Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – September 20, 2010

CloudMagic Speeds Up Gmail and Google Apps Searches – I used to think that Gmail’s built-in search feature was fast, but that was before I tried out CloudMagic (free). This browser extension (available for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox) can search your Gmail so quickly that you’ll never be able to look at Gmail’s own search tool the same way again.

Interpol Chief Has Facebook Identity Stolen – He’s one of the most powerful people in world policing, but on Facebook Interpol chief Ronald K. Noble is just as vulnerable to identity theft as anyone else.

Facebook ‘Clickjacking’ Awareness Campaign Launched – Security firm AVG is trying to educate university students about malware and subterfuge on social networking sites.

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Five tips for dealing with rootkits – A rootkit is a piece of software that enables the continued, privileged access to a computer, all the while hiding its presence from users and administrators. Although rootkits themselves might not be dangerous, the software or processes they hide almost always are. Unlike a virus, a rootkit gains administrative privileges to your machine. Rootkits are the Mac-daddy of viruses, causing the most damage and headache.

Freebie WeFi Does a Little More Than Windows Wi-Fi Features–But Is it Enough? – WeFi is a simple, free program that helps you find Wi-Fi hot spots to which you want to connect. Install it, and it searches out nearby hot spots, showing you information about each, including whether it is encrypted or an open network, its signal strength, and what kind of category it’s in–for example, a café. Once you see a hot spot you want to connect to, double-click it and you’ll connect

Five tips to avoid debit/credit card skimming – Debit/credit card skimming is on the rise, and not just via ATMs, either. Criminals are creatively subverting other self-service devices. Find out what you can do to prevent it from happening to you.

Busted: 5 Myths About Increasing and Decreasing Android’s Battery Life – Android regularly receives bad rep for its horrible battery life. With their heavy internal components and large self-illuminating displays, no Android smartphone that I know of lasts more than a day with power users. Apple’s iPhone 4 pulls through more than just a day, but Android? Not so much.

Internet Speed Isn’t Everything – Don’t get us wrong, speed is important. You have to have an Internet connection fast enough to do what you need and want to do. But let’s insert a sense of perspective.

Company News:

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab Blasts Off with Android 2.2, Media Hub – Samsung recently gave American audiences a sneak peek at its anticipated Galaxy Tab. The 7-inch tablet PC, with its enhanced TFT display with 1024 by 600 resolution, offers video conferencing, 3G connectivity, support for Adobe Flash and access to Samsung’s Media Hub, an online storefront for renting and purchasing TV shows and movies. See what it can do.

New Flip Camcorders Add Smoother Video, Accessory Port – Four new Flip camcorders improve the line’s video-capture frame rate and add digital stabilization–and one model introduces a proprietary accessory port.

Facebook mulling branded smartphone – Social-networking giant has approached hardware makers and carriers about a potential Facebook phone, a source close to the matter tells CNET.

Off Topic (Sort of):

Viral Video: A DIY Guide – Want 15 minutes of fame? Try 90 seconds. Here are the essential components of a great viral video, regardless of length.

Privacy expectations and the generation gap – Young people and old people use the Internet differently, and their privacy expectations vary, says Bruce Schneier, renowned security critic and author.

Antivirus isn’t dead–it’s growing up – Many consumers fork over at least $40 for Norton AntiVirus or something similar, many more are turning to free antivirus from AVG or Avast (here’s why), and yet millions of computers are still getting hit with infections daily.

T-Mobile sued for allegedly blocking pot-related texting – Ez Texting, a company that helps businesses send marketing text messages to large numbers of people, claims T-Mobile has arbitrarily closed its network to Ez because an Ez client provided information on medical marijuana.

Today’s Quote:

“You will find that the State is the kind of organization which, though it does big things badly, does small things badly, too.”

–     John Kenneth Galbraith

Today’s Free Downloads:

Gridy – Gridy gives your program and other windows marching orders and makes them line up on an invisible desktop grid. The small, simple utility runs from the system tray and includes a few other features, such as making a specific window transparent or removing it from the alt-tab list of open programs.

Google Alarm – Given the ubiquity of Google and its services–such as search, Google Maps, and Gmail–the company can gather an enormous amount of information about you. Google claims that the information is kept anonymous and can’t personally identify you, but many privacy advocates, such as the Electronic Privacy Information Center (, beg to differ. Firefox add-on Google Alarm can help.

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