Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – June 30, 2010

The Best, Cheapest Ways to Upgrade Your PC – Upgrading your PC can be a head-spinning process. Our Lab experts help you sort through the chaos with 18 products that won’t break the bank.

Lifehacker: Browser Speed Tests – Apple’s stepped up with Safari 5, Firefox has brought forth a more crash-proof 3.6, and Opera’s continuing to push forward in betas. Let’s break out the timer and testing software to see how the latest browsers run on real hardware.

Hulu Plus is Real: $10/Month for iPhone, iPad and TV Viewing – Finally! Hulu Plus has been made official, and it looks awesome.

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If the DHS Is Serving Malware, Should It Be Our Internet Cop? – If you were looking for a company to take charge of the security on your own systems, would you trust one that was serving malware from its own Web site? Me neither. But if the Department of Homeland Security is put in charge, this embarrassing scenario will come to pass.

Download YouTube Videos for Offline Viewing – Ever wish you could watch that piano-playing cat at 35,000 feet? Alas, YouTube requires a live Internet connection, and Wi-Fi is still pretty hard to find in the friendly skies. Fortunately, you can download YouTube videos to your PC for anytime, anywhere viewing, no Internet required.

CodySafe FREE:  The Ultimate Portable Apps Menu – If you are someone that carries their computer on a stick (flash drive), then you may want to take a look at CodySafe Free. I know there are many portable app menus and launchers available, but this one may be the most feature driven, nicest looking portable apps menu I have experienced thus far.

10 Things You Should Know About Google TV – Google raised more questions than it answered with its introduction of Google TV May 20. The initial demo was a more than 2-hour affair fraught with technical difficulties, mostly as a result of dodgy Internet access. Since then, much more has come to light. eWEEK highlights the important details.

Porn’s New Domain is Good News – Too bad competing interests will probably make the .XXX domain all but useless.

What you need to know to survive targeted malware attacks – Targeted attacks require a more granular approach to applying security controls. Tom Olzak looks at ways to survive when your organization becomes a cybercriminal’s next target

Off Topic (Sort of):

Exploring The Dark Side of Technology – Feelings are hurt and lives are ruined on a daily basis because criminals are taking advantage. They’re taking the very tools and technologies we have thought of as good, and using them to do great evil. Unfortunately, as the world’s reliance on technology grows, the dark side of technology grows along with it.

UK Woman Spared Jail Over Noisy Sex – Again! – A British woman who made her neighbours’ lives hell with noisy sex sessions with her husband has avoided jail again. Their love-making has been described as “murder” and “unnatural” and drowned out their neighbours’ televisions.

Microsoft’s Windows 8 game plan (images) – A slide deck, which appears to come from an April 2010 meeting with PC makers, outlines where Microsoft is headed with Windows 8.

16 iPhone Apps Your Mother Will Kill You For Using – iAugment is an app for those curious about cup-size..Cannabis app helps users (pardon the pun) locate legal medical marijuana wherever it’s offered in such an easy format that even blurry-eyed stoners can use it..Heres a list of 16 iPhone apps your mother will not approve at any cost.

Today’s Quote:

“Television is the first truly democratic culture – the first culture available to everybody and entirely governed by what the people want. The most terrifying thing is what people do want.”

–    Clive Barnes

Today’s Free Downloads:

EnhanceMySe7en Free – EnhanceMySe7en Free is a utility bundle for anyone interested in doing a little system housekeeping. It does a fine job of helping you select which programs to permit to load at startup. It also lets you monitor your hard drive’s performance, health, and temperature; and it enables you to fiddle with the Registry.

WinBubble – Want to whip Windows Vista or Windows 7 into shape and tweak your OS six ways to Sunday? Then you’ll want WinBubble, which is a tweaker’s dream. It lets you change just about every part of Windows Vista and Windows 7, and ways you never thought possible.

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