Using Adobe Reader? – Then Watch This Video Of Your Computer Being Penetrated

imageThere is nothing particularly unusual in Adobe Reader having an unpatched vulnerability. If you use Adobe reader, you’re used to having to wait for Adobe to release another patch to correct another vulnerability.

Once the fix is released you’ll be safe – at least temporarily; but only until the next bug is discovered.

The latest bug in Adobe Reader, CoolType.dll, which was disclosed on September 10, won’t be patched until October 4. In the meantime, if you’re a user of this application, take a look at this YouTube video which illustrates just how easy it could be for a hacker to penetrate your computer system by exploiting this vulnerability.


Click on the graphic to watch the clip.


A big thank you to my Blogging buddy Dan Dieterle over at Cyberarms, for putting me on to this video. Dan has tested this exploit, and confirms that it works.

For additional information, checkout Dan’s article – Adobe Reader PDF 9.3.4 “Cooltype Sing” Zero Day Exploit.

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11 responses to “Using Adobe Reader? – Then Watch This Video Of Your Computer Being Penetrated

  1. Thanks Bill, I really appreciate the link and the comments.

    You know, there has to be a way to send PDF files securely.

    Maybe a computer to smoke signal converter? 🙂


  2. Bill,
    I stopped using Adobe reader a long time ago because of the bloat. Now I wouldn’t touch it because of the security issues. Foxit seems fine and there are some even smaller lighter weight ones out there. PDF readers have issues because the format wasn’t originally designed with security in mind, and it’s become clear the standard is broken.

  3. TeXaCo

    Hey Bill,

    I didn’t realize anybody used adobe anymore, I thought that went out of style a few years ago 😛

    Just goes to show you, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink it.

    I don’t have any major PDF uses, I only need to read them sometimes so I even switched from foxit to Sumatra PDF which is a great lightweight alternative.

    Thanks for the article Bill


    • Hey TeX,

      With all the trouble Adobe has, trying to keep Reader clean, it really is surprising there are any users left.

      Sumatra is a terrific lightweight application and tiny, tiny. I reviewed this back in Feb. along with a couple of others. Given the continuing mess with Adobe, I think I’ll rework that old post and put it up again tomorrow, along with a few reader suggestions.



  4. I have always been suspect of Adobe having to update all the time.

  5. Ok I confess, I played Farmville and they require the Adobe Flash Player. So your security breach is with Adobe Reader. I go around blindly accepting the tools to be able to surf around and can’t remember if they come together. You say Foxit is a replacement? What to do doc?

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