Free CheckDrive – Detect And Fix Hard Drive Errors

Popular guest writer Rick Robinette, who is always on the hunt for the best in Freeware, has just come across CheckDrive, a great little Hard Drive error checking utility.

Here’s Rick’s review:


Looking for and writing content for a blog is a job, especially when you are on the run; however, in my email this morning a company called  Abelssoft, dropped me a line about a new FREE hard disk utility called CheckDrive 2011, that saved the day and possibly my hard disks.

From my early testing of this utility, it is like using chkdsk (checkdisk), with a very nice GUI (graphical user interface). As with chkdsk, if errors are found on any of your drives, repairing those errors can take some time.

Failure to identify and repair errors on your hard disks  (in the file system), can result in data corruption; thus, the importance of an utility such as CheckDrive.

As always, maintain backups of your data prior to running any maintenance utility. This is the type of utility I usually run on a monthly basis to check the integrity of my disks.

If you are not familiar with chkdsk (checkdisk):

Chkdsk (Checkdisk) is a command on computers running DOS, OS/2 and Microsoft Windows operating systems, that displays the file system integrity status of hard disks and floppy disk, and can fix logical file system errors. It is similar to the fsck command in Unix.

On computers running NT-based versions of Windows, CHKDSK can also check the disk surface for physical errors or bad sectors, a task previously done by SCANDISK. This version of CHKDSK can also handle some physical errors and recover data that is still readable. – Wikipedia


CheckDrive offers you an easy way to check your hard drives for errors. CheckDrive may detect and fix hard drive errors that might appear on system crashes or when switching off your PC without a proper Windows shutdown.

If you’ve ever had a system crash, then CheckDrive is for you. CheckDrive is completely free! Download it today to check your system for hard drive errors.

CheckDrive – Features:

Check Hard Disks for Errors – CheckDrive offers you an easy way of checking your PCs hard drives for errors. Those errors can be fixed immediately if you like.

Shows Drive Information – CheckDrive shows info about your drives and determines if your hard drive needs to be cleaned or defragmented.

Detects current fragmentation of your hard drives.

Shows the amount of garbage on your disks.

System requirements: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Win 7 (all – 32 and 64 bit).

Download at: Developer’s site (Abelssoft)

This is a guest post by Rick Robinette, who brings a background as a security/police officer professional, and as an information technology specialist to the Blogging world.

Why not pay a visit to Rick’s site at What’s On My PC. Like me, you’re sure to become a frequent visitor.

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4 responses to “Free CheckDrive – Detect And Fix Hard Drive Errors

  1. Siam

    Thanks for the write-up. But I’m not so sure about the overly glowing recommendation. I’ve seen a lot of mixed reviews about this product. It seems quite a lot of people aren’t having a love affair with it. Take the Cnet website, which they made the following call:

    “The three-stage check resembles the process used by the Windows command Chkdsk, and we didn’t find it any faster or more informative. In fact, the Windows command actually presents more information as it checks the drive. The app doesn’t list problems or even the number of errors found. It simply flashes a message that errors were found and asks users to press a button to start repair. Oddly, testers reported that the repair process often failed with the message that CheckDisk could not lock the drive. It was easy enough to click to repair the drive at next boot, but, again, that’s no improvement over Chkdsk. The other downside is that CheckDrive used considerably more overhead to run than similar drive-repair tools or even Chkdsk. Novices might appreciate this simple tool, but advanced users will almost certainly want to stick with the command-line program Chkdsk.”

    Of course, there are others who do like it as much as you do. But for now, I’ll wait until there is more of a consensus about its performance.

    Thanks again.

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  4. Ramblinrick


    I agree, definitely a novice tool… I try to find apps that is geared toward the vast majority, which is the novice group. Most people do not have a clue what chkdsk even is and in association with doing a writeup such as this I try to do some education.

    What I find with these apps, like this is that hopefully they will continue to improve. The more we let them know were are examining, testing and critiquing the more incentive to move forward in their development.