Gavin Whittaker’s Guide to Internet Safety – Part Eight

image Guest writer Gavin Whittaker has written  an impressive series of ten articles, all designed to  help you navigate the Internet in safety.

We’re presenting Gavin’s highly informative articles, one each day, over the course of ten days.

Here’s the eight part of the guide to:

  • Protect Yourself from Fraud
  • Highlight the Common Internet Scams
  • Give You the Knowledge & Confidence to Avoid these Online Scams

Today we focus on Trojans, code that is part of software you download from the Internet to do various things such as steal your usernames and password, bank login details and so on.

Trojans are a major reason that there has been a significant rise of botnets – large networks of compromised computers that can be remotely controlled and called upon to spread further damage, whether by sending spam emails or launch attacks on websites you visit, without you ever knowing.

So botnets, spread the Trojan further!

Eliminating a Trojan is not easy and usually involves a complete format of your computer, meaning the re-installation of your operating system, your applications and all the other personal preferences you have configured on your computer.

Identifying these cons is by being mindful of what the links you’re clicking in emails or the programs you are downloading.  A robust web browser such as Mozilla Firefox and up to date anti-virus and spyware protection plays a major role in your security too.

You’re unlikely to know if your PC is part of a botnet, however, if it is or you suspect it is then seek specialist technical support to ensure your personal files are backed up prior to re-installation.

Avoiding this type of scam again boils down to common sense and simply being on guard against suspect emails and not downloading software you cannot guarantee the source of.

Tune in tomorrow for Part 9 – Major World Events – Avoiding Internet Fraud for Beginners.

Guest writer Gavin Whittaker is an IT Author,  Consultant and Trainer, and a Member of the Technology Channels Association.

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