Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – May 31, 2010

The Procrastinator’s Guide to PC Maintenance – You want to keep your PC running smoothly, your apps updated, and your data safe–but you’re lazy. Here’s how to keep your PC healthy while expending the minimum amount of effort possible.

PCWorld Reviewers’ Favorite Downloads: April 2010 – The reviewers and bloggers of PCWorld see a great deal of software every month. In April, their favorites ran the gamut from the useful to the delightful–and a few that fit both descriptions. From encryption to syncing, from printer utilities to desktop tidiers, from problem-solvers to puzzle games..

Five tips for taking control of Windows Explorer – A few simple tweaks can make Windows Explorer more compatible with your working style and save you time down the road.

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20 Sizzling Summer Video Games – From LEGO Harry Potter to Madden NFL 11 to Lord of the Rings: Aragorn’s Quest to Halo: Reach, here’s a sneak peek at great PC and video games you won’t want to miss this summer.

Five tips for getting the most out of Windows 7 Jump Lists – Once you get used to the new Jump Lists feature, you may be hooked. These tips will help you get started.

The Smart Paranoid’s Guide to Using Google – Google is nearly everyone’s best friend. But have you ever stopped to think about just how much Google knows about you?

Google has mapped every WiFi network in Britain – Google has mapped every wireless network in Britain in order to use the information for commercial purposes, it has emerged.

How do I add hidden international desktop themes to Windows 7? – When you told Windows 7 that you were a resident of the U.S., the operating system hid the other international choices, but I don’t like having my choices arbitrarily limited. There is a relatively simple way to add them to your list of available themes in the Personalization section of the Control Panel, and it starts with a search.

Create an energy use report in Windows 7 with powercfg – With Microsoft Windows 7, you can use a small applet called the Power Configuration Utility. Run from the command line with the right switch, it will create a detailed file that thoroughly examines power usage on your personal computer. Here is how it works.

Off Topic (Sort of):

The dumb get confident, while the intelligent get doubtful – That’s the conclusion that David Dunning and Justin Kruger came to when studying people’s perceptions of their own talents. What has now become known as the Dunning-Kruger effect helps describe why lay people often act as experts and inept politicians get our votes. (submitted by Dar)

This man hasn’t eaten in 70 years …or so he says – The man you see below is Prahlad Jani. He’s being studied by India’s Defense Research Organization, because Jani claims that he hasn’t had anything to eat or drink in 70 years. The Telegraph says Jani is known as a breatharian, i.e. he only needs air to survive. He’s been under observation for six days, and so far has shown no signs of lethargy despite his extreme diet.

Think Geek: Allergic to Stupid People Tee – Wouldn’t it be awesome if stupid people put off something that identified them to your immune system as non-desirable? When the eau de idiot begins wafting your way, your histamines kick in. (submitted by Dar)

Cut grass, set lawnmower landspeed record. Rule Britannia! – The Honour Motorsport-backed Project Runningblade, has claimed a new land speed record for the world’s fastest lawnmower at Pendine Sands in South Wales. (submitted by Dar)

Today’s Quote:

“In the modern world the stupid are cocksure, while the intelligent are full of doubt”

Bertrand Russell (From his essay “The Triumph of Stupidity)”

Today’s Free Downloads:

Stalled Printer Repair – Sometimes print jobs get stuck in the queue, and it’s not always obvious why. It could be the result of a driver issue, it could be because you’re using a Wi-Fi connection to the printer, and so forth. Even more vexing, Windows won’t let you delete a stuck print job, which blocks subsequent items from printing

SkyORB 3D – SkyOrb 3D takes you on a tour of the solar system or the galaxy. This free astronomy program charts the stars, planets, and other celestial objects such as comets and asteroids and lets you navigate through space.

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