How Safe Is Your Browser? – Test Your Browser’s Security With Scanit

You can load up your Internet Browser with every security add-on you like, but if the base Browser has even one security hole – you’re still at risk.

You can test your currently installed Browser for security holes, by taking the free Browser Security test offered by Scanit, a technology company which provides services ranging from high-tech penetration testing over application source code review, risk assessments and management-level security audits, to security courses.

The test is fairly comprehensive and supports Internet Explorer, Mozilla Browsers (Firefox), and Opera. Additional components check for vulnerabilities in selected plug-ins, including Flash and QuickTime.

To test your Browser go to Browser Security test, and follow the simple instructions.


Happily, my results showed no vulnerabilities.


An additional test, (recently spotlighted here), focusing on selected security holes in both the Browser, and Browser plug-ins, is available with BrowserCheck, a free tool from Qualys.


As an added security measure, take BrowserCheck for a test drive. According to available information, all major Windows web browsers are supported.

BrowserCheck is itself a plug-in, and like most plug-ins, it’s very easy to install. Simply visit the Qualys site; install the plug-in, and you’re all set.

My friends over at the TTC Shelbyville – Technical Blog (Tennessee Technology Center at Shelbyville, Tennessee), recently posted an article on Scanit’s Browser Security test, which prompted me to do likewise. Thanks guys.

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    Hi Bill

    Gave this a spin. Glad to say, passed with flying colours.

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