Free Comodo System Cleaner – CCleaner On Steroids

imageJust a few days ago, I posted my usual annual review of CCleaner – in which I made the point, that this free system cleaner is still my “go to” application for simple system cleanup.

But, if you’re looking for a more powerful free solution, then Comodo System Cleaner might just be ideal. This free application will do what CCleaner will do, and a whole lot more – and I do mean, a whole lot more.

I’m a big fan of Comodo’s products, including their free Firewall and AntiVirus software. So, I was expecting big things from Comodo System Cleaner when I first installed it, and I wasn’t disappointed. In fact, this is now my “go to” application when I need to dig the deep dirt out of a system.

Installation is easy, and preference setup is checkbox simple – as the following selected screen captures indicate. All screen shots are taken from my personal machine – clicking on any graphic will expand it to its original size.

Clean up menu


Settings menu


Autoruns menu


System settings menu – System Tweaks


Fast facts:

Registry Cleaner – Optimizes and repairs your Windows registry by running an in-depth scan to remove, or repair, unnecessary or corrupted registry keys.

SafeDelete and Registry Protection – Use these features to backup all your files before cleaning. When cleaning is complete, you’ll be able to make sure your PC is in perfect condition before deleting for good.

Disk Cleaner – This utility lets you quickly clear them all, to free up space and improve performance. Also allows you to schedule regular clean up routines.

Privacy Cleaner – Obliterates your digital paper trail and helps protect you from identity theft by cleaning history, cache, cookies and usage records from Internet browsers, Windows locations, and popular software.

System Settings – With over 50 tweaks in the ‘System Settings’ area alone, you can optimize Windows behavior in a more powerful and intuitive way than ever before.

System Information – Detailed and easily accessible ‘dashboard’ summary of all the hardware and software installed on your computer.

Autorun Manager – Fingertip control over exactly which programs and services start with Windows. Helps improve Windows boot up time, stops unwanted programs from hogging system resources and boosts overall system performance and stability.

File Pending Delete – Provides the ability to delete files that are locked and cannot otherwise be deleted when in Windows ‘User Mode’. Specifying a file with the ‘File Pend Delete’ tool will schedule that file to be deleted immediately after the next system restart.

File Wiper – Allows you to permanently remove confidential or sensitive files from your hard drive. When you delete a file in Windows, you are really only removing the reference to that file from the system table. The file itself remains on your drive and could be easily re-opened by data thieves. ‘File Wiper’ ensures that the files you want to delete are comprehensively erased and cannot be recovered.

Free – for both home and business users.

View the video.


I’m a big fan of “all-in-one” system utilities and I have to admit, I really like this all-in-one free application with its simple and effective user interface. I particularly like the easy access the user interface allows to Windows system settings, which makes tweaking the OS a snap.

As the fast facts point out, this application has a wide range of built in system utilities, which in my view, are perfect for the new, or casual computer user. I should point out however, that the built in registry cleaner, just like all registry cleaners, should be used cautiously.

Overall recommendation: Comodo System Cleaner is definitely worth considering as an addition to any users system utilities toolbox.

System requirements: Windows XP, Vista, Win 7 and Server 2003 (all – 32 or 64 bit)

Download at: Comodo

Bonus: What makes this free application even more interesting is; it’s available as a portable program which can easily be run from a USB drive. Great for geeks!

Portable version download at:

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22 responses to “Free Comodo System Cleaner – CCleaner On Steroids

  1. mrlokinight

    Hi Bill ~ Thank you I will give it a go

    The 144-page .pdf user guide is definitely worth taking the trouble to read before even DL’ing the product:


  2. Jose

    Hi Bill.
    I’ll have to disagree with you on this.
    The only product from Comodo that I can trust is (as you pointed out) the FW/HIPS.
    Everything else is just buggy/unfinished.
    Be particularly careful with CTM (Comodo Time Machine), it can bring your whole machine down.
    Then again they may have changed their habits (I doubt).
    Install at your peril.

    P.S. Check their forums, but beware of the Fan Boys.

    Thanks for the article Bill. I hope you will always be here; I’ll be here to read your words.


    • Hi Jose,

      I’ve been waiting for your comment – I know you’ve had problems with Comodo software.

      Like you, I’ve had some problems with Time Machine and so, it’s no longer on my machine. But, to this point I’ve had no problems with System Cleaner, so while I understand your hesitation, I’ll continue to recommend System Cleaner.



      • Jose

        Hi Bill.
        Your opinion is more qualified than mine, so that’s the one the readers should follow.


        • Nice of you to say so Jose – but, reader experience are every bit as valid as mine. Perhaps, even more important.

          I value your comments, and always look forward to them.



      • Mal

        Hey Bill,

        Comodo Time Machine totally destroyed my system earlier this year, I had to reinstall everything. But some of their products are quite good, but I’m a little careful about what I use from them.


        • Hey Mal,

          I had the same experience with Comodo Time Machine – a VERY frustrating experience. Had to do a reinstall long before it was due. lol

          As you pointed out – “some of their products are quite good”, and free is always appealing. As well, they are one of the few security companies who go all out to educate users in appropriate security practices. I like that.



  3. Siam

    Hi Bill. I appreciate the article, but I have to agree with those who are wary. Once bitten, twice shy of Comodo. I, too, was cursed by Time Machine and had to reinstall my OS. Was not happy. However, in the spirit of open-mindedness I looked at the user reviews on Cnet about this one, particularly the negative user reviews, of which there were comparatively quite a few. Reading those made me flashback to the TM debacle. While I appreciate that this might be a good product, it’s going to take a long, long time before any Comodo products find a home my comp.

    • Hi Siam,

      I fully understand your hesitation. There are a number of companies whose products have burned me in the past, and I have yet to reconsider their applications.

      Comodo’s Time Machine, and the problems many users had with it, certainly impacted users views of the company’s reliability.


  4. John Bent

    Hi Bill,

    Thought I’d throw in my two pennyworth on Comodo Time Machine. I’ve had this installed on my Win7 x 64bit PC for about 9 months now. It sits in the background invisible except at startup. I’ve done a couple of rollbacks with it with no problems so far.

    Maybe I’m lucky (I’m certainly not a fanboy) but I thought it was worth putting another point of view.

    Kind regards


    • Hi John,

      Happy to see another point of view on this issue.

      I have no idea why, but an unusually high number of users had problems with this application.



  5. mrlokinight

    Hi Bill

    Regarding the link to the .pdf I supplied above… that .pdf is way out of date
    The current release of Comodo System Cleaner is v3.0.167886.37
    The link below is the best description of it that I’ve found
    You’ll notice that it’s changed substantially in terms of GUI & features to the version you have on your system:
    THAT link also goes through all the current features & how to use them

    I DL’d it from here:

    However I’ve ran into some problems with the product – I believe that it is giving me the wrong number of ‘errors’ upon scanning
    I have decided to go no further than the scan for now
    I will email you some screen shots to illustrate
    Perhaps you could post them here on my behalf or explain where I’m wrong ?



    • Hey Nightjar,

      Thanks for this, and your previous,

      Comodo continues to offer Version 2.2 on their main product page, as does CNET and other download sites. No reference is made to Version 3, although I was aware of it. Over time, I have learned to go only with stable versions of Comodo products and while version 3 may in fact be stable, I’ll wait for a more general consensus before recommending it.

      You have mentioned an issue with “errors”, but I’m not sure what errors you are referring to. Registry errors, perhaps? In any event, I think caution is definitely required with this new version.



  6. I just use Glary Utilities which is freeware and does the job nicely.

  7. travellinardie

    I gave Comodo System Cleaner a go on my Windows 7 Home Premium machine. A new and irritating problem of being unable to save any files in any program with the error message “there are no more files” or “the file name is not valid” occurring. I uninstalled Comodo System Cleaner using Revo Uninstaller Pro and my dicky little problem was fixed.