ZenOK launch first free antivirus application….


Diego Gutierrez, Link Manager, at startup computer security provider ZEN OK, has submitted the following as a guest article.

This article is posted for informational purposes only. I have not tested this product for functionality, reliability, or any other “ility”.

ZEN OK is a breakthrough antivirus malware scanner that protects valuable pictures and documents stored on computers and laptops.

ZEN OK combines a major advance in data security design with ZEN OK’s legendary Online Backup Service, which automatically uploads all your pictures, music, spreadsheets and documents real-time to an military-grade secured server, far enough to keep them safe from fire, floods, earthquakes and other disasters. ZEN OK keeps your files up to date whenever you change a file or create a new one on your computer.


With ZEN OK, engineers invented a whole new category of patent pending data security products that lets you protect your data and computer with just one product.

ZENOK has applied its legendary expertise on data security to make ZEN OK the most secure data protection suite ever.

Hackers and criminals spread over 5000 new viruses every month; with just 20% of computers using up-to-date protection suites; data security has become an major issue. Several companies already filed bankruptcy after they lost their customer data. Protecting yourself can be expensive. But not anymore with ZEN OK’s legendary free of charge Antivirus suite…

ZEN OK is already available online for download from the ZEN OK Website (www.zenok.com).

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17 responses to “ZenOK launch first free antivirus application….

  1. Jerry Chance

    Usual question Bill – can this be safely used in conjunction with another anti-virus program?

    Love, Light and Peace

  2. Jerry Chance

    Thank you Bill. I’ve looked at the Immunet website which looks really interesting. Shall give it a try.

    Keep the excellent information coming!


  3. Cappydawg

    Hi Bill,
    Nice piece of info. I checked out ZenOk website for more info, but not much more than in your article. I might consider trying this on one of my netbooks since it claims to be lightweight.

    • Hey Cappydawg,

      I hope you don’t get much further than the consideration stage, and then stop. You’re a techie, so I don’t have to point out the negative possibilities of relying on an untested security application – you know all that.

      I’m glad you commented, since it gives me the chance to advise readers who are less technically competent, that trusting an untried solution is not without hazards.


  4. Mal

    Hi Bill,

    That article isn’t very convincing. Like you said, some facts would be better. Think I might pass on this one.


    • Hey Mal,

      Totally agree. This app might potential be the most important app of the century – but nothing speaks quite as loud as evidence. I don’t see any here.



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  6. ZenOK is the new free antivirus that promotes to become one of the best antivirus out on the market, and it has a ultra-light scanning and the best Secure Downloads witch it good for me.

  7. dar

    -well, at least ZenOK is open source…
    but Others, like yourselves see past that & have raised the alarm:

  8. kenneth lunkins

    i loaded zenok ran it a couple of time, it returns with
    48 files infected. can it tell me how to disineffect or what do you do next?

    • Hi Kenneth,

      As I said in the article – “*This article is posted for informational purposes only. I have not tested this product for functionality, reliability, or any other ility.”

      In the comments sections I made the statement – “*Yes, this is definitely a piece of crap.” In other words, i don’t think you should rely on the results produced by this application.


      • kenneth lunkins

        thank you. i did read that you had not tested, but so how it didn’t register in my minds eye. i just i was excited because i can’t afford to renew kaspersky. i
        was trying not to get hit without any tools on my end.
        so i will deleted as soon as i finish here. i still say you line is still the greatest yet. heck of alot of useful info and data.

        thank you very much

  9. Michaelsd

    Thx for the info! this looks like a very easy to handle app. What i liked the most was the online backup deal is pretty affordable

    Keep informing us about good things!!