System Mechanic 10 – A One Click Computer Maintenance Solution

imageIt’s difficult to be in IT and avoid being asked for advice on computers – everything from operating systems – (should I be running Windows 7?); malware – (is the Internet really unsafe?); problems – (what’s wrong with my computer? It’s always…..); and my favorite question – why is my computer so slow?

Usually, the “why is my computer so slow?” question, comes up because the user is fed up with slow, and unreliable performance. Surprisingly, the answer to this common question is pretty simple, and in most cases the problems are easy to correct.

As most experienced users know, PCs don’t slow down without a reason. All computers have characteristic operating patterns that lead to predictable, but preventable issues. Simple maintenance, practiced regularly, which is easy even for a non-expert, if he’s using the right tools, will keep a PC running smoothly for years.

Regular readers here are use to reading reviews on free, quality applications, that help users identify the most common problems that have impact on a computer’s speed and behavior, and then match the problems with the appropriate free software solution.

That works very well for the kind of readers that this site attracts – generally high end power users, or users who are intend on learning. But, for an average computer user, putting together a toolbox of free system applications may not be a complete and effective solution.

And that brings me to System Mechanic – a highly effective performance-tuning application designed for the average user.  System Mechanic is the most inclusive system application I have ever tested. And, the developers have managed to do this in such a way, that an average user does not have to drill down through complex menu structures to correct performance issues that negatively impact his computing experience.

System Mechanic can uncover literally hundreds of issues that can impact a computer’s performance and reliability, and then correct identified problems – often, with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Installation is simple, following which you will have the opportunity to run System Mechanic for the first time. On launch you will be presented with the following screen. You’ll notice that you won’t be left on your own to figure things out – System Mechanic has some great tutorials, including videos, to get you started.

(All screen shots are taken from my test machine – clicking on any graphic will expand it to its original size).


First up is a System Analysis – available in two flavors: Quick Analysis, or Deep Analysis.



In this test,  the Quick Analysis took under a minute on my Windows 7 machine, and the Deep Analysis took less than 4 minutes on the same machine.


The application provides a breakdown of the issues that need to be addressed, and offers an automated solution.


Having corrected the 7 issues affecting overall performance on the test platform I then kicked in to “Active Care” mode, so that the program could automatically deal with additional issues that would, over time, negatively impact performance.


(partial list only)

Tool, tools, and more tools; each one designed to address specific system issues, are a strong point of System Mechanic – as the following screen capture illustrates.


For power users, each tool is broken down into sub- categories, giving the user fine control over relative issues.


Two weeks after installing System Mechanic on a test system that gets a very heavy duty workout on a daily basis, System Status remains “Good”.  Given the grind that this machine is put through every day, this is a very impressive result.


Fast facts:

ActiveCare – automatically and effortlessly fixes and maintains your PC during idle time, keeping your system running like new.

Optimize your PC for peak performance

Repair problems and errors, and prevent them from recurring

Clean up system clutter

Fix security vulnerabilities

Maintain reliability and speed

Cleans, defrags, & repairs registry

Accelerates PC startup 19 ways

Defrags & recovers orphaned RAM


Complete low-level drive defrag

Turns off unused background programs

Perform dozens of performance boosting optimizations in one step

Straightforward actions to fix all problems or only those you want

PC Health Status Gadget for Windows 7 and Vista

For additional specific information please click on links to the developer’s site.

Individual Tools

Such as Startup Optimizer™ and EnergyBooster™ for users who want total control.

All-in-one Tools

Such as PC Accelerator™ that supercharges your PC up to 300% by running multiple performance-enhancing and speed boosting tools at once.



Automatically and effortlessly fix and maintain your PC during idle time, keeping your system running like new.

If you’re an average user, disappointed with your computer’s performance, or you’re just tired of having to deal with reoccurring unexplained issues, you’ll find that System Mechanic is worth every penny of its $39.95 purchase price.

BTW, a  single product license allows installation of the application on all of your personal PCs. Since many of us now have more than one computer, hopefully, more software vendors will follow Iolo’s innovative pricing structure.

System requirements: Windows 7/Vista/XP (64 or 32-bit).

Download a trial version at: The developer’s site – (Iolo).

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  2. Mal

    Hey Bill,

    Funny you should write on this, I got the “why is my computer running so slow” question just the other day. After a few questions, my guess is the user needs to run something like system mechanic, but I also suspect infection, since she only runs AVG and NO FIREWALL (apparently it interferes with apps she runs). This person considers themself well versed in computer security. So, as well as needing a good cleanout, I’d say she has multiple malware infections.


    • Hey Mal,

      Yes, you’ve diagnosed this one on the money. No Firewall? As you know, the reason the Firewall interferes with apps is – the machine is already “owned”. Well versed in computer security……NOT.

      Now, there’s a story for your article. Thought I forgot, huh? 🙂



  3. Mal

    Hi Bill,

    LOL. Nope, didn’t think you had forgot, I’ve known you for a while now and I reckon you would forget nothing at all. Good point though, it would make a great article.


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