For Added Internet Protection – Virtualize Your System with Free Wondershare Time Freeze

image At the end of 2009, many of the premier security application developers projected, that 2010 would see an increase in the the use of virtualization applications.  Specifically, controlling malware intrusion through the use of a ‘”virtual” environment, rather than operating in a “real” environment.

This prediction made sense, and so this year, we’ve focused somewhat more on operating system virtualization. We’ve looked at Shadow Defender, Returnil Virtual System, Sandboxie, GeSWall, and a number of other similar applications.

I’ve just recently completed testing Wondershare Time Freeze, a relatively new and easy to use, free (at the moment),  intrusion prevention system, that is non intrusive, and after initial setup, requires a minimum of user intervention – perfect for the average user.

Installation was hassle free – it was just a matter of  following the on-screen instructions.

The interface is the usual tab and check box layout, and is self explanatory with no learning curve involved.

Timefreeze 2

Once system protection is enabled, a popup reminder will warn you that system changes will not be saved to disk. All downloaded files, all created documents, and all system changes will disappear on reboot. However, you do have another option – see the following.

Timefreeze 1

If you do want to save system changes then, before rebooting, open the application and turn off system protection. You will be warned that your system may “stop responding” for several minutes. In fact, I noticed a lag of less than 20 seconds.

Timefreeze 3

Fast facts:

System protection

Keep the actual system in a constant state, prevent the computer from getting slower and slower with time.

Put the actual system under protection to prevent malicious threats.

Traces of surfing the Internet and computer operation will disappear after reboot. (You have the flexibility to save changes to the actual system.)

Test software and game installations safely on a virtual system.

Folder protection

Mode 1: Disable access to the protected folders.

Mode 2: Prohibit changing files in the protected folders.

Protect your files from being infected by viruses or Trojans.

Protect your privacy more effectively.

Access protection

Manage the program with a custom password setting.

Keep inexperienced users from making changes to your settings and configurations.

System requirements: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Win 7 (32 bit only).

Download at: Wondershare

This test was fairly brief (a couple of days), but I did not encounter any problems, and ran Time Freeze successfully alongside GeSWall with no difficulty. Wondershare Time Freeze worked just as advertized – not always the case with this class of software.

Note: This application requires registration within 30 days in order to keep using it. Getting the registration code though, is a snap. Just click “Get Keycode”, and you’ll receive the registration code by email.

In previous reviews of virtualization applications, a number of readers made mention of Comodo Time Machine, a worthwhile free system restore utility. Popular guest author, Rick Robinette, has a very informative article over on his site, What’s On My PCComodo Time Machine – A Powerful System Restore Utility. I encourage you to read this article.

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29 responses to “For Added Internet Protection – Virtualize Your System with Free Wondershare Time Freeze

  1. Ahmed Helmy

    Hi Bill,,,
    I Actually never tried these Freeze Programs Before But i might have to use them sooner or later.
    as always thanks for this Great New Program Discovery..
    have a lovely week!

  2. Liam O' Moulain

    Wow Bill!

    You keep hitting the high notes with these free programs.



  3. Mal

    Hey Bill,

    Just on Comodo Time Machine. A great tool, but it needs a bit more work. It can be buggy at times. I know that this is not just my computer, I have read their forum and quite a few users say the same thing. e.g. I recently uninstalled it, then went to put it back on, for some reason it won’t work.

    But it is a great tool, just needs some bugs ironed out.


    • Hey Mal,

      I hear ya. I tested this app some time back. I was not impressed, and consequently didn’t write up a review on it (negative reviews are not my thing). In fact, I could hardly wait to get it off my test system.

      I think the concept is very good, but the implementation just sucks.



  4. Hi Bill,

    The program look great to me and I very soon going to put my review on this. Grate system security utility.


  5. Mal

    Hey Bill,

    On a more positive note, I have just tried out this new program, what a little beauty. I really like it, it is now a part of my must have programs.


  6. Rose Dennison

    This is pretty good I have had this one for a few months and I like it!Grab it if you don’t have it!

  7. Adrian

    Very good application. Worked with Sandboxie too.

  8. Mister Reiner

    Interesting product Bill. I may have to give this thing a try.

    The one thing that people should keep in mind is this line from their Website:

    “Just exit the system protection mode, you can return to the actual system, and all data of the virtual system will be saved to the actual system.”

    On the surface, what this means to me, is that people need to plan all their system and anti-malware signature updates. A person can’t just surf the Internet, check email, install some updates and than “save” the system. All updates need to be done first, “save”, re-enable protect mode and then open email and surf the Internet.
    What’s your take on this?

    • Being in, or being out, of protect mode, is an issue that’s going to cause some confusing for typical users, and this will lead to both errors, and disappointment. Programs of this type demand the user pay strict attention.

      Personally, I have long used a “save”, or if you like, a “data” partition, as insurance against my sometimes faulty memory.


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  10. leofelix

    Hello Bill,
    thank you
    this software looks promising.
    I already use both Sandboxie and Shadow Defender (when necessary), I think I’ll give a try on another machine of mine.
    Malware is getting worse and worse nowadays and often can bypass the most of virtualizations system and prevention is better than care.


  11. Hi Bill,
    An interesting alternative to Sandboxie, I may install it some friends of mine who refuse to switch to Linux. Some people can’t be trusted with a loaded copy of Windows.

  12. Ramblinrick


    I am a big follower of these virtualization apps and a big fan of Shadow Defender. I will definitely be trying this one out…


    • Rick,

      Yes, I recall several years back when you first mentioned Shadow Defender, which is a very superior application.

      I’d be interested in hearing your views on Time Freeze, when you have a chance.


  13. carbison

    Does it work in a 64 bit environment?

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  15. Shall have to play with this one bill, looks interesting 🙂

    Comodo’s Time machine soon bloats the drive with snapshots, so extreme care is needed.

    I currently use Returnil on one machine, Sandboxie on another and played with Geswall – but VM’s are the way ahead.

    • Hi Colin,

      Great to hear from you – hope all is well in the UK.

      I think you’ll enjoy playing around with Time Freeze. Totally agree BTW, that VM’s “are the way ahead”.

      I’m set up similar to you with Returnil, and Sandboxie. Although, I use GeSWall on all my machines. Paranoia Pays! 🙂



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