October 27 – Firefox Zero Day Vulnerability

imageMozilla confirmed yesterday, that a critical vulnerability exists in both Firefox 3.5, and Firefox 3.6. Sources confirm, that the vulnerability is currently being exploited by cyber criminals.

According to Mozilla, the Nobel Peace Prize site is/was, carrying a Trojan which could have effected visitors to that site. However, if Mozilla is correct, this malware could be live on other sites.

Mozilla is actively addressing the issue and are working on a fix which will be released following testing to ensure its reliability. In the meantime, users are cautioned to disable JavaScript, and to install the NoScript Add-on – something we have long recommended on this site.

For an overview of additional Browser security add-ons you should consider installing, read – An IT Professional’s Must Have Firefox and Chrome Add-ons, here on this site.

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4 responses to “October 27 – Firefox Zero Day Vulnerability

  1. Marcus

    Yes, that is a great link. Those add-ons are indispensible. Use them and you will see why. Likewise Ubuntu 10.10…..perfect for laptops, with much lower demands on system resources, and lightening quick, so you can run Firefox on Ubuntu, if you want, and get speed with functionality.

  2. kenneth lunkins

    how can i find out if i have javascript on my machine?
    i have been using noscribe since i subscribed to you a few weeks ago. also i find that the info and data is on
    point, and extremely helpful

    • Hi Kenneth,

      I won’t answer the question directly since many applications require Java, so it shouldn’t be turned off, or uinstalled. Instead, let’s look at how to turn it off in Firefox.

      Launch Firefox, and under Tools (top of your screen), go down to Options and click on this. Then under Content, uncheck the “Enable JavaScript” check box. Since you’re running NoScript, you might find (depending on your experience level), that you have no need to do this, since it will have impact on functionality.

      Happy to hear that you find my Blog helpful.