Gavin Whittaker’s Guide to Internet Safety – Part Nine

image Guest writer Gavin Whittaker has written  an impressive series of ten articles, all designed to  help you navigate the Internet in safety.

We’re presenting Gavin’s highly informative articles, one each day, over the course of ten days.

Here’s the ninth part of the guide to:

  • Protect Yourself from Fraud
  • Highlight the Common Internet Scams
  • Give You the Knowledge & Confidence to Avoid these Online Scams

Today we focus on how scammers make money dishonestly from major world events.  Good hearted people the world over are targeted by fake charity sites to pledge money from disasters, such as the recent Haiti earthquake.

Within hours of the earthquake bogus web sites were everywhere on the internet, processing donations that unfortunately never made it to their supposed beneficiaries.  Similarly emails were being distributed asking you to click the link and pledge money to a scammer…

I advise you should never donate money to a charity by clicking either a website or email link, and instead go directly to the recognized charity site.  Online charities have to be registered with the Charity Commission at so if you still have doubts, investigate the charity in question on this website.

Tune in tomorrow for Part 10 – The Quick Buck – Avoiding Internet Fraud for Beginners.

Guest writer Gavin Whittaker is an IT Author,  Consultant and Trainer, and a Member of the Technology Channels Association.

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