License Giveaway – SYNCING.NET Business Edition, 12 Free Licenses

image Continuing with Tech Thoughts occasional focus on business applications, we have arranged with SYNCING.NET to give away 12 licenses (retail value $225 U.S. each), for their flagship application SYNCING.NET – Business Edition, a file synchronization application designed to maintain the same version of files on multiple computing devices.

To enter the contest to win one of the licenses, simply add a comment at the end of this article. On June 7, 2010, all comments will be added to the online List Randomizer, and the first 6 names that appear, will win a free registration code. This week is already off the rails time wise, so I won’t necessarily acknowledge your comment. Once you see your comment in the comment column, you can be sure your entry has been noted.

Please note: Winners will need a separate key for each computer he/she is planning to sync, so we will draw 6 winners (2 licenses each).

Read the following review and I’m sure you’ll agree this is a contest worth entering.

In today’s rugged business environment, having a “competitive advantage”, over the competition, is not just a buzz phrase, it’s critical to success.

Controlling information in such a way, that all parties with access to that information access the same information, all of the time, can be a significant competitive advantage.

Roadblocks that inhibit the exchange of, or access to, the same data, will, unquestionably negatively impact a company’s profitability, and long term viability.

By synchronization data files on multiple computing devices – maintaining the same version of the relevant files, employees can manage their time more efficiently and productively. Enhanced productivity and efficiencies are an obvious competitive advantage, with direct impact on the bottom line.

SYNCING.NET – Business Edition is a premium enterprise grade application, designed for small and medium sized businesses with a difference. SYNCING.NET – Business Edition, has been created with one overriding consideration – simplicity and convenience.

With SYNCING.NET installed, an enterprise now has the ability to synchronize Outlook e-mails, contacts, calendars and tasks in real time, as well as Windows files of any size and type.

If you are in the market for a simple, safe, and complete solution to meet your company’s data synchronization needs then SYNCING.NET, with its  user-friendly interface, and low maintenance, should meet or exceed your expectations.

Sync net 1

Fast facts:

From the developer –

SYNCING.NET Business Edition allows administrators to define user rights. Administrators can allow read-access only, as well as other levels of access for particular users to add or change own content without restrictions.

As the administrator you can manage all of your PCs from any Outlook Group or Sync Folder. In your absence, you can also add up to three additional users as administrators. Even if you have to be away from the office you know your team will still be synchronized.

SYNCING.NET provides a Guest Role option within the Business Edition that allows read-access only, keeping crucial files and data safe from accidental changes.

When creating an Outlook Group or a Sync Folder, you can specify who you want to invite to join these groups. This allows for complete control over who has access to the shared data. Invite/removal privileges are for the Group originator and administrator only.

SYNCING.NET synchronization is automatic and silent. Complete background functionality means you are freed up to focus on the task at hand and nothing else.

If you’ve got an internet connection, then you’ve got real-time updates. SYNCING.NET is completely location independent, so you can easily work on files and Outlook from the road and synchronize that data with every PC in your Group – no server needed. Even working offline is no problem. The second you are back online the data changes you’ve made are automatically synchronized.

SYNCING.NET software only synchronizes the changes in the data – not the entire file. This results in extremely fast, real time synchronization.

When creating an Outlook Group or Sync Folder, you are given a prompt that allows you to individually choose which folders are to be synchronized between the computers in your Group or Folder.

Our simple, intuitive user interface helps you easily sync your Outlook and files. The software is powerful, yet easy to utilize – for any level of PC user.

SYNCING.NET uses military grade, highly secure 256-bit AES encryption for end-to-end transmission. This encryption complies with the 1024-bit RSA authentication to the highest safety standard (military grade).

The key products of the company include three major editions to meet every user’s need: Business Edition, Home Edition, for the home user, and the Professional Edition, for the professional user.

System requirements: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7

Additional requirements: Microsoft .NET Framework

Download a free 30 day trial at: SYNCING.NET

Purchase price: $225 USD.

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95 responses to “License Giveaway – SYNCING.NET Business Edition, 12 Free Licenses

  1. Liam O' Moulain

    All right Bill – another contest!

    Please enter me.


  2. abhijit

    Wow gr8 giveaway…………………….Thanks bill…………..Tried a trial version in campus …worked gr8….thanks again……………………

    • Bill Mullins

      Hey Abhijit,

      Thanks for the campus experience input – good to hear you found it useful.


  3. zbob

    Hey Bill,

    Your site is usually my 3rd stop on the web everyday (ya gotta check your mail).

    Thanks for all of the security tips and warnings.

    Please count me in for the SYNCING.NET give away drawing.

    PS: The daily quotes are great; have you considered an archive?



    • Bill Mullins

      Hey Bob,

      Thanks for entering and of course for being a faithful reader – that’s very cool.

      Never really though about an archive – but it’s an idea worth considering.


  4. Aaron

    Hey Bill,

    Love the site. I check it everyday. Please enter me in the contest.


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  6. Bionic

    Useful articles & pleasant surprises, thanks Bill.
    i’d like to enter the draw ..
    have a nice day

    • Bill Mullins

      Hey Bionic,

      Always happy to enter regular readers like you, into any contest.


  7. DJ

    nice giveaway.. excellent rpgram.. count me in 🙂

  8. paf

    Hi Bill, thank you very much for this contest.

    Please count me in. Hope to win…



    • Bill Mullins

      Hey Paf,

      Haven’t heard from you for a while – good to hear from you.

      Good luck.


  9. azziz

    Thanks Bill for this contest, I was unlicky earlier in a different forum to get a licence. This soft makes communication/collaboration easy.

  10. Danielu'

    Hey Bill,

    Greetings from Romania.
    Please add me as a candidate for this fortune contest.
    Keep going with your great work and enjoy us everyday with great and useful news.


  11. kingpin

    Hi Bill,
    Great giveaway!SYNCING.NET looks like a nice utility that will come handy syncing my lap and my PC at office.Thanks for the giveaway. 🙂

  12. Stefan

    Hi, great giveaway would be very useful between work and home. Please count me in


  13. Adrian

    Hello Bill

    Greetings from Romania again :).Your blog is great!A lot of useful information and good software too.Thank You

    • Bill Mullins

      Hey Adrian,

      That’s cool!

      Good to have your entry, and thanks for the kind words.


  14. Ramblinrick


    Plug me in for this… Great opportunity here!


  15. greg

    Thanks for the offer, but don’t enter in this giveaway. Sometime I know just enough to be dangerous . This one program I don’t think I have a need for. Thanks again

    • Bill Mullins

      I fully understand Greg – I’ve done that too many times myself not to know that feeling. lol


  16. And with Bill, as usual, interesting i. .. richly.
    Please do not take into account in this contest-it is not the program I needed.
    I write a comment, because I like this blog.
    PSBill take a look at this program-KeyLemon-last was a 24-hour promotion.
    For me, this program explodes
    More info here >
    The language is spoken also by translatorom free on the internet, about whom write.No financially afford to learn a language at a language school.
    Regards. 🙂

    • Bill Mullins

      Hey Robert,

      Always good to hear from you.

      I checked out KeyLemon – very similar to Luxand Blink which I reviewed in March 2010 “Download Luxand Blink Facial Recognition Login”. A great application and it’s free.



  17. Hi Bill.

    Throw my marble ino the hat. 🙂


    • Bill Mullins

      Hi Rod,

      Your marble is the one that has the “Z” in it, right?

      Happy to throw it in.


  18. Philipp

    I’m totally wondering if once in a lifetime (!) I could be lucky and win one of’em 🙂

  19. Matt

    Hi Bill.

    Cool contest: this would be a great way to improve productivity, thanks.


  20. Rob

    Nice giveaway.

  21. Daniel


    I would really love the chance to win this great software, I would spend $200 for this but I don’t have the money. Please make my day 🙂


  22. Cappydawg

    Would love this for my netbooks. Thanks for the contest Bill.

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  24. btor

    hi Bill

    good giveaway, was not a big surprise, as i expected this once i saw this give away in paul site, so i was expecting this sooner here, and as expected here comes the giveaway, congrats on your giveaway, may be the company should think of letting people use one key on two computers, any ways now let me try my luck

    all the best to all others also who participated

    let the most deserved one win it



    • Bill Mullins

      Hey Btor,

      As I said to Adrian and Lee, this is not the same application. This is the business edition – quite different from the professional edition.


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  26. Hi Bill,

    You really organize another worthy contest. I wish I can do the same in my blog. However, I’m not in the contest to decrease competition little bit. My well wish goes to all participant.


  27. Lee

    Hey Bill, please enter me in the contest! I already tried to win this software at Tech – for Everyone (unsuccessfully) – see link I could really use this!

  28. Adrian

    Failed to win at the Tech for Everyone contest for the same software. Hope I can win here! 😉

    • Bill Mullins

      Hey Adrian,

      This is not the same application. Tech Paul’s was the professional edition – this is the business edition.


  29. vhick

    A really nice review. Suitable for my laptop and desktop.

    Thank you sir Bill for the giveaway and SYNCING.NET

  30. jbe

    Hi Bill,

    I check out your site BEFORE my email (q.v. zbob), so get me SYNCING.

    Great site.


  31. alex19100

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    I write a comment, because I like this blog.
    Thanks Bill for this contest.
    excellent program.

  32. Thanks Bill for the info.
    I did not know this program.
    Have a nice day.

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  35. toxic

    Hey! thanks for this giveaway….count me in!

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  37. Vanya

    great sw. i tried once that sw and it worked greatly. and actually need of a good sinc sw for my home and work pcs. this can be my chance!

    i hope to win

  38. Ryan

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  39. Abraham

    hi bro bill, salamat amigo for the opportunity to have this giveaway..count me in..pls..hehehe..thanks.

  40. ali

    please send me license key for safe data recovery 2.4

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  42. Grr

    Hi Bill,

    Thanks for giving this opportunity to win SYNCING.NET license. I liked this application a lot & would be glad to win/use it. Please count me in.

    PS: it is so nice of you to reply to each & every comment.

    Thanks, Grr

    • Bill Mullins

      Hey Grr,

      Thank you for entering.

      I look at it this way – if a person takes the time to enter this contest, then surely I can take the time to acknowledge that. 🙂


  43. GT


    I comment here before this June 7, 2010. i liked usign 30day free trial ending in JUne. To enter the contest to win one of the licenses I comment.
    Mr. G.T.

  44. ibheck

    please sent me a licence, BTW thank you very much

  45. Luiz

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  51. Aw crud I missed it. 😦 Oh well. I came here from DotTech. My friend in the forums, Adrian told us fellow techies to enter the draw.

    Nice blog their Bill! 😀

    BTW, ever thought of making your posts smaller? As in putting the “Click here to read more” thing? It saves scrolling time and finding articles would be 10 times easier. Thanks!

    Greetings from Canada,


  52. Luiz

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    Parabéns pelo concurso.
    Estou muito muito feliz