technology Assessment. (submitted by Dar)

9 Technologies That Were Ahead of Their Time – Sometimes you build it, but they don’t come. Here’s a list of duds with potential, good intentions, and occasionally a legacy.

Google Maps Faces July 2011 Deadline on China Regulations – China will investigate and prosecute Google next July if the search engine company does not acquire the necessary state license to operate its Google Maps.

Today’s Quote:

The ‘Net is a waste of time, and that’s exactly what’s right about it.”

William Gibson

Today’s Free Downloads:

Hotspot Shield – Feeling safe when you connect to a hot spot at cafe, airport, or some other public location? You shouldn’t. There are plenty of potential dangers lurking there, including nearby hackers who may try to sniff your packets, or figure out other ways to snoop at what you’re doing online. Particularly dangerous is if you visit any Web sites and type in your user name and password–they could be hijacked.

Fast Duplicate File Finder – With photos, videos, and music files clogging up your hard disk, it’s harder than ever to keep it clean, trim, and free of duplicates. Use Fast Duplicate File Finder, though, and you’ll be able to find duplicate files with ease, and keep your hard disk in tip-top shape.

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    you can ignore this Bill, just trying to access my subscriptions

    though I had a good laugh at WikiLeaks meeting the criteria to be judged a terrorist group…

    it’s a long cool drink on a hot day to see those apples at the Orwellian ‘Homeland Security’ having their pips squeezed ’till they squeak