Slim Down And Improve Your Computer With 3 New Free Tools From SlimWare Utilities


Community based applications – applications in which combined user experiences are used to drive the functionality of the application, are gaining popularity. As well they should. What could be better, and more useful, than to use the experiences of the very people who use the product. If there’s a better way for companies to “listen” to the customer, I’ve yet to hear it.

Regular readers here, are familiar with WOT, and Immunet Protect, two community driven security applications. Recently, we reviewed, and gave high marks to Cloudmark DesktopOne, a free community driven anti-spam desktop application.

Now, a new player on the block, SlimWare Utilities, a U.S.-based software company has joined the race to develop community driven applications which are more responsive to users’ needs.

The company sees its mission as providing crowd-sourced applications which “will revolutionize the performance of personal computers.” And, as part of that strategy, SlimWare recently released three Beta products – SlimComputer, SlimCleaner, and SlimDrivers.

After having quickly test driven all three of these free Beta applications, I have to agree – this company is on the right track. These are very substantial applications, chock full of features, that do exactly as the the developers state, with a minimum of fuss and bother.

Here’s how the developers put it:

Slimware Utilities utilizes community feedback and non-personally identifiable information about computer configurations to aggregate and make personalized recommendations for each computer that connects to our cloud.

This means users of SlimWare Utilities applications get real time information that helps them optimize, strengthen, and enhance their personal computing experience.

SlimComputer FREE – Beta

Fast facts:

Removes unwanted pre-installed software, such as trial programs and promotions, from new machines.

Maintains unwanted, pre-installed software in the SlimComputer cloud for later re-install if needed.

Optimizes start-up and service processes using a crowd-sourced approach for recommendations.

Allows users to remove and custom- ize toolbars to restore original Internet experience.

Speeds computer start-up and performance of an operating system and its software.

Provides a single dashboard for access to powerful built-in Windows tools.

Each application is driven by the same type of user interface. Easy to understand, and unlikely to cause confusion even for a relatively inexperienced user.

The screen capture below shows my first run with SlimComputer’s unwanted software function.

Running this test, on this particular machine, was a little unfair, since this machine is just about as tight as it can get. The test did however, return one recommendation, which, I chose to ignore.


SlimCleaner FREE – Beta

Fast facts:

The world’s first cloud-based solution for repairing and optimizing computers at the user level.

Combines all the essential tools IT professionals need for cleaning, updating and maintaining computers in a single dashboard.

Uses community-sourcing approach to combine the usage of IT professionals and determine real-world, personalized optimizations for the fastest, coolest, online experience.

provides quick access to Windows Tools IT professionals use on a daily basis to improve computer performance and fix problems in functionality.

I’m a big fan of CCleaner, but I found this application to much more flexible. Especially in terms of the number of applications which it addresses.

You’ll notice in the following screen capture that you will be given the opportunity to install the program to a USB key.


SLIMDRIVERS FREE – BETA – automated driver updates:

Fast facts:

Automatically scans hardware to determine the right driver and actively downloads and installs the most current driver directly from the manufacturer.

Updates driver software to provide the best communication and function for sound cards, printers, video, motherboards, Webcams, Bluetooth devices, flip video devices, Smart- phones, USB drives, routers, Windows and other peripherals and operating systems.

Optimizes the interaction between software and hardware, making applications and devices run faster and minimizing system errors, freezes and crashes.

Free driver update applications are very hard to come by. And, even if you can find one, generally the restrictions make them virtually useless. Not so with this application.


The following screen shots shows the application located new drivers for my video device, as well as a new driver for my audio device.


In the past, running Beta software could be challenging, but I have noticed in the last year or two, Beta software can often be as stable as the final release.

Still, since each of these applications is in Beta, take sensible precautions prior to running any of them. This should include setting a new restore point.

Note: The tests I ran on these applications were quick tests only. As well, I did not test every function.

System requirements: Windows – tested on Win 7 Enterprise 32 bit.

Download all, or selected applications at: the developers site.

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22 responses to “Slim Down And Improve Your Computer With 3 New Free Tools From SlimWare Utilities

  1. Ranjan

    Hey Bill,

    Sounds good. Let me give it a try. 🙂

  2. Jose

    Thanks Bill, very interesting.
    I also noticed that they are a Microsoft Certified Partner

  3. Liam O' Moulain


    Great write up, as usual. I’ll definitely give all 3 a try.

    Thanks Bill.


  4. Ranjan

    Hey Bill,
    Tried it. Nice app. Lots of tools in a nutshell.
    However, didn’t like one thing, that ‘SlimCleaner’ automatically downloads it’s portable version without seeking user’s permission..

    • Hey Ranjan,

      Well, your comment in the face of it, is not correct.

      The download is ONE package. The package contains additional code, which, when combined with the principle application code, allows the user to install a portable version of the SAME application. Not a different application.

      Interesting that you see this as a problem, instead of the convenience that it is.


      • ranjan25


        I know, I know. I admit that its a very nice application….. its just that i don’t like such kind of behavior…

  5. Bill,

    This is really neat… How did you find this? I will definitely be following these.


    • Hey Rick,

      I’m very interested in community driven apps, so I keep a close watch on what’s happening in that area. These apps are one more example of where, I believe, the industry needs to focus.

      This type of app, in a real sense, owes its existing to the “cloud”. I’m not supportive of the existing cloud concept, and this type of app takes the best of the cloud, and the desktop, and combines them into what, in my view, is a superior product. This is a concept I definitely can support.

      As always, it’s good to see you here.


  6. Mal

    Hey Bill,

    Looks terrific, definitely will give these a spin. I’m with you, CCleaner is a great app, but not without it’s limitations.


    • Hey Mal,

      I’m really getting into these community driven apps. There’s just so much more up to date info available to the application as the user runs it.

      I particularly liked the driver update app – not too many free ones around.



  7. Siam

    Really interesting, Bill. Thanks for the write-up. Based on your always insightful and valuable recommendations, I’m downloading them as I write this.

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  9. Hey Bill
    Sorry for being off-topic but I just have to tell this to my techie friends. Microsoft has done it again to me. It refuses to open my Windows 7 Starter.
    First, my Windows Live files and mail in XP were hijacked because of their useless customer service. Then they stopped supporting XP which I was using. Now this.
    Just imagine if I don’t have Ubuntu as my backup OS and if my netbook doesn’t have an optical mouse, my new netbook would’ve been useless now because my mouse only works with an optical mouse in Ubuntu. Can you blame me if I call MS evil? Is installing a new W7 my only option now (if I want to use it)?
    Anyway, I found it amusing and comfortable using 2 mouses together since that help me avoid repetitive muscle stress on one hand lol.

    • @pochp
      “Sorry for being off-topic but I just have to tell this to my techie friends. Microsoft has done it again to me. It refuses to open my Windows 7 Starter.
      First, my Windows Live files and mail in XP were hijacked because of their useless customer service. Then they stopped supporting XP which I was using. Now this.”
      First off, your mail doesn’t get hijacked because of “useless customer service”. You used a poor password.
      Second, they still support XP and will continue to for years to come.
      Lastly if Ubuntu works for you why change, their forums are filled with people who will help you. But only if you’re straight with them…

  10. Screen Capture

    Did you know they also have FixCleaner? FixCleaner is a multi-use application for universal PC maintenance. It combines dozens of tools that work together to make a computer run faster, protect data, remove unwanted files and more! Its one-click interface lets you maintain and optimize your whole system in a way that is easier than you ever thought possible.

  11. Hi Bill,

    What a cool app. I’ll try it out on my bloated old Inspiron I’ve been running since 2007. The fact that’s it’s a portable app to start with shows its commitment to the “light is right” theme.

    • Hey Mark,

      I’d be interested in your experience after you’ve had a chance to run this set.

      I know your in the salt mines this weekend, but still, have a good one.