Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – September 8, 2010

These 29 essential PC skills define the core competency of any power user – Do you consider yourself a power user? It’s a tough question. After all, where do you draw the line? Hardware hacking? Command-line skills? Unix? Windows registry hacks? Networking know-how? Upgrades?

Weird Windows Woes: Fix Random Freezes, Test Mode – Learn how to stop Windows 7 from freezing at will, remove a mysterious “test mode” watermark, and find out exactly what version of Windows you’re running.

Lifehacker: How to Update Your Insecure Passwords and Make Them Easy to Use – It’s hard to understate the importance of having uniformly strong passwords that aren’t the same on every site. Simple passwords, or those with words in the dictionary, are easy enough to crack on their own. There are, however, seemingly legitimate web services that can betray your password, and if you’re using the same or similar passwords on your email, banking, or other sites, you’re pretty much done for.

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Reader Q&A: Fix PC Clock, Troubleshoot XP Shutdown, Test Wi-Fi – Rick answers reader e-mail about a computer clock that’s slightly off, a Windows XP system that won’t shut down, and troubleshooting slow Wi-Fi connections.

Google Boosts Chrome 6 Speed Into Dead Heat With Leaders – The newest version of Chrome 6 is 17% faster, putting it in a virtual dead heat with the speed leaders, Opera and Safari.

Update: Firefox 3.6.9 fixes numerous security issues – Mozilla released Firefox 3.6.9 that fixes several security issues as well as stability issues.

Facebook scam: “10 Things Adults Never Tell Their Kids” – Another very effective scam has been spotted coursing through Facebook. The name of the page is “10 Things Adults Never Tell Their Kids”, and you found about it the usual way: a friend of yours has “liked” it and has shared the link with you.

Understanding Computer Security Terminology: Compromise Vector – Simply put, compromise vectors are the various avenues of attack that can be used to compromise systems, information and credentials. When a vulnerability is announced, the most important thing for people to ask themselves (or a computer security professional) is how the exploit associated with the vulnerability applies to the hardware, operating systems and applications they use or manage, or to other system to which they connect.

12 of the most recommended network monitoring tools – Here’s a collection of performance and monitoring tools for networks of every size and to fit every budget.

Company News:

Sourcefire integrates with Qualys – Sourcefire announced an integration with QualysGuard. To support increased product collaboration, Sourcefire is delivering a new Qualys Connector, which associates threats detected by the Sourcefire IPSTM (Intrusion Prevention System) with host vulnerabilities found by QualysGuard Vulnerability Management.

Apple iOS 4.2 Readies the iPad for Work – With multitasking, shared files, and wireless printing, Apple’s 4.2 iOS upgrades iPad for business use.

Toshiba Recall Signals Larger Trend for Hot Laptops – Toshiba is the latest to recall laptops that pose a fire hazard or risk of injury–highlighting the growing concern of excessive heat generated from cramming more processing power into smaller portable computers.

SoliCall Announces the Release of Personal PBXMate for SMB’s and Private Users – The PBXMate is being used by organizations to improve audio quality in their VoIP network. Now this product will also be available for individuals who are using SIP phone (or SoftPhone) looking to improve audio quality. Another benefit of the product allows its users to easily record their calls. For free evaluation version of the Personal PBXMate please visit here.

Off Topic (Sort of):

How to Block Abusive or Unfriendly Email – This week a person very close to me started receiving abusive emails from a family member. This friend asked me if there was a way to block email from that particular user without changing email addresses completely.

The emotional impact of cybercrime – A new study by Norton reveals the staggering prevalence of cybercrime: 65% of Internet users globally, and 73% of U.S. Web surfers have fallen victim to cybercrimes, including computer viruses, online credit card fraud and identity theft. As the most victimized nations, America ranks third, after China (83%) and Brazil and India (76%).

Craigslist ‘Censorship’ Sparks Free Speech Debate – The decision by popular online marketplace Craigslist to remove the Adult Services section sparks a debate as to whether the company’s free speech rights are under fire.

ACLU, Other Groups Sue U.S. Government Over Border Laptop Searches – The groups filed the lawsuit to “protect the rights of all Americans to cross the border free from intrusive government searches,” said Catherine Crump, staff attorney with the ACLU Speech, Privacy and Technology Project.

International variations in online threat perception – How do computer users around the world view online security risks? A survey by F-Secure reveals some interesting international variations in people’s experiences and perceptions of the threats.

Today’s Quote:

“Books have the same enemies as people: fire, humidity, animals, weather, and their own content.”

–      Paul Valery

Today’s Free Downloads:

Wifi Analyzer – This tool is useful for home-network troubleshooting, as well as for finding open networks on the road.

HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool – Hewlett-Packard’s USB Disk Storage Format Tool can quickly and thoroughly format virtually any USB flash drive in a wide range of file systems as well as create bootable USB media. We tested it in Windows 7.

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