Safeguard Your Online Privacy – Use This Tool To Opt Out Of Ad Network Programs

image This is going to take some work on your part, but it’s possible to opt out of certain behavioral advertising programs by utilizing a service provided by the NAI (Network Advertising Initiative).

The NAI describe the organization as follows – “The NAI (Network Advertising Initiative) is a cooperative of online marketing and analytics companies committed to building consumer awareness and establishing responsible business and data management practices and standards.

In conjunction with industry leaders, regulatory agencies, federal and state legislators and others, the NAI has also addressed the business dimension of the privacy debate through the development of actionable self-regulatory standards that establish and reward responsible marketing behavior. To date, the NAI has developed standards for 3rd party ad networks and cookies, spam, and Web beacons.”

The Opt-out Tool  provided by NAI, allows you to “examine your computer to identify those member companies that have placed an advertising cookie file on your computer.” But, I suggest you skip by this process. Instead, choose the “Select All” button, followed by clicking the “Submit” button. According to NAI, your opt-out status will then be confirmed.

The list of members is considerable and I have posted just a very few, as follows.




Burst Media’s adConductor

Casale Media


Dedicated Networks

eXelate Media

Fox Audience Network



Invite Media


Microsoft (Atlas Technology)

Microsoft Advertising



24/7 Real Media

The NAI provides a fairly comprehensive FAQ page, that you should consider checking out. Click here for more information.

The NAI Home Page: Go here

Frankly, I have no idea whether taking this proactive step to safeguard your privacy will have long term benefits, but I think it’s worth trying.

A big “Thank You”, to a very cool regular reader, Nightjar, for pointing me towards this free service.

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8 responses to “Safeguard Your Online Privacy – Use This Tool To Opt Out Of Ad Network Programs

  1. Liam O' Moulain

    Thanks Bill.

    Like you say, it’s worth a try. So, I shall.


  2. mrlokinight

    Bill ~ you are too kind, but all I do is share stuff & use my ears more than my mouth ~ most times

    You being an ace sharer ~ here’s the thing…

    An elderly couple ordered just one meal. The man carefully divided the hamburger in half, then counted out the fries, one for him, one for her, until each had half of them

    A young man saw this & asked if they would allow him to purchase another meal for them so that they didn’t have to split theirs.

    The old gentleman said, “Oh, no. We’ve been married 50 years, and everything has always been and will always be shared, 50/50”

    The young man then asked the wife if she was going to eat, and she replied, “Not yet. It’s his turn with the teeth

  3. Nice post, Bill. I went and opted out. I don’t like anything on my PC unless I know it’s there. Not paranoid, just private. lol

  4. Jim Brock

    If you want to make your opt-out more comprehensive and easier, you can use the Privacy Bookmark at PrivacyChoice: