Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – August 7, 2010

How can I know if my computer is infected? 10 signs of infection – Users are often advised to use an antivirus to check if their systems are infected, but with the current cyber-crime scenario, this is simply not enough. Frequently, it takes a least a basic grasp of security issues to work out if a computer is infected, and many first-time users have little or no idea.

Record 14 Patches to Come on Microsoft Patch Tuesday – Microsoft will release a hefty selection of security updates next Tuesday, August 10, their regularly-scheduled Patch Tuesday.

Private browsing modes not as private as one might wish – The four most used web browsers – Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari – all have private browsing modes. Yes, they are designed to delete the most obvious signs of online activity such as cookies, browsing history and the browser’s cache, but is that enough to keep your surfing habits hidden from interested parties?

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Google Adds Multiple Sign-In to Gmail – Google on Thursday officially enabled multiple sign-ins, which will let users switch back and forth between Gmail accounts without going through the sign-in procedure.

Facebook virus hoax spreading rapidly – Sophos is advising Facebook users to think before passing on a virus warning that is rapidly spreading across the social network. A large number of users are currently forwarding inaccurate advice, warning others to beware of a “virus” that claims a girl killed herself over a post her father made on her Facebook wall.

Anti-Virus industry lacking when it comes to detection says report – A detection rate study of 13 known anti-Virus vendors by cyber intelligence firm Cyveillance shows an initial detection rate of just 19-percent. After thirty-days, the detection rate jumps to 62-percent. This trend, Cyveillance says, shows that traditional anti-Virus vendors lag behind the criminals when it comes to detecting and protecting.

ESET Threat Blog Fires Back – Even as AMTSO attempts to bring some qualified and competent guidance to testing methodologies, and individuals with an agenda or paranoia invent stories about why it is not good, we see more completely incompetent testing.

New Security Features Planned for Firefox 4 – A third beta of Firefox 4 is nearing release that will include significant security improvements as well as new features.

Company News:

HP CEO Mark Hurd resigns amid sexual harassment claim – HP said today that Chairman, President and Chief Executive Mark Hurd has resigned, effective immediately, surrounding the investigation of a sexual harassment claim. The company appointed CFO Cathie Lesjak, a 24-year veteran of the company, as CEO on an interim basis.

Dish Network to Stream Live TV on iPad, Other Devices – Dish Networks and SlingBox plan to bring streaming digital TV to iOS, Android and Blackberry devices as soon as September.

Amazon launches UK Kindle Store – Amazon today launched its UK Kindle Store, with more than 400,000 ebooks now available to download. The price and scope of the digitised books marks a significant point in Amazon’s move towards domination in the ebooks market.

Off Topic (Sort of):

How to Speak ‘Woman’ – What she really means when she asks you, “Do I look fat?” and how you should respond.

Wrinkle Free World: How Permanent Press Can Cause Permanent Damage – In a world full of packed schedules and lives lived on the go, it’s easy to see why many would argue against buying organic clothing (including organic bamboo clothing) based on convenience. And while permanent press came into our lives in the 1950s to help ease the burden of the overworked housewife, the cost of that convenience is a toxin-filled one. (submitted by Dar)

Build a Linux Media Center PC – Putting together a Linux-based media center PC still makes sense in 2010, even post Windows 7 and Mac OS X 10.6. Here’s why and how to get started.

Apple Stores Block JailbreakMe, Can’t Stop the Jailbreaking watch! – So we all had a big laugh when people started jailbreaking iPhones inside Apple’s stores this week, but inevitably that fun’s been ended by the retail spots wising up and banning from their WiFi networks. Well, not so fast.

Say What? The Week’s Top Five IT Quotes – Google Wave crashes, fighting to keep mainframe skills alive, beware the Outernet and more.

Today’s Quote:

“We improve ourselves by victories over ourself. There must be contests, and you must win.”

–   Edward Gibbon

Today’s Free Downloads:

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