Sandbox Firefox With Secure Browser Version 5.1

imageI first reported on Secure Browser, a virtualized version of Firefox back in July of this year, and since then there have been a number of upgrades to the application, including 64 bit compatibility.

This is not 1985 when the only thing you had to worry about was what might be on the floppy disks you exchanged with your friends. Today, your Browser is the conduit into your computer – that’s the route by which the majority of malware spreads.

So, controlling malware intrusion, while surfing the Net, through the use of a ‘”virtual” environment rather than operating in a “real” environment, continues to make sense given the level of cyber criminal activity on the Internet.

In the last few months we’ve looked primarily at operating system virtualization – Shadow Defender, Returnil Virtual System, Wondershare Time Freeze, and a number of other similar applications. But, there are alternatives to OS virtualization – specific application virtualization running in a sandbox.

KACE Networks, Secure Browser (last updated Oct 20, 2010), is a virtualized version of Firefox which according to KACE –

Changes or malicious files inadvertently downloaded from the Internet are contained within the secure browser, keeping the underlying OS and computer secure from hostile changes.

Any changes resulting from browser activity may be quickly and easily reset to effectively “undo” such changes and return it to its initially installed state.


Graphic courtesy of Kace.

Fast facts:

Provides a virtualized and contained Firefox v3.6 Browser with Adobe Reader and Flash plug-ins.

Rapidly reset any changes made during normal use back to their initial state, enabling easy recovery from infections or attacks.

View statistics related to the number of processes detected and blocked.

Set white and black lists to limit access to known good sites, or prevent access to known bad sites to further limit the risk of attack and infection.

Contrary to my usual practice, I have not tested this application. Instead, I’m reporting on it’s availability only. I tend to stick with Ubuntu when surfing the Internet.

System requirements: Windows 7, Vista, XP (32-bit and 64-bit systems).

Download at: KACE

Note: Registration required.

Alternative solutions:

Sandbox your current Browser in Sandboxie.

Run the Chrome Browser which includes a form of sandboxing.

Run Comodo Dragon a variation on Chrome with additional privacy controls.

Run Ubuntu while surfing the Web.

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11 responses to “Sandbox Firefox With Secure Browser Version 5.1

  1. I’m with you on this, Bill. I use Ubuntu. I switched from Firefox to Chromium though, simply because it’s faster, and I hope safer than Google’s version of Chrome. (I may be wildly mistaken here though, I read it was better than using Chrome, somewhere).

    • Hi Paul,

      I spend about 70% of my surfing time in Ubuntu, using Firefox. I’ve heard some good things about Chromium though. Now that you’ve had a good experience with it, I’ll take it for a test drive. Glad you mentioned it.



  2. Jose

    I would go with Sandboxie, no second thoughts.

  3. Mal

    Hey Bill,
    Looks very interesting. I think I might try this out during the week. At the moment I tend to alternate between Sandboxie and Wondershare Time Freeze. Since I’ve been using these two apps, I haven’t even had a hint of infection. Virtualization is the future of computing, in my view.


    • Hey Mal,

      Gotta agree – virtualization is where it’s at.

      I didn’t bother running with this app because it doesn’t really appleal to me. Like you and Jose, I much prefer full OS virtualization.

      But, I’m sure that there’s a particular audience who will find this app worthwhile.



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  5. Grr

    Thanks Bill.
    It looks interesting. might give a try.


  6. Richard Grupe

    The 64-bit edition of Sandboxie provides a reduced level of protection compared to the 32-bit edition of Sandboxie.

    Just thought you folks should know that.