Free Speed Launch From Microsoft Labs Is Worth A Look

Windows “Start” menu is pretty cool – it acts much like a one stop shop for application launch, and it allows access to additional functions and computer locations.

Overall, the start menu suits me well, but I’m always curious about tools that claim to make my Windows experience a little faster or, a little easier. So, when I came across a small free application from Microsoft Office Labs – Speed Launch, I took it for a spin.

Speed Launch, at its core, is an application launcher with a bit of a twist – it’s easy for an average, or less experienced user, to get their head around. The drag and drop interface is uncomplicated, and easy to grasp.

Or, as Microsoft puts it –

“Using the application is definitely no rocket science, since it can actually be managed quite easily. The basic principle relies on dragging and dropping the shortcut into the bull’s eye, and typing in the name for the newly created shortcut. Absolutely any file stored on your hard disk will be appended to Speed Launch’s shortcut list.”

Shortcuts can include an application, a Web site or a document,  triggered by a  word, or a phrase of your choice. Once you have set up Speed Launch with your shortcuts, accessing the launcher is east – just hit Windows (key), plus C (key).

Following installation, you’ll notice you now have a small bull’s eye on screen. I attempted to capture this bull’s eye in the following screen shot, but on a 24 inch screen it’s very small. The bull’s eye is in the center of the screen in this case, but it is movable, or it can be hidden.


The right click context menu allows full control over the application, as the following screen capture indicates.


Here’s an example in which I set up CDBurnerXP to run from the launcher.

View Slide Show





The following example shows the effect of using the application’s Megasearch function which will open the pages of the three search engines in separate tabs in your default web browser, based on your query.


The result is illustrated in this very small screen capture. Sorry about the size, but I think it helps to get the idea across. I really liked this feature.


View Slide Show

Watch the video and slide show for the step by step  process by which Speed Launch allows you to identify and quickly  retrieve what you use most.Play Video

Watch the slide show for the step by step process by which Speed Launch allows you to identify and quickly retrieve what you use most.

Watch Video

Matt created this video to show how to create functions.  Watch it and learn to create your own.Play Video

This video shows you how to create functions. Watch it and learn to create your own.

System requirements: Windows 7, Vista or Windows XP SP2 with .Net Framework 3.0.

Download at: Microsoft (Go to “Try It”, on the right hand side of the page).

Note: Microsoft has a number of Lab sites all of which offer a range of free tools.

This is a rather cool little application, well worth a look.

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5 responses to “Free Speed Launch From Microsoft Labs Is Worth A Look

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  2. g

    I used Rocketdock back in the days I had less screen realestate. I like how it tucked out of the way until needed. Now with larger monitors, I have all of my shortcuts on my task bar so these [shortcut] programs are no longer needed.

    That being said, this program from microsoft looks nice and simple and if you have time, should do a shortcut program shootout.

    • Hey G,

      I only get into shootouts when I get liquored up. 🙂

      Good suggestion – I’ll take a look at that.



      • g


        I see you Northerners are finally entering the 21st century – We’ve allowed you to stream Netflix.

        We gotta keep you gun totin’ crazy canuck cyber guys under control! HA!

        • Hey G,

          Hell yes! I can see that thar 21st century thingy just on the horizon. Like it’s not about damn time! This is the country of MONOPOLY when it comes to communication technology. It’s really very sad.

          Most of the tech guys up here are going – YES!! Maybe now with some real competition we’ll see some changes. Me – I’ll believe it when I see it. I’ve been around too long to think that when business has you by the cojones they’re gonna let go. But hey, maybe this is one time when this old cynic will be proven wrong. That would be cool.