Boost Your Productivity With Free Right-Click Context Menu Extender

imageThe “right click context menu” in Windows is a hidden gem. I know, you’re thinking – wait a minute, the right click context menu isn’t hidden, I use it all the time. And, I’ll bet you do. But, you might be surprised to learn, that if you were to ask an average user about this menu, the chances are pretty good that you’d often get a blank look in return.

If you’re a power user and a fan of the right click context menu, then you’ll be interested in the Right-Click Extender Version 2, from The Windows Club, which will add a bag full of additional context menu support  in the following categories – File/Folder, Desktop, Drives, and MyComputer.

Following installation and execution of this free application, setting up and selecting the context menu items best suited to your needs is a snap – as the following series of screen shots shows. (Clicking on any graphic will expand it to its original size)

File Folder Setup.


Desktop Menu Setup.


Desktop Menu Options Setup.


The following is an example, from my system, illustrating selective context menu items available to me on the Desktop following installation of the Right-Click Extender, Version 2.


The following is an example, from my system, illustrating selective Windows Explorer context menu items available to me, following installation of the Right-Click Extender Version 2.


If the right click context menu is a tool you use frequently, installing Right-Click Extender Version 2, should help give a boost to your productivity.

System Requirements: Windows Vista, Windows 7 ( not designed for Windows XP).

Download at:

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14 responses to “Boost Your Productivity With Free Right-Click Context Menu Extender

  1. Frankly speaking, I am not a fan of these kind of utilities, the reason being every time I try to use them, I had to get back to original defaults that the operating system provides due to various reasons which includes problem with system in one way or the other.

    Also, utilities like these make users stop learning things. They want to do everything in a click and this attitude is dangerous when it comes to security scenario online. This is what the hackers and phishers take advantage of i.e not trying to look before clicking something.

    Even though I do feel they do some good for many users but still I would learn a bit more than to use them. Perhaps Average user should do that too but its my personal opinion only.

    • Hey Avinash,

      I see where you’re coming – it’s understandable that your experience would guide you.

      I’m not sure that apps like this stop users from learning. If anything, this type of app broadens a users knowledge. An average user wouldn’t really have the skills necessary to see the advantages in this type of app, it seems to me. To use this app effectively an average user would have to commit to “learning”. I think that’s a good thing.


  2. azziz

    which one do you recommend among those that you made an article here.

    • Hey Azziz,

      This is the type of app that really reflects how the user uses the computer. In other words, what you might choose, could be very different from what I might choose – based on how each of us runs the machine.


  3. Jerry Chance

    Good one Bill – enhances the right click mode no end! Brilliant information as usual – but just where do you find it all? Your ear must be very close to the ground!

    It’s a pleasure to visit your website each day. Well done and more power to your elbow.

    Love, Light and Peace

    • Hey Jerry,

      Actually, I’m just into making things easier for myself. I figure, if I find something that makes my computing life easier, then readers could benefit as well.

      Thanks for being such a loyal reader – that’s very cool!



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  5. Era

    I remember when this kind of utilities are not yet available, we were “hacking” the context menu to add some of the progs that were not included.

    I will bookmark this page for my future upgrade to W7.

    Thanks. More Power to your blog.

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  7. TeXaCo

    Hey Bill,

    Been so busy with life lately, haven’t had a chance to comment.

    I can say this app is awesome. Although a hardcore user is able to do most of these actions through Windows. This app packages most of what you need into your context menu in one spot. I think we can all use a little help saving time with one of these apps.

    By the way, I was talking to creator of this app and he said that he will be coming out with a new and improved version very soon.

    Thanks for the article


    • Hey TeX,

      Funny how life gets in the way of, well, life. 🙂

      You’ve keyed in on the same thing that I did – everything is in one spot. That’s gotta be helpful, I think.

      Good news on the upcoming new version. Thanks for the heads up.



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