Free PC Decrapifier – Use It As A Bulk Uninstaller

imageYou might think that a reader comment that goes something like this, is unusual – “I don’t know how this program ended up on my computer. One day, it just showed up.” Surprisingly, this is not an unusual comment.

In almost every case, the reader is referring to the trialware (crapware, bloatware), commonly preinstalled on major manufacturers computers. This is the type of thing that drives users buggy, since trying to figure out how to get rid of trialware is not as easy as it should be.

Luckily, there is a free application designed to specifically uninstall these annoyances – and that’s PC Decrapifier. It’s been a couple of years since I last posted on this terrific application, so today, I’ve taken another look.

The program does not need to be installed; simply run the executable. Or, if you prefer, you can run this application from a USB drive. You choose the items to be removed from a preconfigured list, and optionally, you can also create a restore point (highly recommended), to undo any changes.

Note: Since PC Decrapifier is written in a scripting language, you may get an security application warning. This warning (if you receive it), can safely be ignored.

The application, while designed to uninstall crapware, has additional functionality – as the following screen capture suggests. More on this in a moment.


Anytime changes are being considered, creating a restore point is always good practice.


In the following screen shot, you’ll notice the application has detected an application it considers crapware on my machine.


The following screen shot illustrates a relatively unknown aspect of PC Decrapifier – its ability to act as a bulk uninstaller. The user simply checks off those applications which are no longer needed; clicks “Next”, and the application will launch the appropriate uninstallers. A slightly better solution than the Add/Remove Program applet when uninstalling more than one application, I think.



Working with PC Decrapifier requires no particular skill. The application is “follow the bouncing ball” straightforward.

The following is the current list of software and items that PC Decrapifier can detect and remove. The list is generated from the items the program detects on your computer, and you then choose the items to be removed by the program automatically. What could be simpler than that?

Targeted applications:

AOL Install
AOL UK AOL 9.0, UK Version
AOL US AOL 9.0, US Version
Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo XI
Corel Photo Album 6
Corel Snapfire Plus SE
Corel WordPerfect
Dell Search Assistant
Dell URL Assistant
Digital Content Portal
Earthlink Setup Files
Earthlink Setup Files
ESPN Motion
Get High Speed Internet!
Google Desktop
Google Desktop
Google Toolbar
Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer
HP Rhapsody
Internet Service Offers Launcher
Internet Service Offers Launcher
Microsoft Office Activation Assistant 2007
Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007
Microsoft Office Standard Edition 2003
Microsoft Office Standard Edition 2003
MS Plus Digital Media Installer
MS Plus Photo Story 2LE
MusicMatch Jukebox
MusicMatch Music Services
muvee autoProducer 5.0
My HP Games
Norton AntiSpam
Norton AntiSpam
Norton AntiSpam
Norton AntiVirus 2005
Norton Ghost 10.0
Norton Internet Security
Norton Internet Security
Norton Protection Center
Norton Security Center
Norton Symantec Live Update A common component of Norton Symantec products
Office 2003 Trial Assistant
Orange Internet
PC-cillin Internet Security 12 Trend Micro
QuickBooks Trial
Quicken 2006 Possible Trial Version
Remove Empty Program Folders Looks for and removes empty ‘Program Files’ folders
Reset IE Home and Search Pages
Roxio Express Labeler
Roxio MyDVD LE
Roxio RecordNow
Sonic DLA
Sonic RecordNow Audio
Sonic RecordNow Copy
Sonic Update Manager
Tiscali Internet
Travelocity Gadget
Trend Micro PC-cillin Internet Security 14
Wanadoo Europe Installer
Wild Tangent Games
Yahoo! Music Jukebox
Yahoo! Toolbar for Internet Explorer

System requirements: Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7.

Download at:

Note: PC Decrapifier is free for personal use only.

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13 responses to “Free PC Decrapifier – Use It As A Bulk Uninstaller

  1. John

    Hi Bill,

    I would like to give this a spin just to see what out of the near 300 programs that I have installed which it thinks is crap!


    • John – you are a collector! I’m surprised your machine isn’t constipated. 🙂 By contrast, I have 52 applications on my principal machine and I consider *that* a bunch. A typical computer, if you believe the numbers, and I do, has approximately 15 applications installed. You’re *somewhat* over that average number.

      Here’s an easy one – if you want a faster, smoother running machine, you should consider a full reformat and system reinstall. Then install only those applications you really need, or those applications you have run at least once in the previous 3 months.



  2. Cappydawg

    Hi Bill,
    Great review. I have used this many times at the office when I get a new system. It is the first thing I run on any new computer. This program says NO to Bloatware. Works very well.

  3. Mal

    Hey Bill,

    This is the first time I’ve heard of this program. I like the idea of bulk uninstalling, so will give it a spin.


    • Hey Mal,

      One of the big complaints I hear from service techs is about trialware security programs. When they expire after 90 days, many average users fail to realize they are now unprotected. Back in the day, when I still had the patience to play the role of tech guru to friends, this was the first application I would run on their machines. Primarily, to get rid of trialware security applications. Who needs that crap when there’s a ton of great freebies available.

      I hadn’t looked at this in a couple of years, until the last few days, when I then realized this is a reasonable program to run as a bulk uninstaller.



      • Mal

        Hi again Bill,

        The good news is – zero crap found. A very neat little tool. Sometimes it’s the simple things that are often the best, isn’t it.


        • You’re so right Mal. Simple, especially in software, should always be the driving philosophy. Sounds like this will be a keeper for the old toolbox.



  4. Liam O' Moulain

    Hi Bill,

    I’ve used this many times on friends’ machines. Really a great program.


  5. Jose

    “I have 52 applications on my principal machine and I consider *that* a bunch.”

    You’re right: travel light.

    Thanks for the article.

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