Google Shortcuts – Access Google Services With One Click From Firefox and Chrome

Despite my personal view that Google trashes personal privacy rights, I continue to use a fairly large number of Google services, including Gmail, Google Reader, Maps, Calendar, and so on.

Until now, I’ve used my Bookmarks menu in Firefox to access these services, since this method is very convenient. But, when I came across the Google Shortcuts extension for Firefox, all that changed.

An  add-on that can display over 100 Google services as buttons next to the address bar, or in a one-click popup menu, is a sure fire winner with me. And Google Shortcuts for Firefox, or Chrome, can do that – and more.

Adding this extension to either Firefox, or Chrome, is accomplished in the usual manner that most of us are familiar with (you’ll find the download links at the end of this article).

Following installation, I jumped right in – setting up the extension to best serve my particular needs.

For the moment, I’ve placed my most commonly used Google services as buttons beside the address bar in Firefox, as the following screen capture indicates.


Alternatively, I had the option of using a dropdown menu instead, as I’ve done here, for illustrative purposes.


The number of services available is really astonishing. In fact, there are services listed here that I was completely unaware of.


Additional control options are available on the advanced options setting screen.


Requirements: Firefox 2.0a1 – 4.0b4, or Chrome

Download at: Mozilla or Google Chrome Extensions

For super convenience, this is one of the better Firefox add-ons I’ve come across – I highly recommend it.

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6 responses to “Google Shortcuts – Access Google Services With One Click From Firefox and Chrome

  1. TeXaCo


    I have to say that is such a great plugin. It is so customizable and puts all the Google services at one place. I can even remove the separate plugins I have for gmail and reader.

    Gotta love consolidating



  2. Siam

    Great find, Bill. I’m going to be putting this to good use! Thanks so much!

  3. Dave K

    Looks fabulous Bill. I removed the Google Toolbar from Firefox as it refused to untick some checkboxes, so this could be a great substitute. And I’m using Chrome more and more. Thanks for the tip!

    All the best.

    Dave K