Gavin Whittaker’s Guide to Internet Safety – Part Six

image Guest writer Gavin Whittaker has written  an impressive series of ten articles, all designed to  help you navigate the Internet in safety.

We’re presenting Gavin’s highly informative articles, one each day, over the course of ten days.

Here’s the sixth part of the guide to:

  • Protect Yourself from Fraud
  • Highlight the Common Internet Scams
  • Give You the Knowledge & Confidence to Avoid these Online Scams

Today we focus on advance fee fraud, a scam promising you money that doesn’t exist but has whet so many peoples appetites internationally that has unfortunately been very successful.

The situation begins with the receipt of an email claiming to be able to share a vast amount of money with you, subject to you helping them export this sum.  The source of these funds is typically a war-torn or corrupt country….this should be your first warning sign.

In order for you to help them transfer the money and so give you a slice of the action too, they ask for an advance fee to help them overcome a ‘minor cash flow problem’.  With your small investment the money can be released.

The prospective return on investment excites computer users to take leave of their senses and give their money away…all because the lump sump they’ve been promised seems so obtainable now, just out of reach!

This kind of fraud is typically associated with emails from Nigeria and even has its own criminal code – 419.  I’m sure it’ll be no surprise to you that other countries have followed Nigeria’s lead and prolifically send out advance-fee fraud related emails.

Knowing about this type of scam means you’ll recognize this type of email immediately and know to press the Delete button.

Guest writer Gavin Whittaker is an IT Author,  Consultant and Trainer, and a Member of the Technology Channels Association.

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One response to “Gavin Whittaker’s Guide to Internet Safety – Part Six

  1. Ranjan

    I once got such email and you said it right Gavin, the mail was about war-torn situation, money sharing and originated from Nigeria..
    I played around it and asked too many irrelevant questions..
    Finally, the guy fed up and since then, have never got any such mail yet.. 😛