The Greatest Cyber Threat Is….

National Security Agency seal Paul E. Lubic, Jr., a long time IT professional, and a frequent guest writer here, has just posted an article on why computer users need to be cyber threat savvy.

Find out why – Ignorance is the Greatest Cyber Threat.

Here’s a preview –

Alex Miller, a retired Navy cryptologic officer, who spent more than 33 years in the Navy, and retired in 2005 as a rear admiral while serving as the chief of staff at the National Security Agency has stated in an interview for the New New Internet Newsletter;

“I think there are many cyber threats out there: nation-state, terrorists, illegal activities, to name a few. But I’d say the greatest threat is the ignorance of the people who use computers and the Internet and their failure to realize how vulnerable they really are.

Password protection and point defense systems that we use now are very vulnerable, and they [instill] a false sense of security. Securing our computers and trying to mitigate our risk while on the Internet will be a significant issue for the foreseeable future.”

For many of us who’ve been trying to educate computer users about safe use of the Internet and best security practices, this statement isn’t “new” news. But……

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