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image“Summer time, and the living is easy” – I’ve always liked the sound of that. That much deserved vacation is finally on the horizon!

But wait – today’s reality is such, that many of us (including me), can never really cut the umbilical cord that attaches us to the office. If you fall into that category, you’ll need software designed for people on the go.

With Portable Apps Suite, (free to use, free to copy, and free to share), you can carry your favorite portable computer programs with you on your USB flash drive, iPod, or portable hard drive, while you’re taking that much deserved vacation.

Portable Apps Suite allows you to play your media files, browse the net, compose documents, or check your email on the road. The applications can be used on any Windows computer, and on shut down, to insure your privacy, will  not leave any traces on the host computer.

PAS is a collection of portable applications which includes, ClamWin Portable (antivirus), Mozilla Firefox Portable Edition (web browser), Gaim Portable (instant messaging), OpenOffice.org Portable (office suite) compatible with Microsoft Word files,

Sudoku Portable (puzzle game), Mozilla Sunbird Portable Edition (calendar/task manager) and Mozilla Thunderbird Portable Edition (email client), all preconfigured to work portably.


You can install any of three variations of Portable Apps Suite based on your preferences, or your USB drive’s capacity.

Standard Suite – All applications as noted above

Lite Suite – AbiWord Portable substituted for Open Office

Base Suite – Basic Menu Program – add only the applications you choose

All versions of the Portable Apps Suite include the integrated Portable Apps Menu and the Portable Apps Backup utility, along with a set of custom icons, auto play configuration, folders, and a quick start shortcut.

System Requirements: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Wine under Linux/UNIX/BSD/Mac OS X

Download at: PortableApps.com

Additional free portable applications, at PortableApps.com.





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If you’re a techie, then take a look at “Run 57 Free PC Repair Apps From Your Flash Drive”, on this site. You’re sure to find an application you can’t be without.

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  1. Mal

    Hey Bill,

    What a list! I’ll be here for the next month working through all of this lol. Good stuff.


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  4. Liam O' Moulain

    Thanks Bill.

    But, like Mal said, I could be here forever!


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