BitDefender QuickScan – Scan for Malware Inside Firefox Or Chrome

Interested in a cloud based malware scanner that can scan your machine from inside your Web Browser, in under a minute? Then you’re going to love BitDefender QuickScan.

BitDefender, offers BitDefender QuickScan as a Firefox, or a Chrome add-on, which is designed using cloud based technology ( a continuously updated malware database and the scanner, hosted on remote servers), making it blazingly FAST!

Following installation of the add-on, BitDefender QuickScan sets a quick launch Icon in the Browser Status Bar, for easy access.

The following screen shot shows BitDefender QuickScan completed scanning 911 critical files and modules on my Win 7 machine in 22 seconds, in an initial scan. My Internet connection speed is – 16 Mbps (download) and 1.5 Mbps (upload). Your results may vary, depending on your connection speed.


BitDefender claims – the more you use the application, the faster the scan. The following screen capture (second scan), shows a 50% improvement over my initial scan speed – eleven seconds, versus twenty two seconds. The time it takes for me to take three breaths. That meets my definition of FAST!

image Following the scan, you’ll have access to a full report. The following screen capture is only a partial representation of the report, (it’s just too big to insert in this article).


Fast facts:

Very fast scanning

Runs online from any Internet connected PC

Based on BitDefender anti-malware technologies

Detects running malware

Detects hidden threats (rootkits) and keyloggers



Network activity

Autoruns and critical files

Browser plug-ins

Note: No cleaning capabilities are included. If BitDefender Online Scanner returns a positive indication of a malware infection, use your onboard antimalware application to clear it.

The main reason I’m recommending BitDefender Online Scanner is: Today’s malware is quite capable of shutting down onboard antimalware applications, while allowing the user to believe the application/s are fully functional. A simply one minute scan can provide an early warning of such activity.

Download: Firefox

Download: Chrome

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19 responses to “BitDefender QuickScan – Scan for Malware Inside Firefox Or Chrome

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  2. Liam O' Moulain


    Another great one Bill!

    Installed it, ran a scan, no problems.



    • You’re welcome Liam.

      Interestingly, even thought this article was posted less than an hour ago – 80% of 36 readers have downloaded this app. Amazing.

      Thanks for dropping in.


  3. Ranjan

    Hey Bill,
    Just installed a trojan (of course in VM) and now gonna scan it with it.. Let’s see if it catches it or not.. ; )

  4. Ranjan

    Hmmm… It couldn’t detect that.. I’m not suprised… But I wont call it as it’s failure.. Afterall, this tool has been designed to scan only the critical parts of the system, not the whole drive…

    • Hey Ranjan,

      Well, I think the name makes it very clear that the process is a quick scan. As you point out, it’s designed to scan critical system areas.


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  6. Mal

    Hey Bill,

    You must have been reading my mind. I was actually just trying this out yesterday lol. It’s a great addon, pity it doesn’t clean though.


    • Hey Mal,

      Didn’t I mention that I could read minds? That’s just one of my otherworldly talents. 🙂

      You’re right it’s a great add-on. If it had cleaning ability, it would be in the same class as Panda Cloud and Immunet Protect, or a regular online scanner that sometimes take forever to scan and clean.



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  8. John

    Hi Bill,

    167 seconds first scan (I wonder if that is telling me something?) 33 seconds second scan, no infection found. Given the amount of av & mal that I run I’m very happy with that result.


    • Hey John,

      That’s a very good second response time. The first one IS telling you something – likely that you have a lot of programs running in the background, and so lots of modules.

      Glad to hear you found it useful.



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  10. Mal

    Hey Bill,

    Talking about Panda Online scanner, what’s up with that lately? For some reason my registration disappeared, I can’t re-register for some reason, it is really weird. And I sent them an email months ago about it, but they never got back.

    Not to worry, plenty of other good ones out there, my favourites at the moment are ESET and Trend Micro.


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  12. John Bent

    Hi Bill

    As I already use Immunet Protect and Threatfire would downloading this be of benefit to me, or would it just slow things up unnecessarily?

    Kind regards


    • Hi John,

      Like you I have both Immunet Protect and Threatfire running. Since Immunet does essentially the same type of scan on startup, and since you can repeat this scan at any time, there’s no benefit to installing BitDefender QuickScan.



  13. Hello,

    I’m one of the guys working on this project at BitDefender and just got word of this article via our social media teams 😉 Many thanks for all the thoughts and feedback and if anyone has any issues or questions, don’t hesitate to drop us an e-mail at quickscan [at] bitdefender [dot] com