Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – August 31, 2010

How-To: Give Your Laptop a Cooling Overhaul – Modern day laptops are loaded with powerful, heat producing components that can often lead to overheating, especially if you’re asking your laptop to do some heavy lifting. If your laptop ever feels particularly hot in certain spots, or sometimes randomly shuts off, there’s a good chance that overheating is to blame.

Google to Roll out E-mail Prioritizing Feature in Gmail – Google plans to begin rolling out to Gmail users on Tuesday a new feature designed to automatically rearrange messages in their inbox so that the most important and pressing ones appear at the top.

Google Scoops up Fifth Company This Month – Google has made its fifth acquisition since the start of August, this time scooping up SocialDeck, a company that develops games that people can play against friends using iPhones, BlackBerry devices, or via Facebook on a PC.

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iPad and iPhone 4 tester scams hit Facebook – It sounds too good to be true – Can you really get a free iPad 3G or iPhone 4 by signing up just to be a tester? Sadly, it’s just the latest scam spreading rapidly between compromised Facebook accounts in the last few days.

Is it possible to engineer a computer that is 100% secure? – If you answered “no” to this question, you’re in good company. Pretty much everyone that knows anything about computer security shares this view as well. And as we all know, if everyone (95-99%) believes something is true, it must be true, right? As you might have already guessed, I’m in the minority that says that it is possible.

Personal Computer Security: Using Uncommon Sense – Most people are aware of the dangers, but not how to protect themselves. The truth is, if a hacker wants to get into your system, usually the only way to prevent that access is to completely cut the system off from the internet.

How To Troubleshoot Your Home-Built PC – You’ve built your new PC, but something’s not right–and you don’t have the luxury of a manufacturer’s warranty or tech support line. Here’s how to fix problems with your do-it-yourself PC.

FAQ: Net Neutrality and Why You Should Care – It’s one of the most important issues–if not THE most important–in the life of the Internet so far. Yet it’s widely misunderstood. Here are the facts.

New Remote Flaw in Apple QuickTime Bypasses ASLR and DEP – A Spanish security researcher has discovered a new vulnerability in Apple’s QuickTime software that can be used to bypass both ASLR and DEP on current versions of Windows and give an attacker control of a remote PC. The flaw apparently results from a parameter from an older version of QuickTime that was left in the code by mistake.

Company News:

Google puts iTunes in its sights – The idea is simple. People are familiar with YouTube, and are happy to while away the hours watching a cat ride a Roomba or a panda sneezing. YouTube is also everywhere – desktops, notebooks, and critically, on mobile devices such as the iPhone. YouTube has enormous reach. Now Google wants to leverage this reach, hoping that people will pay for the privilege of being entertained.

CyberPower Gamer Ultra 9000: A Great Case Makes for a Great Computer – CyberPower Gamer Ultra 9000 desktop PCThe CyberPower Gamer Ultra 9000 desktop PC is a weird yet pleasing mashup of a mainstream PC’s price and a performance PC’s specifications list. It wouldn’t be fair to measure this system against competing performance desktops, as its cost–a mere $1299 (as of June 24, 2010)–is far below that of a conventional performance desktop.

Hottest Camera Announcements of Fall 2010 – It’s time to get started on your wish list. These enticing cameras and camcorders are due to hit stores right before the holiday shopping season, and they offer everything from 3D shooting to pocketable perfection.

Why Intel’s Infineon Buy Is a Smart Move – The purchase will help Intel become a player in the mobile market, one analyst says.

Off Topic (Sort of):

CyberDefender Threatens Consumer Advocate With Defamation Claim – Allen Harkleroad alerts us to the news that a company called CyberDefender is a bit upset at Harkleroad’s recent stories that pointed out that two brands, advertising heavily about cleaning up your computer (MyCleanPC and DoubleMySpeed), appear to be connected to CyberDefender, despite attempts to hide the connection. He then highlighted some complaints against all three brands. CyberDefender responded by sending a legal threat letter, claiming defamation, and demanding the removal of the original posts.

Customers from Hell – Sure, we’ve all had our fair share of bad (or even horrible) customer service experiences. But what about tales from the other side of the counter? We asked our readers who work in the restaurant, retail or service industry to share their worst “crazy customer” stories. We chuckled, guffawed and sat with our mouths wide open as we read through your submissions, then we picked our 12 favorites. (submitted by Dar)

LOL Cars – We asked and you delivered. Check out this selection of user-spotted rides that are certain to make you laugh out loud.

Man caught selling marijuana to pay for police academy – While police officers arrest pot dealers fairly frequently, Orem police officers heard a pretty unusual reason for the illegal activity during an arrest this weekend. The 20-year-old man said he was dealing the drugs to save up for the police academy. (submitted by Dar)

Today’s Quote:

“There is no pleasure in having nothing to do; the fun is in having lots to do and not doing it.”

–    Mary Wilson Little

Today’s Free Downloads:

WiLMa Keeps Your Windows Just the Way You Like Them – Windows Layout Manager (also known as WiLMa) is a free app that allows you to manage the size, shape, and positioning of any and all windows on your screen to a fine degree. The most obvious use for this app is to set up your work environment exactly how you want it (perhaps on multiple monitors), then capture the window definition with Windows Layout Manager, then save the Layout with a name and description of your choice.

Gridy – Gridy makes your program and other windows snap place along an invisible grid. It can also make a specific window transparent or remove it from the Alt-Tab list of open programs (which also changes its border to remove the minimize and maximize buttons).

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  1. Mister Reiner

    Thanks once again for linking one of my posts Bill. I really appreciate your continued support of my efforts to educate readers about the truths of computer security. As you have said before, with synergy, we can make a difference.


    • Mr. Reiner,

      Computer security is surrounded by myths, half truths, outright lies, and an inordinate amount of bullshit. Most of it propagated by tech journalist who wouldn’t know a bit from a bot. That leaves the rest of us – those of us who believe the truth should be the driving principal behind what we write.

      I’m always happy to link to “truth tellers”, like you.


  2. FAQ: Net Neutrality and Why You Should Care – It’s one of the most important issues–if not THE most important–in the life of the Internet so far. Yet it’s widely misunderstood. Here are the facts.

    Hey Bill,
    I wish I’m wrong but I think only TechDirt is exposing this issue to the max thanks to the site.

  3. John Bent

    Hi Bill

    Re laptop overheating. If using the laptop connected to the mains for extended periods, it’s worth removing the battery. I learned this the hard, and expensive, way (as usual!) after having to replace a damaged battery in my last laptop.

    Kind regards


  4. So many great articles here yet so little time to read them all. Thank you compling these together as well as to all the authors of the individual articles. People like you make the internet a better place.

    • Hi Siam,

      Thank you.

      This compilation of articles is based on what I read each day. I figure, if I’m interested in an article, my readers might be also.

      Good to hear from you.