8 responses to “Two Gmail Features Worth Knowing

  1. Jose

    Hi Bill.
    Thanks a lot, I didn’t know about these options.
    One question though: for your account to be hacked (as seen in your snapshot) you have to open that particular e-mail isn’t it. I mean, if you delete it without opening there will be no harm done; am I right?

    • Hi Jose,

      Glad you found them useful.

      You’re right – assuming that an email has malware attached, the email must be opened in order to infect. However, on a desktop based email client, if the HTML preview pane is active, an infected email does not necessarily have to be opened to cause an infection, since the preview pane has effectively opened it in the background.

      In my particular case, the hack was not caused by an infected email. I’ll refer you to the original article, and the comments – https://billmullins.wordpress.com/2010/06/06/my-gmail-account-hacked-from-nigeria/


  2. Ramblinrick


    Did not know about the arrow indicators. Did know about the IP checking and use it all of the time.

    I also change my password frequently (at least once a month)…



  3. Mal

    Hey Bill,

    Good article. I frequently review my account activity on my Gmail. I’ve managed to stay “unhacked” to date, but that’s because my Gmail is used as a honeypot, and I rarely use it. I rarely give out my personal email, (different to Gmail), as that is the one that contains the important contact list. If that got hacked, then I would be pissed off.

    I did get a fright recently when I checked account activity on Gmail and saw the last IP was USA based. Until I realized I had Hotspot Shield running lol.


  4. John

    Yes, Gmail has proven to offer many great features. But what about privacy…ultimately I’m wary of anything associated with “Big Brother” Google.