Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – June 9, 2010

Are Registry Cleaners Worth It? – There’s considerable controversy on this subject. These programs examine your Windows Registry, looking for pointers to non-existent files and other problems. Many experts are absolutely opposed to such programs, arguing that they do little or no good and can cause considerable harm. Others, myself included, find them valuable, with some serious caveats.

Lifehacker: Office Web Apps Offers Free Doc Editing with 25 GB Storage – Office Web Apps, the free, cloud-based viewing and editing suite that Microsoft promised would be available to everyone, has opened wide its doors. It’s a decent set of basic-plus editing tools, powered by SkyDrive’s generous 25 GB of storage space.

Protection tips for the upcoming FIFA World Cup themed cybercrime campaigns – With just four days until the FIFA World Cup begins, cybercriminals have already started showing their interest in taking advantage of the event. Considering that, these threats and exploitation…

Malware worms its way onto Olympus digital camera – Olympus Japan has admitted that some of its Stylus Touch 6010 digital cameras came complete with an unwanted worm – capable of infecting Windows. Learn more about the embarrassing infection, and how you can prevent yourself from being hit.

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Linux hardware woes – Jack Wallen finally experienced the frustration of a piece of hardware not working in Linux. Read on to find out exactly what that means to him as well as Linux in general.

Fun Times Online: Free Art, Video Tools; Cheap Books – I recently discovered a cool Firefox add-on that lets you compare prices on books in a snap–and even check your local library’s catalog for the title. But first, let’s have some fun. I just came across two sites that let you create kooky graphics and quick 30-second videos–for free.

I Can’t Access a Particular Web Site – Any number of problems could cause this. There might be a problem with your router. Or with your PC. Or your browser. Or it could be something with the site itself that’s completely out of your control.

The Truth About the Faces in Your Facebook Ads – Are those real people in the “Hot Girls Want to Meet You” advertising? Here’s the answer.

Windows, Mac, or Linux: It’s Not the OS, It’s the User – Some operating systems may be safer than others, but naive users pose the biggest security risk to today’s businesses.

Off Topic (Sort of):

Top 10 Web Content Urban Legends – The following is a rough note-taking session at the Mashable Media Summit, at Internet Week 2010. Enjoy!

Apple vs. Microsoft: Are PCs Like Trucks? – Oh, how we love a good tech battle, and it looks like our favorite antagonists–Microsoft and Apple–are at it again. After Apple’s Steve Jobs threw the first punch with the suggestion that PCs are “like trucks” and that future users won’t have much need for such utilitarian machines, Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer came back swinging.

10 Products Apple Doesn’t Want Consumers to Know About – When it comes to Apple, there aren’t many things that scare the company. It knows that it’s a top-notch firm in the industry. It also realizes that when it comes to delivering products to consumers, it’s among the best. But that doesn’t mean that the hardware company doesn’t cast a worried eye toward some competing products on store shelves.

6 Great Reads for SMBs – While we love being your main information resource for all things pertaining to small business technology, there are many other great websites and blogs catering to the SMB market and some that simply provide cool technology information.

Today’s Quote:

“I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity to anyone, but they’ve always worked for me.”

–    Hunter S. Thompson

Today’s Free Downloads:

Panda Cloud Antivirus Free Edition – When you open Cloud Antivirus, the main window lets you know whether you’re safe or not with a big red or green icon. Cloud Antivirus works as other antivirus solutions do, offering a Quick Scan and a Custom scan for specific folder, files, and drives, but its ancillary features are exceptionally light.

SoupToys Toybox – One word for SoupToys Toybox is “amusing.” Another way to describe it is “something that’ll eat up a lot of time if you’re not careful, and that’s a good thing.” SoupToys Toybox places a box full of basketballs, tennis balls, tiny rubber balls, a roller skate, a basketball hoop, and other objects, on your desktop. It gives these objects cartoony physics and lets you go nuts with them.

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