Cut Your Windows Boot Up Time with Free Soluto – Anti Frustration Software

You’ll get all sorts of free advice on how to reduce your Windows boot time – much of it of little value. Popular guest writer Rick Robinette, in this review, will introduce you to a no nonsense free tool that WILL shorten your boot time. Using this great find of Rick’s, I was able to cut my boot time almost in half!

Here’s Rick’s review:

imageHave you ever noticed that the longer you own your PC the longer it takes for it to startup (or boot)?

A common complaint from computer users, especially home-based users, is that their computer is slow to startup and does not boot like it did when they first purchased (and installed) it.

During the ownership of our PC we are constantly installing software, and as a result many of these software applications take a place in the startup routine of the computer.

The startup place that the apps reside is often for purposes of performing automatic updates or to provide a convenient launching point for the application (such as the system tray) or it is an application (or Windows Service) that simply runs in the background while you are performing other tasks on your PC.

I have personally witnessed another scenario where computer users attempted to remove applications from their PC only to find that residual files are left over (after the uninstall) that is still attempting to startup when the computer boots.

Over a period of time this accumulation causes the computer to startup slow and often robs the computer of system resources, resulting in increased memory and cpu (processor) usage.

If you are techie enough, you can try to dissect the numerous (yes there are more than one) startup points on your PC to regain some of the power back; however, you will soon find out it can be frustrating experience.

To help us solve this problem, I ran across a wonderful software application, called Soluto – Anti Frustration Software, that measures your startup time as soon as the Windows Logo screen is displayed.

Soluto is geared toward the non-techie type, is very appealing in appearance, and is very easy to use. Soluto is currently in beta (software testing stage); however, during my testing on my Windows 7 based PC, it performed without a hitch.

After you install Soluto, you will be prompted to reboot (restart) your computer. This is where Soluto goes to work in analyzing and actually timing how long it takes your PC to startup.

Following the analysis you will be provided with a very nice graphical interface where Soluto will help you determine what apps (and/or services) are slowing down your PC, what apps you can pause or remove (called no-brainers), what apps you can delay starting up (will eventually start when the computer is idle), and, what apps are safe to play around with and which ones are not.

If you mess up, you can return or restore an application back into the startup routine. To see a video of Soluto in action, click [ HERE ] .  Typically, most Windows services will identified by Soluto as “cannot be removed” and will even tell what purpose the service provides.

In my testing of Soluto, I went from a 2 minute and 30 second startup time, to a 1 minute and 31 second startup time by simply pausing and delaying a few apps that Soluto told me was safe to do so.

If you choose to Pause an application it means it will be removed from the boot sequence and in order to run it, you must launch it manually. Choosing to Delay an application means it will be removed from the boot sequence, and will run automatically after the boot is over, during an idle moment. Pausing an application provides value beyond the boot, and improves your ongoing PC experience, since Paused applications do not run in the background and do not occupy PC resources. Delaying an application, on the other hand, will only shorten your boot time and not improve your ongoing experience. In general, it is advisable to Pause applications that you don’t use on a daily basis, and Delay those that you do.. If you’re not sure, choose Delay. If you see that you’re barely using an application, you can always choose to Pause it later.


Screenshot - Soluto

I can also see this app being used on my PC to help me visually detect a potential malware concern. Speaking of malware, this app must have potential… The cybercriminals are already posting “fake” Soluto programs out there. Do not fall for this tactic. Only download Soluto from their web site [ HERE ] .

Minimum requirements to run Soluto Beta are:

  • 512MB of Memory (RAM) and above
  • 500MB of free disk space (Soluto Beta takes up approximately 20MBs; the rest is required for the proper operation of the Microsoft .NET Framework. Please see the Microsoft .Net Framework Minimal System Requirements for more information.) Operating System – Windows XP (SP2 and above) / Windows Vista / Windows 7
  • Not Supported: Windows Server 2003 and 2008
  • Administrator User – The application must be installed using an Administrator account.

This is a guest post by Rick Robinette, who brings a background as a security/police officer professional, and as an information technology specialist to the Blogging world.

Why not pay a visit to Rick’s site at What’s On My PC. Like me, you’re sure to become a frequent visitor.

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23 responses to “Cut Your Windows Boot Up Time with Free Soluto – Anti Frustration Software

  1. John

    Hi Bill,

    Oddly enough I had only just D/L that app before logging onto you this morning and was very surprised to see mention of it here. Deja vu I reckon 🙂

    Bill can you tell where that image of the cat has come from it looks pretty good?


    • Hey John,

      Gotta agree – but I’m into anything that’s French. 🙂

      I don’t know where Rick got the the cat pic, but it’s pretty cool. Drop by Rick’s site (the link will take you to the original article), and leave a note – he’s a great guy, and he’ll give you that info.

      Good to hear from you.



  2. Liam O' Moulain

    Hey Bill,

    Another winner. You’re buddy sure knows how to pick ’em.



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  6. Ranjan

    Hey Bill,
    What’s the actual size of this app…? I mean, the amount data it dloads?
    For me, it stays at the download screen and after some time, it fails.

    • Hey Ranjan,

      It’s very small – only 335 KB. Based on your experience, I just downloaded the app 3 times from the link to ensure it’s working. It is.

      If your using NoScript, make sure you “allow all the page.”


  7. This app is interesting, I downloaded it a few weeks ago and so far I’ve stuck with it. I’ve got both my primary Windows machines booting in the 45-50 second range which isn’t bad for magnetic platters. Someday when I win the lotto or they lower the price I’m going to get myself one of those newfangled SSD drives.
    But I took 25-30 seconds off each machines boot time, still my old MSI Wind u115 which had a 8GB solid state drive along with a 160 GB hard drive booted to usable desktop in under 30 seconds without turning off anything. That’s with one of those puny 1.6 GHZ Atom Processors. The power of solid state is coming to the masses, and I can’t wait.
    Good post though, I give this one thumbs up if you can get it to download, a problem which I hear a lot of.

    • Hey Mark,

      It’s a very cool program – I was able to reduce boot time down to 51 seconds. So, I now longer have time to pour the coffee during boot. 🙂

      Don’t know why there should be a problem in downloading – 100+ DLs yesterday, and only one reader reported a problem (since corrected). Most of the problems I hear that are like that, are due to the user not giving the page permission to load.

      I haven’t yet tried any of the SSDs, but a purchase is on the agenda.



  8. Ranjan

    Hey Bill,
    What did you mean by just 335kb…?
    The one i downloaded from their site is something around at 900kb and after adding it to exception in KIS, it’s able to download the installer but the size shown is 7.8MB.
    Have i downloaded the wrong file…? For the time being, i’m cancelling the download.

  9. Ranjan

    We all make mistakes… Nevermind.. Btw Bill, what about that 7.98MB size? Is it really that big?

    • Hey Ranjan,

      No, its not that big – the actual file size is approximately 4 MB. But, the “size on disk” (the space allocated by your OS) is just under 8 MB, as you’ve noticed. The space allocated to files is determined by the cluster size of the formatted partition. You will almost always see a difference between actual size, and allocated space, when you check a file’s Properties.

      Hope this helps.


  10. Ranjan

    Thanks for the explanation, Bill. 🙂

  11. Rick and Bill,
    Sounds like a great application. I’ll be downloading it very soon. I’m also impressed with the excellent style of the review itself. Rick, well done; Bill, you both have this genre down…cold. Super job to both.

    • Hi Paul,

      Definitely a worthwhile application.

      Good old Rick, he gets better at this game every day. Little wonder his articles are so popular here.

      BTW, looking forward to your next guest article. You’re another popular guy around here.



  12. TeXaCo

    Hey Bill,

    I had just recently downloaded this app a few days ago and installed it. It is still in beta but It is really an impressive easy to use nice looking program.

    I had already made changes to my boot up to speed it up but all manually of course. This just makes it plain easy.



  13. I am using this clever program for several weeks.
    Wise One boy presented him with his A great blog.
    Super program and very accurate.
    I recommend. 🙂