16 responses to “Gmail Suspension Notice Phishing Attempts Continue

  1. Mister Reiner

    I’m really surprised that this gets past the Google email filters and makes it into your in box. There are certain phrases that Google could key in on in this and the other email you shared with us, and drop it into a”possibly malicious” vice spam folder. Google needs to step up its game.

  2. Liam O' Moulain


    And the beat goes on – indefinitely it seems!



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  6. Deer Mista Mollens,

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    Milton B. Obononi,
    Nigeria Gougle Offiser.

  7. This is what happened to my Yahoo Mail. I was receiving a lot of supposedly mail from Yahoo which I know were phishing attempts and I never even opened one. But still, one by one my subscriptions stopped until I couldn’t access my account anymore.

  8. I love the wording the on these messages, reminds me of an old movie I saw The Russians are Coming The Russians are Coming it dates me back to the 60’s and had some comical scenes where the Russians were trying to get clear of a town they had landed in by accident. “Emergency everyone to get from street” I guess you have to see the movie.
    Now its “Emergency everyone to click on link, Emergency!”

    • Hey Mark,

      I remember that movie very well – very, very funny. Alan Arkin, I think – can’t remember the rest of the cast though.

      Your comment is, (dare I say it), on the mark.



  9. Good Article update on gmail . i really appreciate .Infact it’s certainly time for google and it’s team to act on such scammers .

    thanks for info

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